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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rites of the New Year

Watch Night (December 31st)-Primarily observed in African American Churches, this day is set aside for song and prayer in praise of God and in thanksgiving for one's blessings and asking for the continuation of those blessings in the coming year. The origin of this practice cannot be clearly traced, however, some have theorized that Watch Night began with what was originally called "Freedom's Eve", the night before January 1st, 1863- the date on which the Emancipation Proclamation would take effect.

Folk Traditions: All over the world, people light fireworks at midnight on New Year's Eve/Day in celebration of the New Year, as well as to frighten away evil spirits. In China and parts of the American South, many people sweep out their homes on New Year's Eve day, sweeping out their ill-luck; shortly before midnight, they open their front door's to welcome the New Year. In Turkey, women wear red underwear at midnight to draw love to them in the coming year. In Germany, families melt lead and pour it into water in order to divine their fortunes in the coming year. In Spain, believers eat 12 grapes at midnight to ensure 12 lucky months in the New Year. In Scotland, it is believed that the first person to visit you on New Year's day can bring either good luck or bad, a practice called first footing. The ideal visitor was said to be tall, dark haired, man! Among the Dutch, it is said that if you eat doughnuts on New Year's day that it will bring luck, because they are round and symbolic of coming full circle.

New Year's Day Prosperity Ritual- All over the South people eat a meal of collard greens, cornbread, and black-eyed peas to ensure their prosperity and protection in the coming year. Symbolically, the greens are said to represent green 'paper money'; the corn, being yellow, represents gold or coins; and the black-eyed peas, each possessing an eye, is said to protect you from negativity and bad luck (especially in the form of the evil eye).

Interestingly, a silver dime is often placed in the black-eyed peas, and the person who by chance is served the dime is said to be especially lucky that year, and he or she will keep the dime as a lucky token throughout the year.

On a personal note, growing up in the South our grandmother's often told us that 'what you do on New Year's Day, you'll be doing all year,' therefore we were never to wash clothes, do housework, etc...

Carolina Dean

Monday, December 29, 2008

Magickal Ethics

What the Wiccan Rede Means to Me

The word Rede comes from Old English and it means a guide or advice. The Wiccan Rede is the principle by which many Wiccans live their lives, but it is not an immutable cosmic law, rather it is a guide by which to live, if you so choose. Humans are born with the gift of free will, and all have the freedom of choice in how they exercise that will.

The exact origin of the Wiccan Rede is uncertain. According to Gerald Gardner, the Rede is derived from the legendary Good King Paulsole, who declared, “Do what you like, so long as you harm no one.” and apparently was adhered to by a successive generation of witches. It has also been claimed that the Rede has its origin, at least in part, in the writings of Aleister Crowley, Lady Gwen Thompson, Francois Rabelais, and many others---though these claims have been disputed. Suffice it to say, the origin of the Rede cannot be clearly defined.

The Wiccan Rede has been a somewhat controversial subject among Wiccans, Witches, and Pagans. Some have theorized that the Rede’s true purpose was to assist in making modern witchcraft more acceptable to the public. Because the Rede is a concept that was generally believed to have been written by a living person rather than a strict commandment from a deity, it is not generally given the same weight as laws in other religions, such as the Ten Commandments.

Generally, witches do not believe that they should use their powers to interfere with another’s free will. They believe that it is unethical to use magick to harm or manipulate others in any way. Many witches believe that the Rede prevents them from casting spells on others without that person’s permission---even healing spells. This interpretation seems extreme, for it means that spells should not be cast against wrong doers—a witch could make no effort to stop a rapist, or murderer magickally because they would be interfering with that person’s free will. Conservative witches argue that they can instead cast spells to protect victims. Often witches get around the issue by casting binding spells, that is, spells aimed to prevent evil.

In the old craft laws, witches were taught that they could not attack another person maliciously; however, they have every right to protect and defend themselves if the necessity arose and to do so in a manner that they feel would most efficiently get the job done. Some witches practice cursing or other manipulative spells when they feel that it is warranted, but they do so with the knowledge that they must accept the consequences of their actions and keep quiet about their work. The poetic version of the Wiccan Rede states, in part, “Live and let live, fairly take and fairly give.” To me this means that in the course of my life, that I should attempt to be fair with others and exercise patience as well as to resolve my problems with others on a mundane level, but should the time come when I feel the need to use magick against another individual, then I should let the punishment fit the crime.

For example, as much as we want to murder that person who cuts us off in traffic and exceeds the speed limit endangering others on the road that would be over-kill. However, in this instance it wouldn’t be uncalled for to magically ensure that that person gets detained by the authorities, their license suspended, or at the very least, get ticketed.

Another area of concern in magick circles is that of casting love spells. Generally speaking, casting spells to bring “an appropriate lover” to yourself are considered not harmful, as you are asking the universe to send someone to you who is compatible and who would be accepting of your attention and interest and who would return your affection in kind. However, many witches feel that casting spells to cause a specific person to fall in love with you to be inappropriate and a violation of the Wiccan Rede. However, it is my belief that casting a love spell is no more manipulative than having good hygiene, wearing enticing cologne, dressing to accentuate your physical form, or even flirting! In the same manner, casting a spell to get a specific job is no more wrong than dressing the part and presenting yourself as having the right attitude and qualifications for that job.

The Wiccan Rede is often cited along with the Threefold Law. Whereas the Rede provides us with a guide for living an ethical life, the Threefold Law represents the consequences of straying from the Rede. The Threefold Law says that an action is not returned in equal measure, but rather will be magnified three times, which defies the laws of physics. I personally do not believe in the Threefold Law, in this respect. Wicca, as a religion which draws its teachings from nature itself, should therefore reflect the law of nature. Science tells us that every action has an equal or opposite reaction. An object propelled upwards will descend at the same rate of speed at which it climbed. Therefore, I believe that “what is sent, comes back” in equal measure.

In summation, I believe that the Wiccan Rede to be an idealistic guide to the way in which a person can live their life. As humans, we have free will and we will not always exercise that will in accordance with the Wiccan Rede. The Wiccan Rede empowers me to find and pursue my true will, and it is not an excuse for inaction, or to be the world’s dormat. I believe that magick is a means to an end and that it is no more manipulative than other means that are used by those who do not use magick. I believe in treating people with fairness and consideration and in attempting to resolve my problems with others on a mundane level before resorting to magick. I have the right to protect and defend myself from harm, and I have a choice in how I will protect myself. When I choose to invoke the forces of magick against those that have or have attempted to bring my harm, or who are a threat to me and my well being, I choose to let the punishment fit the crime. If I violate the Rede, I do so with the knowledge that what I send out will eventually return to be in equal measure, not magnified thrice over. And this is what the Wiccan Rede means to me.

Carolina Dean

Friday, December 19, 2008

Road Opener Spell...

for Safe Travel Over Icy Roads

Let me preface this by saying that I am from South Carolina where we don't get very much snow, and what little snow we do get doesn't stay around for long. It's now been five days since it's snowed here and conditions are still icy, with a lot of snow on the ground. I don't mind telling you that driving home tonight I was scared shitless. I know you all look up to me and think of me as super-witch, but apparently snow and ice are my kryptonite. In addition, according to the weather report, we're about to have the mother of all snow-storms this weekend.

Road Opener is a traditional formula in the Hoodoo Tradition that comes in the form of oils, incense, and powders. It is used to remove obstacles and provide safe travel. The obstacles that block you don't necessarily have to be physical ones. While they may be physical, they may also be mental or spiritual blocks as well

That beind said, I do not know the traditional formula for creating Road Opener. Many of these formulas are considered propriety and are not generally known (just like Colonel Sanders secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices.) Also many practitioners have their own formula which may be different from others formulas with emphasis on certain forms of obstacles. Therefore, the spell below is my own and is specifically written for safe travel and protection while driving on icy roads.

To cast this simple spell, you'll need a candle cast in a warm color such as Yellow, Orange, or Red to represent the energy of light and heat. In addition, you'll also need some High John the Conqueror Oil for power, Epsom salt, which is a purgative and salt melts ice; powdered wormwood, which prevents accidents; and finally some powdered cinnamon (a fiery herb associated with the Sun) for protection. Finally, I also printed the Road Opener Label from Lucky Mojo to use in the spell as well.

Whereas comfrey root is an herb often found in spells for safe travel and it could be utilized here as well I did not include it in this spell as I simply don't have any at the moment and I am writing the spell with what I actually have on hand.

To begin, cut the Road Opener Label out and write the following on it's reverse...

"May I travel upon the road with complete protection, arriving safely to my destination. May nothing block my path or impede me in any way, shape, or form. And when my business is successfully completed, may I return to the safety and security of my home once again. Amen."

Sign your name at the bottom. Fold the paper towards you three times, rotating it clockwise between each fold. Put the paper aside for the moment.

Next, mix equal amounts of Epsom salt, wormwood, and cinnamon together. Anoint the candle with High John Oil and roll it towards yourself in the powdery mixture. While chanting the Irish Prayer for the Road....

God before me

God behind me

I, on thy path of God,

Thou, O God, in my steps

In the twisting of the road,

in the current of the river

Be with me by night

Be with me by day

Be with me by night and by day


When you are done, put the candle on an overturned saucer under which you have placed your written petition. Light the candle and repeat the Prayer for the Road three times while visualizing yourself driving to your destination without any incident, and finally arriving safely home.

Leave the candle to burn out on it's own.

Carolina Dean

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

Well it's snowing again for the 8th or 9th time in four days. Here's a videos I captured from my bedroom window.

Carolina Dean

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Snowman Banishing Spell

It's really easy, all you need is to build a snowman. Then you can use natural objects such as sticks, stones, pine cones, and even fruit to personalize the snowman. Make it resemble the person you wish to banish just enough so that it's clear in your own mind and so that person doesnt' even realize it's them, or else you're gonna have some s'plaining to do Lucy.

If you do have something that belongs to the individual such as hair or nail clippings, clothing, a photograph, business card, etc... you can incorporate that into the snowman as well by hiding it in the body of the snowman. You can also use this method to incorporate herbs, or other magickal objects into your snowman.

One thing, don't use your own clothing to personalize the snowman like some people put hats, scarves, etc.. on snowmen, because you don't want the magick to bite you on your ice-cicle...

While building the snowman, you may wish to think of the person in question, chant their name backwards as you work (to repel or reverse their influence in your life). When the snowman is complete, chant these words:


As each day this snowman thaws,

from my life you now withdraw;

& when it has to water returned,

you'll no longer be my concern!"

Then, all you have to do is go enjoy your life and let your magick take effect. This spell has several applications including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Allowing children to personify their fears by building snowman of them and then destroying them by knocking the snowman down, beating it with a baseball bat, or just letting nature take it's course.
  2. Personify an aspect of yourself that you don't like and destroy the snowman as in #1.

Enjoy those snow days kids, and don't eat any yellow snow!

Carolina Dean

Thursday, December 11, 2008

To Protect Someone...

...separated from you by a great distance. Make a weak tea of sage and soak a piece of plain white paper in it for a few minutes, then place it on a flat surface where it will dry overnight. The following day, write the person's name on the paper three times and set it aside.

Anoint a green candle with oil and roll it in a mixture of sage, yarrow, and peony. Place the name-paper under the candle. Light the candle and say:

Beyond my reach and out of sight,

but still within my mind and heart;

keep him safe by day and night,

protect this child now set apart!

Let the candle burn itself out. Repeat as needed each month at the full moon.

Note: This is the spell I cast to protect Kaleb when Robert sent him back to South Carolina until he gets out of the military in a few weeks and rejoins him.

Carolina Dean

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Magickal Use for Broken Dishes

The other day I reached into the cabinet to get a bowl for some soup I made and accidentally knocked one onto the floor where it broke. As I gathered up the shards I suddenly became possessed by the spirit of Martha Stewart!

This evil (?) spirit then directed me to place the larger shards on a doubled towel and smash them to smaller bits with a hammer. Next, I placed these shattered bits of ceramic in a medium sized jar along with some nails, pins, some hair from my hair brush, nail pairings, and finally I put the jar aside until the following morning.

The next day, I place my first mornings urine into the jar and sealed it shut as tight as possible. Later, I cleansed and blessed my little witch bottle and when night fell, I buried it a foot deep in the bushes outside the bedroom window of my apartment.

Finally, the evil spirit of Martha Stewart left my body and I was free from her grip. Also my house was spotless!

The purpose of witch bottles are to protect you from negativity and evil spells of others. It works much like a voodoo doll, in that it represents you. The magick that is sent to bedevil you becomes attracted to the bottle instead where it gets trapped inside caught up in the pins and nails, where it is finally sliced up and broken apart by the sharp edges of the broken dishes.

Many, many of these types of bottles have been unearthed in the last few hundered years and now have home in museums all over the world. The most common placed they are found are near the hearthstone, buried near the front door, up chimneys, and even plastered inside of walls! If any of these places are not possible for you, you can place your witch bottle in the back of a dark closet or cabinet where it will not be seen or disturbed.

It makes perfect sense to use your own dishes, which you have accidentally broken in your witch bottles. They are the dishes that you, presumbly, ate off of and shared meals with your family for a long time. Often, when moving to a new home, broken dishes are inevitable and what better way to bring blessings to your new home by taking a negative and turning it in to a positive!

Carolina Dean

Friday, December 5, 2008

Charge of the God to His Gay Sons

You know me and you do not, for I can never be fully known and yet I cannot be avoided. Whether you sought me out or fled from me, you were never far from me, for I am always with you. I am inside of you and all around you. You are my son, and I am yours. You belief in me sustains me, and I am that part of you that gives you strength and courage.

I am the light that guides you, and yet I crouch in darkness to frighten you, for fear is no more than the desire to live and I am life itself. To know fear is to know me, but I am also love, freedom, and joy; and again I am sickness, pain, and oppression--- for I balance all things. I am present in the swelling of your loin, and in the ripeness of fruit. My voice can be heard in the laughter of boys at play, and the lines upon the faces of old men point to me.

I surrendered my life for you and yet I live for I am boundless and eternal. My love and compassion for you knows no end, for I share in your greatest pleasures as well as your deepest sorrows. No pain is too great for you to bear, but should your strength abandon you, I will bear the weight of your burden. Even as you fear me, do not cower before me, but love and embrace me, even as I love and embrace you. Be not ashamed and I will shower my blessings upon you.

Carolina Dean

Monday, December 1, 2008

To Attract a Lover

You will need:

A Photograph of your ‘type’ of lover.
(This can be torn from a magazine, a newspaper, or printed offline. If you are artistically inclined you may draw the image yourself. )

A Poppet to Represent Yourself

(To sweeten the person to you.)

Lavender Buds
(To attract a man)

(To cultivate an emotional bond)

(To ‘heat up’ things and add some spice to your relationship)

Before you begin there here are some guidelines when choosing the photograph that you are going to use in the spell.

  1. It should NOT be of a famous person, or even anyone that you know. The purpose of this spell is not to attract any one specific person. It is to attract someone new, unknown to you that fits the ‘mold’ of the type that most attracts you.
  2. Try to choose a photo which best represents the ‘type’ of individual that you are most attracted to. For example if you like someone athletic you may choose a photo of a baseball player; if you prefer the intellectual type, then you might prefer a photo of someone who reflects those qualities.
  3. The photo you choose should evoke an immediate reaction from you on a deep level. It should represent someone to whom you are extremely attracted.

To begin, mix equal parts of powdered Lavender, Basil, and Ginger together in a mortar and grind it with a pestle. Chant:

Herbs mixed within this bowl,
help me to achieve my goal;
to a compatible lover find,
lie with him & make him mine!

Take a red candle and considering its phallic form, smear it all over with a light coating of honey and say:

Like moth to flame
like worker bee
let him now
come to me.
Sweet as honey
sweet as can be
let him come
make love to me!

Now sprinkle some of the herbal mixture on a candle board and roll the candle towards yourself in the herbal mixture. Light the candle.

Take a good look at the photo that you have chosen. Think about the type of person that it represents and allow those feelings and emotions that it evokes within you to rise to the surface. If you want to go to a deeper level, flip the photo over and write down the non-physical qualities that you would like in a lover such as non-smoker, doesn’t drink, has a good job, etc…When you are ready, smear the entire photograph with a light coat of honey and say the following three times:

Like moth to flame
like worker bee
let him now
come to me.
Sweet as honey
sweet as can be
let him come
make love to me

Sprinkle the herbal mixture all over the photograph and say the following three times:

Lavender, Ginger, and Basil
I call on you to work my will;
made to order, this man find,
bring him to me, make him mine!

Fold the photograph and wrap it around the poppet representing you. Wind red yarn, cord, or ribbon around the poppet mummy fashion chanting:

With this cord this spell I seal,
to bring to me a man ideal;
he to me, and I to he,
joined as one we shall be!

Leave the package in front of the burning candle. When the candle is spent, place the package under your mattress so that it will line up approximately with your genitals. You may wish to place the package in a ziplock bag or a shoebox, so that the honey does not attract ants or vermin.

Note: This spell is loosely based upon one which appears in The Witches of Eastwick. Click here to read the spell as it appears in the book.

Carolina Dean

Friday, November 28, 2008

To Attract Friends

To successfully perform this spell you will need:

Pink Candles

Attraction Oil

Whole Cloves

To begin you'll need as many pink candles as friends that you wish to attract. For example, if you wish to attract 3 friends you'll need 3 candles.

Take each candle and anoint them with Attraction Oil. Then, focusing on the type of friend that you'd like to attract and the qualities that you'd like them to have, take one whole clove and press it in the candle naming that quality.

When you are done with each candle, light them one by one saying:

These candles burning true & bright,

brings new friends into my sight

one for all and all for one

as I will, so be it done!

Allow the candles to burn themselves out. Save any leftover wax and cloves and put them in a safe place.

Carolina Dean

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ritual of Thanks-Giving

At your altar or shrine, light a tea-candle and incense to your patron deity saying,

In honor burns this candle flame,

in praise of (N's) holy name;

In thanksgiving for & recognition of,

all you've done for me from love.

Say a prayer from the heart acknowledgin your blessings, be specific and relate what your blessings meant to you. Make a special offering of food, milk, wine, honey, or a special object to the deity.

When you are done, allow the candle and incense to burn themselves out naturally.

Carolina Dean

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gods Loves F@gs

Note: Here's a little poem I wrote in respond to the likes of
Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church group, of God Hates Fags Dot Com.

God loves f@gs
and leather daddies
guys in drag
and Queens chatty

Go Go Boys
and bingo players
bondage toys
and burly bears

Porn stars
gays for pay
lovers behind bars
who swing both ways

Verbal Tops
and chubby chasers
uniformed cops
and high heeled racers

Straight Actors
and closet cases
fudge packers
with pretty faces

Boys that spit
men who choke
guys that hit
dudes who smoke

Construction workers
cable guys
circle jerkers
web cam spies

Wolves and Fairies
otters and chubs
Priests who marry
twinks and cubs

God loves weeny
and beefcake too
God loves me
and God loves YOU!

Carolina Dean

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ritual to Cultivate Self Love

To be free, one must give up a little part of oneself.

Hedwig Robinson, Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001)

This rite is (very) loosely based on the Native American Vision Quest. The one who performs it should not leave the circle of fire until all the candles are spent. The whole of your energies should be directed toward the shedding of self-hate, one's doubts and insecurities while in the circle so that you emerge from the experience as if from a cocoon.

To begin you will need Pen and Paper, The Lovers card from a tarot deck, six candles (fire, masculine energy) and six pennies. (earth, feminine energy) Alternating these 12 objects, form about you a circle large enough so that you can sit inside it comfortably. Symbolically, six is the number of the lovers; here we're thinking of the lovers as one's own inner masuline and feminine selves. Consequently, twelve is the number of the great work of self-transformation.

In addition, copper is the metal associated with Venus, the planet of love; and Abraham Lincoln (whose image can be found on the penny) is famous for two things 1) His Honesty and 2) Bringing freedom to the enslaved. To perform this ritual, you must be prepared to be honest with yourself, and be willing to break away from the yoke of your personal demons. If you are not ready to make real positive changes in your life, then do not attempt this ritual because you will fail.

When all is ready, light the candles and sit in the circle facing Westt (the gate of death and regeneration.) Go into a meditative state where your mind and body are both completely relaxed. When both your mind and body are completely relaxed, say:

As without so within

let the healing work begin;

as within so without

let there be no more doubt.

I am the phoenix that in fire burns,

dies transforms and returns;

I am a treasure that in earth hides,

whose self worth won't be denied.

I am He and I am She

strong & powerful for all to see;

I am worthy of all good things,

& accept that which to me life brings!

Don't just read these words, but take them to heart. Think about their deeper meaning, because you are telling the universe that everything you've been doing up to this point has been wrong. You are ready to banish negavtive thoughts, words, and behaviors that do not projuce the results that you desire.

With this in mind, contemplate the Lover's Card and write down anything insights, wisdom, or inspiration that comes to mind. I'm not going to tell you here what you should be looking for, or what you should see. This ritual is different for everyone and no two people will see the same thing or relate what they see in the card to their situation in the same way.

Remain in the circle until the candles are spent. When you are done, dispose of the candles, but take the six pennies and Lover's Card and wrap them up in a special cloth (for the purpose of this ritual, you can substitue a picture of the Lover's Card that you have printed online) and keep this in a safe place. Record your notes in your Journal or Book of Shadows. Date the entry and leave room to go back and make more notes.

If you truly keep the promise that you've made to the Universe and to your own inner spirit you'll go back to this page often.

Carolina Dean

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love. What is it Good For?

I was going to share a quaint love spell I found in my journal with you today, but then I began to think of why it had attracted my attention so much in the first place.

I've been thinking about love spells lately. No. There's no one specific person I have in mind. I haven't really been bitten by the "lonely-bug" as of late either. But with my friend Robert moving back to South Carolina in a few weeks, I'm forced to face the reality of actually being quite alone.

Robert is the only person I know here. Although he is not always reliable, we've been there for each other in many ways. He's worked on my car, I've taken care of his child. I'v washed my clothes at his house, he's slept here when the weather knocked his power out and he didn't have heat. We've shared groceries with each other when there's wasn't enough money for food, we helped each other pay bills, etc...Things that friends do for each other.

I've not made any friends here. I have my work friends, and my online friends, but no one that I socialize with in real time. When he's gone I'll have no support system in place. I've tried to make friends. When I first came here I responded to a witchvox ad for a pagan night out type group, but the person running it seemed only interested in getting people to do her yard work and all her traditions were secret so we couldnt' even talk about the one thing we had in common. I put my own advertisement on witchvox and although I got well over 1000 views, I was only contacted by one person who just seemed to disappear after a few months.

In another instance I added a guy to my myspace page who was looking for other Wiccans on the Island to hang out with. Everything seemed find till he noticed I was gay and then be deleted me as a friend and blocked me. Somehow I thought Wiccans and Pagans would be different, but we're still human and we have our prejudices.

I'm already thinking about the changes Robert's moving is going to bring about. I'll have to start going to the landromat. They'll be an extra 40 dollars a month just to wash my clothes. I wont' see K. anymore.

When I was younger, love spells were all about "getting the guy" I was young and stupid, I thought that once I had him in my bed there'd be no escape. I even fell into the trap of "if I have sex with him he'll love me.," and that sex = love. Well, as always, life has a nasty way of delivering that wake up call.

Then I went through that phase that I think alot of gay men go through as some point, seducing the straight man. And then sex became a game, and magic just a way to cheat. I'll admit I used magic to gain my share of lovers but at the expense of a part of myself. Thankfully, I've made it to the ripe old age of 35 disease free.

After more than a few hurts, I swore off love and became bitter. I told myself I didn't need love. I told other people that I wasn't interested in sex or love. Was that to make the hetero's I work with more comfortable around me, or was it just to fool myself? Probably a little of both.

Over the years I begun to think of myself as too ugly to be loved, that no guy would ever be attracted to someone like me. I guess that says alot about how superficial I am huh? I know there's alot of people on here who like me, but I honestly think of myself as an awful person in alot of ways. Working with the public I see people all day and then I'd see some couple and I'd think...hmmm If she could get a man, then surely I can as well?

And so I'd start letting myself think that it would be possible, but then that old negative thinking would return. You're too ugly, you're too fat. No man's gonna want you. You won't be compatible, etc....and then the un-thinkable would happen. Some cute guy would flirt with me, and I'd pretend not to notice, or become cold and unfriendly because I would think that he just wanted to use me for some reason. Why is it that I cannot concive of a man likeing me just for me? Why is it that in my mind a man can only want me for sexual pleasure of my money (yeah, I used to have money and excellent credit, but that's another story).

Now I'm starting to think of love in terms of security. I'm sure you married folks will tell me that you and I are all in the same boat and that just because you have a partner in life you're no more secure that anyone else. It just seems that in my mind I imagine that if I had a man in my life, I wouldn't have to worry so much about how I'm going to pay this bill, or that what am I going to do if my car breaks down, what's going to happen if I lose my job because of the ecomony. I wouldn't have to go through so much alone.

I know that so long as I think of myself as fat, ugly, and un-lovable--no amount of magick is going to draw a man into my life and if it does he's sure to be the type to take advantage of someone with such low-self esteem. Before I can even think about lighting a candle, I'm going to have to make some changes in the way I think, an act, and feel......

Carolina Dean

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Review: The Witches of Eastwick

Review: The Witches of Eastwick
By John Updike (1984)
· Paperback: 320 pages
· Publisher: Ballantine Books (August 27, 1996)
· Language: English
· ISBN-10: 0449912108
· ISBN-13: 978-0449912102
· Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 5.4 x 0.8 inches

The Witches of Eastwick is another example of a great book being turned into a less than stellar movie. If you’re familiar with the movie, there’s a lot in this book that you’ll find familiar as well. Unlike the movie which was set in the late 1980’s, the book takes place in the fictional town of Eastwick, Rhode Island at the time of the Vietnam War. The story mainly concerns Alexandra, an artist; Jane, a cellist; and Sukie, a columnist. They are in the primes of their lives, each having either left, or been left by, their respective husbands. 

Following the void left by their husbands, the women find an inner power they each posses…the power of witchcraft. These witches, however, are a far cry from the an it harm none variety with which many modern readers in the know are familiar. No, these witches are promiscuous, spiteful, vindictive, and they’re not above putting a hex on their enemies.

Enter Daryl Van Horn. Summoned to town not by the witches magic, by rather by a desire to escape a past life and possibly numerous creditors; Daryl promptly takes possession of and begins remodeling Lenox Manor. One by one, the witches are seduced by Daryl who each takes him as their lover. In the mean time, the witches have conjured a cookie jar in such as way as to cause their enemy (and most outspoken opponent) Felecia Gabriel to vomit all manner of feathers, dirt, pins, etc…which ultimately leads to her murder by Felecia’s husband, who goes on to commit suicide.

Following the death of Felecia and Clyde Gabriel, their children Chris and Jenny return to Eastwick to settle their parent’s affairs. Finding the girl to be sweet, innocent, and accommodating and perhaps even out of a sense of guilt, the witches invite Jenny to participate in their activities with Daryl. However, Jenny proves to be too accommodating and accepts Daryl’s proposal for marriage. It is then that the witches conspire to punish the girl they believe stole their shared lover for herself.

The remainder of the story examines the lives of all those involved as the witch’s curse takes its toll and we are able to also see the consequences of the magic they invoked. In the end, it seems that everyone’s relationship suffers. Will the witches be able to undo the damage they have done? Will they be able to heal the rift that has come between them? Will anything ever be the same?

Prudish types may find the frank and sometimes descriptive depictions of the witches sexual encounters unsavory. I personally did not like the slurs the witches use when referring to men they suspect to be gay. However, as a gay man myself I am not unaccustomed to such prejudice and I chalked it up to the women’s generation.
I really enjoyed the depictions of the witches flavor of witchcraft and found their use of common household items in their spells an excellent example of Kitchen Witchery. At roughly 300 pages Witches isn’t a quick read, as it is filled with a great deal of detail that the author is famous for. Some may feel that the story branches off from it’s self in a few places but it only adds to the overall story, as Witches isn’t just about three women, it’s a story about an entire town and the effects of gossip, scandal, and magic run wild.

Carolina Dean


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Saturday, November 15, 2008

That Darn Talisman!

Well, as you may already know by now, I created a Prosperity Talisman on October 17th, which was a Full Moon. Shortly after creating that talisman, I un-expectantly received a check in the mail for over $200.00! Now I haven't been consistent with this, but yesterday I "fed" a candle to the talisman which I had planned to do every Thursday, but other things have come up or I have forgotten.

Today, I came home from work and my friend Robert left me a message asking me to come by his house. He had gotten word that he is going to be getting out of the military in the next month or so and has decided to go ahead and pack up all his things, get rid of some stuff, and put some stuff in storage. He's giving his land lord 30 days notice and is moving in with a friend to save money.

The reason he asked me over, other than to help move some things, was because he wanted to give me ALL OF HIS GROCERIES! I now have MORE groceries than I know what to do with! I've had to move all my herbs, incense, and candles from the pantry in which I store them to make room for these groceries. I still need to buy some meats, hygiene items, etc... but I will not want for canned goods, dry goods, snacks, and spices for a good long time.

It's not exactly the financial windfall I had envisioned, but the way I look at it he just saved me a lot of cash that I can use in other areas. I'm so tempted to feed that talisman a candle every day, but I don't want to be greedy.

I'll let you know of further developments.

Carolina Dean

Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Keep an Abuser Away from your Children

Those of you who know me from the old covenspace, know that I have a very special little boy in my life. I knew his mother for more than 20 years and counted her among my best friends. I stood by her through thick and thin. I was there when she attempted suicide, I helped her when she didn't have food for herself or diapers for her children, and I gave her a place to live when she fled from an abusive relationship.

When it came time to return the favor, I moved in with her and her husband. It was then that I discovered that my friend, once the abused, had become an abuser herself. She abused drugs and alcohol, she abused her husband with several extramarital affairs, and ruined the lives of the men she slept with. Some of these soldiers were dishonorably discharged, and none of them knew she had an STD. But it wasn't until I discovered that she abused her children by slipping them sleeping pills so she didn't have to deal with them that my loyalties shifted.

I went to her husband with the truth and her response was yet another suicide attempt. I saved her life again by forcing the paramedics to take her away. While she was in a coma, her husband seized custody of K and initiated divorce proceedings.

He asked me to stay and help take care of K, who I had grown attached to; and when R went into a depression himself, I became mother, father, tooth fairy and Santa Claus to K. When they moved to Washington, R brought me along but I was always fearful that his mother M would return to take him away and ruin his life. I should note that M has at present 5 children by 5 different men, and only has custody of one of them.

I've been keeping a book for K for about three years now. In it, I've written down everything that happened so that he will one day know the truth. I've written down all the stories that I want him to remember...the time he turned the birthday cake over on the floor and ate it...what we did on x-mas...stories about the people in his adventures with his mother...etc...In addition I've recorded the spells and rituals I've performed on his behalf and have shared many of them with you all through my blogs and website.

Yesterday, I finally decided I would make the following entry and I decided to share it with you all and hope that you'll never have occasion to use it....

Dear K,

I really hesitate to add this entry because I dont' want you to hate me. More than I don't want you to hate me, I want you to be safe and grow up in a loving environment where you don't have to be scared that the people who are supposed to love you will hurt you.

I've decided that if I'm going to tell you the truth, I'm going to tell you the whole truth...

Every monday (mother) after the full moon for the past three years, I've anointed a photograph of your mother with vinegar and burned it in my cauldron along with the spell below to keep her away from you, scattering the ashes to the wind before the sun rises....

O blazing force

of elemental source

protect the boy that I hold dear

& keep his mother away from here!

Carolina Dean

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Review: Practical Magic (1998)

By Alice Hoffman


If you saw the film that this book inspired in 1998 and think you know all about the Owens women who “for more than two hundred years…have been blamed for everything that went wrong in their Massachusetts town,” then think again. Like most books that make the jump to the silver screen certain changes were made that affected the story as a whole. Some subplots were abandoned while others were expanded. 

After the untimely death of their parents in a fire, two sisters Sally and Gillian are taken in by their eccentric Aunts. Due to their family’s reputation for being witches, Sally and Gillian are harassed and ostracized by their peers and so have no one to turn to but each other. The two sisters couldn’t be more unlike one another. Sally, the eldest sibling, copes by being the perfect child. She cooks nutritional dinners, washes and hangs the laundry and always goes to bed on time. Gillian, however, dreams of being free from the house, the Aunts, the taunting and teasing of the boys who fear her.

However, the sisters have one thing in common. They spend many nights in the shadows of the landing above the stairs in their house listening to their Aunts ply their trade as witches who specialize in affairs of the heart. They listen to the women who come to their Aunts desperate to gain love. The sisters see the toll that unrequited love takes on a woman and are disgusted at the lengths these desperate women will go to in order to obtain the one they desire. Consequently, both of the girls are afraid to love. 

In an expanded subplot from the movie, as the story unfolds we actually get to see the long-term results of the love spell performed on behalf of one of the Aunts clients and the consequences of the magic invoked one night with little forethought and much desperation. 

Gillian escapes the house on Magnolia Street by running off with a boy in the middle of the night after having spiked their Aunts soup so she wouldn’t be caught. She finds herself unable to settle on any one guy, not for very long. However that doesn’t stop her from getting married three times. Sally, on the other hand, stays with the Aunts and fills her days working in the garden, doing household chores, and shopping at the hardware store for cleaning supplies. 

Sally finally meets a man named Michael at the hardware store. They fall in love, get married and have two daughters Antonia and Kylie. For a time, she is happy. Nonetheless, the death-watch beetle begins to mark off Michael’s time on earth and he is doomed to die. At first Sally doesn’t believe her Aunts when they tell her, until she slowly begins to believe their warnings and Sally goes to the Aunts for help. Having already secretly done everything they were able, the Aunts could offer no advice but to accept the inevitable. 

After Michael’s death, Sally goes into a deep depression which last for exactly one year. During that time the Aunts become Antonia and Kyle’s main caregivers. When Sally comes out of her depression, she witnesses that her daughters are now being subjected to the same harassment that she and her sisters suffered through so many years ago. She then decides to do just as her sister had done years before. She uses Michael’s insurance money and some of her own savings to move away from the Aunts and start a new life in New York. There she attempts to give her daughters something that she herself felt that she never had…a normal life. 

Rather than opening her own business as in the movie, Sally takes a job as a school secretary so that she can be home when her daughters come home from school and the job has the added bonus of allowing her to have summers off. Just when it seems that Sally has achieved her goal of a normal life, Gillian shows up on her doorstep one hot summer night with Jimmy Hawkins, her dead boyfriend, in her car. 

Gillian fears that she has murdered Jimmy because she had been slipping him nightshade every night to prevent him from getting drunk and consequently hurting her. It seems that though Jimmy has a long history of hurting, even murdering, the ones around him Gillian is compelled to love him and like many abused women, can’t seem to leave her abuser. Not even her magic seems strong enough to take away her love for him. This is in direct contrast with all her previous experiences with men, in that since the time she was a teenager men and boys fell in love with her at first sight. She often had them wrapped around her little finger and just when they thought their love was secure---she left the relationship. The sisters ultimately decide to bury Jimmy in the backyard and forget about the entire incident. 

The book then begins to focus on the relationship between Sally’s daughters Antonia and Kylie. Being teenagers, the girls have a strained relationship. Like Sally and Gillian, they appear to be more unlike that alike in their outlook and attitudes. Antonia is more like her Aunt Gillian—beautiful, spoiled, wild, and carefree; whereas Kylie is more like her mother—responsible, introverted, and sensitive. It is only when Kylie’s beauty threatens to outshine her own that Antonia begins to contemplate her future and what she has to offer the world, rather than what the world has to offer her. As Kylie develops physically, she becomes surer of herself and more aware of her own beauty. It is only after she is almost sexually assaulted that Antonia and Kylie renew their sisterly bond. 

Throughout these events, Gillian has formed a relationship with Kylie who looks to her Aunt as a role model for what she believes a woman should be. Thus further strains the relationship between Sally and Gillian as Sally feels that her daughters are still babies, and is not eager to see them grow up just yet. Jimmy’s ghostly influence uses their resentment for one another to further destroy Sally and Gillian’s sisterly bond and drive them apart forever. Jimmy’s spirit seems to take over the back yard where he is buried. The lilacs grow great lengths overnight and their scent draws the attention of the neighborhood women who come to the garden gate to look at them. It seems that the scent of the lilacs stir painful memories in these women, who uncontrollably weep when these memories resurface. Jimmy’s influence reaches into the house as well, as food begins to spoil overnight and dead creatures are found in the toilet and sink. 

On Kylie’s 13th birthday, she develops the ability to see auras and other mystical phenomena. It is her that eventually causes Sally and Gillian to realize that Jimmy’s spirit is attacking not only the house, but Sally and Gillian themselves. After Sally cuts down the lilacs, things seem to improve. Antonia’s biology teacher, Ben Frye, falls in love with Gillian and begins to peruse a relationship with her, although she is adamant that she will be “single forever.” Sally too is challenged by love when Gary Hallet, an investigator from Arizona looking into Jimmy’s disappearance, arrives at her doorstep drawn by a letter Sally sent to Gillian some months prior. With no where else to turn, Sally and Gillian call the Aunts for help in ridding themselves of Jimmy’s ghostly influence.

On the whole, the beginning and ending of the book is somewhat similar to the movie. Although Jimmy’s spiritual death is not as dramatic as it was in the movie and no one becomes possessed, however, this is in keeping with the magical realism genre. The middle part of the book focuses more on Sally’s daughters as they grow from teenagers to young adults and draws a parallel between them and the generations of Owens women who have come before. 

Thankfully the absolutely absurd scene from the movie where the witches jump off their roof with umbrellas is absent from the book. I loved the inclusion of actual spells that are so descriptive of the Aunt’s old-world flavor of witchcraft. Although we do get some background information on the Aunts, I think it would be wonderful for Hoffman to write a prequel featuring these wonderful characters. 

Practical Magic is a book that I will return to again and again. The author’s descriptive prose and attention to detail brings a greater depth to the story. It is rich in imagination, ripe with characterization, and possessed of a wisdom that will not be lost on the attentive reader.

Carolina Dean

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blessing a New Debit Card

I lost my debit card last week and no amount of my magick seems to be able to call it back. I canceled it last Wednesday and got the new one in the mail yesterday. I'll be performing the following ritual with it this Thursday.

To begin, go around your home and gather up all your loose change. Form a circle with your found money, and in the center of this circle place all of your paper money. Alternate the paper money vertically and horizontally so that it forms a plus sign (+).

On either side of the circle of coins burn green candles that have been anointed with oil and rolled in a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, and bay leaves. Place your new debit card in the center of the plus sign with the magnetic strip facing up. Light the green candles.

Take a pen and sign the back of your debit card. Then moisten the tip of your finger with your tongue and rub it along the magnetic strip. Thinking of the strip as an actual magnet for money, say:

"Tool of commerce,
talisman for gain;
draw great riches
to my name!"

Hold your hand over your debit card and feel the energy of abundance flow into it, charging the card with the magnetic power to draw wealth and abundance to you. Visualize money being drawn towards your accounts. See your bank account growing.

When you are done, let the card remain inside the circle of coins until the green candles are spent. When you use the debit card for the first time, be sure that you do not spend your hard earned money on anything frivolous. Instead purchase something that can bring you more money and success. For example, a new suit to wear to work, office supplies, educational materials that will help you succeed in your business, etc...

Carolina Dean

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Affirmation

First I'd like to say Merry Meet to my new readers who've chosen to follow my blog. Thank you for your attention and interest in Sex, Magick, and the City. Please feel free to comment or add anything to what you will read here. If you like what you read here, you may also be interested in my other blog
The Grimerie which is an archive of magic and witchcraft as it is portrayed in the media including books, movies, and television.

The Affirmation

An affirmation is a positive declaration of things we desire to come true. We put our ideas about what we wish to be, have, or achieve into words; these ideas become thoughts, and these thoughts become powerful because we believe them. We are taught that what we dwell on inwardly we manifest outwardly. Affirmations are a way of dwellling on our desires in order to achieve them in a positive way.

Another form of affirmation is a statement that is repeated at the completion of every spell that you cast. Many witches have their own versions of this affirmation. Silver Ravenwolf writes that she alway says "May this working carry all correct astrological correspondences" and adds the following line from Laurie Cabot "may this spell not reverse or bring upon me any curse."

The purpose of this affirmation is to ensure that your working is in harmony with the energies of the sun, moon, stars, days of the week, and planetary hours as well as to guard and protect against unforeseen negative consequences. The affirmation which I use is as follows:

Powers which in the heavens dwell,
grant success unto this spell
and with harm to none so be it done.
I now invoke the Law of Three,
In the name of Spirit, so mote it be!

This affirmation has the added bonus of invoking the Law of Three, asking that what you send out return to you threefold. If you have invoked a specific deity for the purpose of the spell, then substitute their name in place of Spirit where indicated.

Carolina Dean

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Book Review: The Alchemist

By Paulo Coelho

· Paperback: 176 pages
· Publisher: Harper San Francisco (May 10, 1995)
· Language: English
· ISBN-10: 0062502182
· ISBN-13: 978-0062502186
“Where your heart is, there shall your treasure be also”
-----Luke 12:34

This parable centers on a young man named Santiago. Though his family wishes him to become a priest, he dreams of traveling and so with his father’s reluctant blessings he becomes a shepherd. Santiago spends a great deal of time with his sheep, learning the art of animal husbandry and believes that he has learned all that he needs to know from his close relationship with nature. Though he lives a mainly solitary life, he dreams of marrying a merchant’s daughter. 

One night he has a powerful dream in which a child instructs him to seek out a treasure which is buried near the Egyptian Pyramids. Santiago attempts to forget about his dream, but finds that he cannot. He consults a Gypsy woman known for her ability to interpret dreams. The un-named Gypsy listens to his dream and instructs him to go to Egypt and find the treasure. She expects no immediate payment from him, but asks for one tenth of his treasure in return for the services she provided. 

Santiago agrees to the arrangement, but is still unsure about what action he should take if any. He is conflicted between the known and the unknown. On one hand he is secure in the life of the shepherd, he knows what to expect each day and things rarely change. On the other hand, his dream compels him to find a treasure which promises to afford him all the things that he desires in his life…wealth, the ability to travel, and to marry. 

Finally, Santiago meets a man who claims to be the King of Salem who encourages him to follow his dream and offers him an ancient tool that will enable him to listen to the Soul of the World, the secret language with which all things communicate with one another. Santiago strikes a bargain with the King, who purchases one tenth of Santiago’s herd and which helps him to begin to finance his journey to the pyramids. 

Santiago sets about his journey to find the treasure promised of in his dream. Along the way he meets several characters who cause him to both question his choices as well as to confirm his personal destiny. Through his experiences with both friends and enemies he learns more about himself, the world, nature, and the importance of following one’s dreams. 

Though he struggles with his decisions Santiago continually finds omens that he believes lead him in the direction he wishes to go. Moving ever forward Santiago finally arrives in Egypt where his treasure awaits him, however, not in the form or even the place that he had expected. The ending provides an ironic twist that the reader doesn’t see coming but which reminds one of the importance of the journey over the destination.
I really liked this story and at only about 170 pages I was able to finish it in one sitting. However, some may find the fact that The Alchemist draws upon the religious mythology of both Christian and Muslim spirituality distasteful. However, for me, it didn’t detract from the central theme of the story which is to follow one’s dreams.

While some have criticized The Alchemist for presenting universal truths in a superficial manner, I prefer to read the story as a whole for its message. Though this book was originally published in 1988 (years before The Secret) there are hints to the Law of Attraction that has come to the forefront of society’s consciousness in the past several years. 

In short, I believe that nearly everyone can learn something from The Alchemist; and even if you don’t like the book, no one but the most die hard pessimist can deny there are worse things in life you can do than to follow your dream. 

Carolina Dean 

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To Get Your Own Home

Note: Today, I had an old aquaintance stop by to return some books that I had leant to her over a year ago. Frankly I had abandoned all hope that I would get them back. They were Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, and its continuation Son of a Witch both by Gregory MaGuire.

She filled me in about how her divorce was proceeding and her efforts to find a new home that she could afford. It got me to thinking I had something for just that occasion. So I thumbed through my 10 journals looking for the spell, and wouldn't you know it was in the last place I looked.....

I wrote and performed the spell below when I first came to Washington with a friend. It was nice living with him for a while, but then he got a girlfriend and she took over the house and even starting throwing my things away. I was told that housing was very hard to find and get here. I cast this spell on a Sunday. I starting looking on a Monday, I had an apartment on a Thursday. And here I am two years later still living in this same apartment.

To Get Your Own Home

Mark a purple candle with your name and your wish. Anoint the candle with attraction oil and roll it towards yourself in a mixture of Epsom Salt, (to remove obstacles) Bay Leaves (to grant success), and Sage (to make your wish last).

Write your name on a piece of paper nine times, the turn the paper 90 degrees and cover this with the words, GOOD HOME, also nine times. Set the petition under an overturned saucer on which you then place the prepared candle. Light the Candle and let it burn for one hour as you focus on your goal. You may wish to chant the spell below, or one of your own design. Burn the candle for one hour every Sunday until you get your wish.

"As I tend this sacred flame,

I call upon Hestia's name;

light my path, the way make free,

to a home that's right for me!"

Carolina Dean

Monday, November 3, 2008

Review: Murder at Witch's Bluff

Review: Murder at Witch's Bluff
By Silver Ravenwolf

  • Paperback: 480 pages
  • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; 1st edition (October 1, 2000)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1567187277
  • ISBN-13: 978-1567187274

True to its title, Murder at Witch's Bluff has it all, murder, mystery, magick, and even a little romance. As someone who once enjoyed Silver Ravenwolf's non-fictional material as well as her previous book Beneath a Mountain Moon, I was very interested in reading more of her fiction that wasn't geared specifically towards the teenage market.

In this book, Silver has defiantly captured the feel of small town America with all its vices and virtues. The characters, for the most part, are well thought out with a few exceptions. The central character, Siren McKay, is portrayed as a very strong willed woman even in the face of the terrible violence that she was exposed to, and the victim of, in a relatively short amount of time. I absolutely loved the character of Nana Loretta, and the descriptions of her magickal practices were an added bonus. I also felt that Tanner's struggle with attempting to find if magick and witchcraft had a place in his life is also one that many of us have also struggled with ourselves. I also liked that fact that this book portrayed a gay character (Lexi) who wasn't too stereotypical. Although her part was relatively small, Gemma was completely psychotic as any murderous villain. Though he starts out as a very unsympathetic character, Uncle Jess become more endearing as the author peels back the layers to reveal the man behind all the gruff. Other than Siren herself, I felt as though Serato, was one of the most interesting of characters in the book. At times it almost felt as if he was a narrator, as his observations of the other characters in the book were so accurate and greatly helped to move the story along.

I failed to comprehend the exact purpose for the character of Rachael in the story. It seems that the author either had planned to do more with her and decided not to do so, or that she was always intended to be a throw-away character for the purpose of adding to the list of suspects. I also would have liked at least one scene depicting Siren applying her trade as a hypnotherapist.

Overall the plot was well conceived if not original, although I have to admit that the story did not unfold in the direction that I had previously thought it would. Although there were a few continuity errors and more than a few typos, it did not detract from the over all story itself in my opinion. The mysterious in this novel are numerous, although some will not be as mysterious as others to the observant reader. The pacing is fast throughout the book with virtually no slow spots. Fellow crafters will enjoy the inclusion of descriptions of actual spells and ritual, as well as the inclusion of actual Wiccan poetry that has been found in non-fiction works.

I was a bit disappointed with the fact that the author chose not to include a scene in which the characters who were either absent or unconscious at the book's climax were told the truth about the novel's central mystery and how they dealt with this information; instead the reader is left to infer for himself how they reacted. Although the final scene wraps up all but a few loose ends, they seemed to be inconsequential in the face of what actually transpired.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I felt that the bad far outweighed the good and would recommend Murder at Witch's Bluff to anyone interested in magickal fiction, or just anyone who loves a good story!

Carolina Dean

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's a Samhain Miracle!

I had planned on writing about something completely different today, but I had a delightful surprise today that I wanted to share with you all.

Remember that Prosperity Talisman I made a few weeks ago during Full Moon? Well everything has been going well, I've had a little extra money due to there being an extra check in this month, and gas prices are going down, so I am saving some money. In addition, with the termination of a co-worker recently, my current employer is giving me back some of the hours that were recently taken away in an effort to save money.

All day today my right palm has been itching, which I was taught meant money is coming to me. When I got home today I checked the mail and there was a check in the mail from my 401k I put money into on my last job for just under $300.00!

New Moon blessings to you all, and here's to even greater prosperity for us all in the coming year!

Carolina Dean

Monday, October 27, 2008

Crossed Paths Spell

Ever meet someone casually but didn't get their phone number or really know anything about them, but you know you want to meet them again? Well this spell is designed to allow you to cross paths with this person again.

To begin, pluck two straws from your household broom and name these after yourself and the other individual. If you don't know the name of the other person, simple say something like "the cute boy I met in Wal-Mart on Tuesday" and visualize their face.

Cross these two straws forming an X and before this burn a white candle which has been anointed with an Attraction Oil, or Come to Me Oil. As the candle burns, focus on meeting the individual again and chant the spell below....

"Where once was I,
there was he;
bring forth this one,
I wish to see!

Continue to focus on your desire visualizing the individual's face in the candle's flame, then allow the candle to burn out on its own. The following day, keep your eyes peeled for this special someone.

Carolina Dean