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Friday, May 30, 2008

How to Devise a Spiritual Plan

How to Devise a

Spiritual Plan

1. Identify your issue or problem- Magick should not be performed just for the sake of magick. There should be a real need or a powerful drive behind a spell. Without these, you are simply wasting your energy and resources, and in all likelihood, your spell will fail.

2. Set your goal- Once you have identified it, you need to decide how you want to address your issue or problem. For example, if you require a new car it would be best to work to draw the best car for you rather than work for a financial windfall that will allow you to purchase a car.

3. Consider Mundane Actions- Once you have determined your goal, consider what mundane actions you can take that will help you achieve your goal. As in the example above, you need a car, you may be able to ask for a raise at work, for additional hours, or take a part-time job to augment your income.

4. Determine your mode of magick- Magick is a powerful tool and it can bring about amazing changes, but you need to be realistic. The mode, or form, of your magick should match the severity of consistency of your problem. Magick takes time and the bigger or more severe the issue of problem, the longer it may take to accomplish your goal. If you are attempting to address an issue that has been a consistent problem in your life, a resolution may require a series of workings performed over a longer period of time. Alternately, if you are dealing with an issue that is relatively new, or minor, the amount of magick you use to address it may be far less.
Major Magicks are defined as those modes of magick which are much more complicated than Minor Magicks and often require a great deal of study, practice, and experimentation in order to accomplish satisfactory results. These include Herbs, Potions, Runes, Sympathetic, Talismans, Mojo Bags, and Tarot magick.

Minor Magicks are those modes of magick which are simple and do not require a great deal of study or skill to accomplish. Minor Magicks include Amulets, Candle Magick, the use of Cords, the Elements, Petitions, and the use of Gems, Stones, and Metals.

Consider that spells are not always hit-or-miss, there are degrees of success. A spell may not bring about your goal, but it may bring you closer to your goal.

5. Choose or write an appropriate spell- Once you have chosen the appropriate magickal application for your need, you need to determine the natural correspondences that you will want to utilize. Natural correspondences are defined as “those things occurring in nature which relate to our goals in a direct manner. These correspondences include color, shape, sound, numbers, herbs, incense, gems, elements, animal energies, deity energy, the energy of the cardinal points, the winds, etc…”

For example, if you are doing a spell to attract a lover into you life you will have to determine the color of the candle, it’s shape, the oils that you will use, the herbs that you will use (if any), whether you will set the candle to burn for one day, or over a period of days. If you are new to the craft, spells written by others are a good way to start practicing magick. However, once you learn the basics of spell casting, you should write and perform your own spells as they will be more powerful and better attuned to your goal.

6. Check your Astrological Correspondences- Now that you have either chosen or written your spell, you must now determine when you will perform the working. The term astrological correspondences refer to the exact window of time one should cast a spell or perform a working ritual in order to reap maximum benefits and ensure a more successful result. The correspondences work on the principle that certain energies of the Sun, Moon, and Planets are in sympathy with one’s goal.

For example, the New Moon is for fresh starts and new beginnings and Friday is associated with Venus, the planet of love; therefore, a spell to draw a new unknown lover to yourself would best be performed on a New Moon on a Friday, in the hour of Venus (see Planetary Hours)

Other considerations include the sign of the zodiac the moon occupies at any given time. As in the example above, Leo rules the area of love, but Libra rules marriage and partnerships, so you would have to determine which correspondence is more in alignment with your goal. One cannot always perform a spell during the correct moon phase, day, and hour, so we try to get at least the proper Phase and Day.

It is also best to plan ahead and determine alternative times to cast your spell if something occurs that will prevent you from performing your working.

7. Perform a Divination- Now that you have determined when you will cast your spell, it is best to stop and re-asses your plans. Spells can often have unforeseen consequences and so witches often consult a divination tool such as the Tarot, Runes, or Astrology to ensure that they are on the right path. A good reading can pinpoint flaws in your plans, and suggest ways in which to improve your chances of success.

Another thing to consider is if the spell or working is in accordance with your will, that is, is it correct for you. Sometimes Spirit will allow us to fail in order to teach us a lesson, other times Spirit will intervene on our behalf because we don’t really need what we are asking for, even though we think we do. We don’t always see the ‘big picture’ but Spirit knows what we are capable of and can guide us to more appropriate activities through our divinations.

8. Gather you equipment and materials- If you have performed your divination and have gotten the go ahead, then it is time to gather your materials, such as candles, herbs, oils, etc... If you cannot obtain the materials needed before it is time to cast your spell, consider substitutions, or write a new spell. If you write a new spell, be sure to perform a divination again. Make adjustments as necessary.

9. Rehearse your working - Once you have gathered all your materials, it is best to do a dry run, that is, take some time to relax and go-through-the-motions so that you know exactly what to expect when it comes time to actually perform the ritual. Sometimes things that work in our minds, don’t exactly work the way we expected it to in practice. Make adjustments if necessary.

10. Perform your working- At least an hour before the pre-determined time, set up your working space, and double check that you have everything that you will need. At least 30 minutes before the pre-determined time, go over your notes one more time. Finally, perform your working at the pre-determined time.

11. Dispose of ritual remains- At the conclusion of your spell it is customary to dispose of your ritual remains in a respectful manner. Different traditions prescribe different methods of disposal, but they are generally dependant upon the objective of your spell. A good rule of thumb is that if you are working to draw something towards yourself bury the ritual remains (candle wax, herbs, etc…) near your front door, or alternately wrap them up in a special cloth and keep them in a safe place until your goal manifests at which time they are burned. If you are attempting to move something away from yourself, bury the ritual remains off of your property, at the center of a crossroads, or in running water.

12. Watching and waiting for signs- Witches are often told to ‘do your work, then forget about it,’ what this mean is that what you dwell on inwardly, you manifest outwardly. If you are overly concerned with your spell’s outcome, you can actually block its success. Instead it is suggested that you program your mind with affirmations and visualizations which reinforce your goal. However, don’t focus on the how of the spell, that is how it will manifest, just have faith that it will manifest.

That being said, it should be understood that the Universe is communicating with us at all times. Spirit will send us signs and omens about our work and usually within three days of completing your spell or working. It may come in a dream, it may come by something random you read, or even something someone says to you or near you. This information will let you know if your work will succeed of fail.

For example, you perform a spell for a new car and later you see a billboard with a picture of a new car on it and a headline that reads “Your car is ready when you are.” That would be a good sign. Now lets say that you turn on your radio and the song “Just What I Needed” by The Cars is playing—that would be another good sign.

­­Now lets say you’re shopping for groceries and someone near you is talking on the phone. They say that someone who has the same first name as you got their car repossessed, or totaled their car in an accident. That would be a bad sign.

For more information about these various topics please refer to my online Book of Shadows at

Carolina Dean :)~

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Deception of Perception

Today I want to talk about perceptions. Perception is defined as the process of acquiring, interpreting, selecting, and organizing sensory information.

People tend to believe only what they see, they assume that perception shapes reality; when in truth our thoughts shape reality. For example, take a long look at the picture below. What do you see? A young woman, or a crone?

Whether you answered a young woman or a crone, you're right. What you thought you saw, really was there. But now that you know that there's more to the picture you can shift your perception so that you actually see something else.

More than often when we change the way we think about a problem or issue, it can empower us to better resolve the situation. And that leads me to the point I initially wanted to make regarding obstacles in life.

Obstacles in life are inevitable. They are as must a test of your character as they are a test of your personal strength. Often the key to overcoming obstacles lies in adapting a different attitude, or changing your perception about the obstacle. Once an obstacle becomes a challenge it is no longer an obstacle.

Now overcoming challenges goes hand in hand with fear. Often people are afraid to make changes in thier lives, they get accustomed to the status quo and fear the unknown that change brings.

Much in the same way we shifted our perception about our obstacles we can shift our perceptions about our fears. Whenever you find yourself afraid or scared, just tell yourself that that's not fear you're feeling that's excitment! Just keep telling yourself your'e not afraid, your excitied and keep moving forward on your journey to become the best you that you can be!

--Carolina Dean


Word Sculptures

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recipe for Prosperity

Recipe for Prosperity

Write your name on a square of paper nine times, turn the paper 90 degrees and write the words ‘prosperity is mine’ also nine times. Draw dollar signs in the four corners of your petition. Anoint the dollar signs with cinnamon oil and place a hair from your head in the center of the petition. Fold the petition towards you three times, rotating the paper clockwise between each fold. With each fold, say “prosperity is mine!” Place the petition underneath an overturned saucer.

Crush and powder a cinnamon stick, a teaspoon’s worth of whole allspice, and another teaspoon’s worth of dill seed in a mortar and spread this over a cutting board. Mark a green candle with your name and your wish. Anoint the candle thoroughly with oil and roll it towards yourself in the herbal mixture to get as much of the herbs on the candle as possible. Set the candle in a holder, place it on the overturned saucer and light the candle saying these words:

“By hand & heart, by will & verse,

I send prosperity into the universe;

that it may be returned to me,

magnified three time three!”

Carolina Dean

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mojo To Protect a Soldier Going to War

Mojo Bag To Protect a Soldier Going to War

Items needed:
White Mojo Bag
White Candle
High John Oil
9 pins
3 dried Olives
Five-Fingered Grass
Comfrey Root
High John Root
Personal Item
Pen and Paper

Gather all your equipment and materials. Write the individual's name on a piece of paper nine times, then cross and cover this with the word protection. When you are done, anoint the four corners and center of the paper with High John Root Oil, place a small personal items such as a hair, signature, etc.. in the center of the paper and fold it towards yourself. Place this name-paper in the white mojo bag.

Next, carve the individual's name on the 'face' of a white candle, then carve the word protection on the opposite side. Anoint the candle with High John Root Oil and set it in a holder. Impale the white candle with nine pins (the first pin goes through the wick) reaffirming your desire with the insertion of each pin. Light the candle and incense. Fill the mojo bag with the dried olives, hematite, five fingered grass, comfrey root, bloodstone, and high john root along with the name-paper.

Tie the mojo shut, anoint it with three drops of High John Root Oil, then 'smoke' it in the incense chanting these words:

(N) has answered the call to arms,
& I fear that he may come to harm;
I call upon fate to this spell heed,
& grant him the protection that he will need!

Repeat the spell three times, feeling the power grow with each recitation. When you are done, leave the mojo bag at the foot of the candle where it will soak in it's light and power.

This mojo is also ideal for police officers.

Carolina Dean

Friday, May 23, 2008

Easy Protection Ritual

Easy Protection Ritual

Ok young witches it's been a little while since I've written something witchy, so I'm going to describe a very easy protection rite that anyone can do either for theirself or on behalf of another. First, take a clean white hankerchief and soak it in spring water to which you have added half a cup of salt. Let the hankerchief soak in this salted water overnight, during a Full Moon.

The following day, gently ring out the hankerchief (but don't completely dry it this way) and place it outside where it will dry in the clean air and sunshine. When the hankerchief is completely dry, take an object that is teeming with your personal vibrations and wrap it in the hankerchief. Such an object could be a photograph of yourself, a piece of writing or artwork that you created, a bit of your hair or nail clippings, a piece of well worn jewelry, a poppet, a personal symbol, or anything that speaks of the essence of you.

Once you have the object wrapped in the hankerchief, place it somewhere where it shall remain safe. If you choose, you can enhance this ritual by the lighting of candles, incense, chanting, prayers, etc...but this is not required. Symbolically, you have surrounded yourself with a "white-light" of protection, which you can call upon at any time, simply by visualizing yourself being bathed in this white light to recharge yourself, reduce stress, or strenthen your sense of security.

Blessed Be,

Carolina Dean

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Update on Yesterday's Blog

Update on Yesterday’s Blog

Note: This is a repost from my myspace blog.

First I want to thank all the...person... who emailed me with her kind, supportive words regarding my last blog entry. Nonetheless, to illustrate my point I'd like to share what happed today with you, my reader(s).

A week or so ago a friend of mine joined myspace and told me about a man in Oak Harbor who was Wiccan and was hoping to meet other Wiccans on the Island. You can view his profile here. I sent him a invitation request explaining that though I didn't know him, I too am Wiccan, and just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. When he added me later, I sent him my standard "Thanks for the add and welcome to my circle of friends" comment. When I sent the comment, it had to be approved by him before appearing on his page, which isn't unusual on myspace.

Later when I, noticed that he added me, I went back to his page to read it further and look at his pictures. I noticed that my comment wasn't on his page. Ok I thought, he's in the military, maybe he doesn't want his friends to know he's got a gay person on his friends list. I know I know, if I really believed that I should have just removed him from my friend's list right then and there. But there could have been any number of reasons why my comment didn't appear on his page.

So the other day, I sent him the following email:

"So...merry meet

Just wanted to say hi, I don't like to be one of those ppl who add you and never communicate with you again. I'm not one of those ppl who beg for comments and then never respond to them either.

How long have you been on the island? Have you met a lot of wiccans? I've been here just over 2 years, but haven't really met a lot. There was a WIPNO (Whidbey Island Pagan Night Out) group when I first came here, but they didn't really seem to do anything.

I had an ad on witchvox, but finally deleted it after I had over 1000 hits and not one person contact me. I hate to think it's because I'm gay, as I dont like to use that as an excuse or a 'crutch', but wiccans are human too and they have their prejudices as well.

Anyway, I'm glad that you added me and I hope you won't be a stranger on here.

dean/sweet william

After I had a stressful day at work last night (again Marigold I'm sorry) I came home to check my email before going to bed and I noticed that I had one less friend on myspace. Hmmm, which one I wonder.....did you say Jason? Bingo!!! As if I didnt feel bad enough (Marigold it really was all Jimbo's fault).

And the moral of the story....Wiccans are people too, if you cut them they bleed, if you poison them they die, if you burn them at the stake you can make some kick ass smores (but that's besides the point). They have their virtues and their vices, including personal prejudices. Are you listening young witches---The point is that just because someone is (or claims to be) Wiccan, don't assume they aren't human as well but simply a work in progress...just like you and me.

Carolina Dean

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reflections in a Tea of Sympathy

Reflections in a Tea of Sympathy

"Everything wanna be loved. Us sing and dance, and holla just wanting to be loved. Look at them trees. Notice how the trees do everything people do to get attention... except walk?"----Shug Avery, The Color Purple (1985)

It is said that Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. These words ring especially true for me as I've spent the last 15 years picking a scab and expecting it to heal, but there it remains.

My scab can't be seen with the naked eye but there it is, that indefinable mark on me which in some way repels men, makes me untouchable, unfuckable, undeserving of love and affection. But where is it? Is it behind the windows of my eyes, does it abide in the depths of my soul? Where is it?

I've done so many stupid things in my life trying to heal this wound with the elusive panacea called love. I won't go into detail about my failures, in fact I'd much rather just forget about all these things that I've done. Trust me when I say I've done some stupid, stupid things. And now here I am 15 years later, a few months from my 35th birthday and I'm no more wiser or successful for all my mistakes.

My mother used to brag about how I spoiled her because she could always put me in my crib and I wouldn't cry to be held or played with--only when I was hungry or needed to be change. Maybe that's why I crave intimacy so much, maybe that's where I learned that food equals love (which it doesn't).

Honestly the older I get the happier I am being alone, but there are still those fleeting moments when lonliness and the desire for human contact gets to me. Granted, the older I get the fewer and farther between these times come. I had such low expectations for my life, and even with setting the bar so low, I failed. All I ever wanted was to meet a good man who'd be nice to me, settle down in a house all our own and be...well a housewife ...for lack of a better term.

I used to rationalize my single status by thinking that had my dream come true, I would not have done the work that I did (at the time I was a volunteer with the South Carolina Department of Corrections teaching Wicca 101 to inmates all over the state) as I would probably give 100 percent of myself to my relationship. I got a great deal of satisfaction (and yes attention) from that work, but now I don't have anything to fill that void.

It's not just men either. I haven't really got a great number of friends, not even a few. I have "work friends" but no one that I socialize with away from my job. Sometimes I get scared that I'll die in my home and no one will know. I have Sunflower and he is the sunshine of my life. It's been an honor and a priveledge being a part of his life, watching him grow up, and being the recipient of his un-conditional love; but he and Sloe will be moving away next year back to South Carolina and I know in my heart that I'll never see him again. Maybe if I pester him enough Sloe will send me pictures and ofcourse I'll talk to him on the phone and send him letters, but it won't be the same without Sunflower there to give me big hugs every week.

So, I've pretty much consigned myself to being an old maid. I'll be that creepy old guy in the neighborhood that all the kids are afraid of. I can look forward to my home being tp'ed every Halloween, or stomping out burning feces on my front porch or whatever the hell else kids do these day to screw with old people. At least, I'll have fun playing on their

Carolina Dean

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Male Archetypes

Male Archetypes

Reflections in a Child's Eye

Today I was over at Sloe's place washing clothes and watching Sunflower laugh and play. Then I got home (not before I got my weekly hug) and decided to update the book that I've been keeping for him. As I glued the pictures in his book, added new entries, updated others, and re-read old ones---I got to wondering about the type of man that he would grow into to.

Traditionally there are five major archetypes with which men have been associated and the way in which men are defined by both themselves and the society in which we live. These archetypes are named as Warrior, Lover, Hunter, Priest, and King.

These archetypes symbolize what it means to be a man, and provide men with a strong model by which they judge themselves as well as their brothers. However, in today's politically correct world of shifting perceptions and identities some have criticized these models as outmoded and say they have no place in this "brave new world."

Some of you men have probably looked over the list of archetypes above and have already defined yourself as one archetype or another. For example, the athlete may see himself as the Warrior, while the Mystic sees himself as the Priest, however, unlike others who would quickly define themselves as only one of these archetypes, I maintain that ALL of these archetypes are present in EVERY man, and that each one has something to tell you about yourself.

The Warrior represents the protector whose strength we draw upon in times of need, as well as issues of independence and self-sufficiency. He is man's primal need towards protection of the innocent, defense, and social activism. The Warrior's negative counterpart is his tendency towards war, prejudice, and persecution of the weak. He also represents man's inner tendency to fight against himself, which prevents him from his true purpose.

The Lover represents the need to both give and receive love. More importantly, he represents self-love and issues of self-esteem as well as self acceptance. He is inward aimed and works toward the unification of the inner masculine and feminine selves as seen in the Lovers card in the Tarot. The negative side of the Lover is the man who hates himself for his perceived weaknesses and flaws, the man whose self-identity is centered on his penis and physical gratification without emotional attachment. He is outer-aimed and rejects his own inner femininity, leaving him emotionally blocked and often unbalanced. He is the reason men cannot commit.

The Hunter is the provider, willing to sacrifice himself (or at least place himself in danger) in order that others may survive. He represents the will to survive, our natural gifts, and service to others. The opposite side of the Hunter is the coward. He won't fight for himself, he gives up too easily, is pessimistic and a defeatist.

The Priest is the spiritual guide and moral compass. He is our inner drive to understand our place in life as well as the desire to unite with the godhead. He represents our conscience and issues of morality. The negative side of the Priest is a tendency to abandon our morals and NOT do the right thing. The anti-priest urges you to embrace your addictions, to spread hate, and bring harm (often more to ones self than others.)

The King is each man's own sense of self, but also his responsibility towards others. The King teaches each man to be true to himself, while also recognizing the king (or queen) in others and giving that person the respect that they are due. In a sense, the other four archetypes are present in the King as in this role he must also be the Warrior-King, the Lover-King, the Priest-King, and the Hunter-King.

This archetype, which is arguably the most complex, is often difficult for many men to recognize in himself and allow to come through in the real world. The true King is self-sufficient, but can also recognize that others must take care of him at times and allows them to do so. The true King is self-confident, but recognizes his own fears and weaknesses. The true King loves himself, but not the exclusion of others. The true King shows his emotions, but is not ruled by them. The true King seeks to lift others up, rather than to bring them down. The true King serves as an example for all people, but does not judge those who lose their way.

These archetypes dwell in every man and can teach him a great deal about him self, and guide him in becoming the best "him" that he can be. The first step is to recognize the different part of yourself. They can be accessed through meditation, creative visualization, journaling, self-dialogue, or simply by listening to the inner truth.

It is my hope that Sunflower will always have the wisdom to recognize his destiny, the courage to follow his heart, and the strength to embrace his dreams...and never forget that he is loved.

Caroline Dean

Friday, May 16, 2008

How to Make a Man from Scratch


"In just seven days...I can make you a Maaaannnnn!"

---------------Frank-N-Furter, RHPS

According to Tibetian doctrines, a Tulpa is an entity created by act of the imagination. According to the prevailing theories, Tulpas are created by act of intense concentration and visualization, much like an artificial elemental. I first heard the term Tulpa in the 90's as part of an episode of the X-files (Arcadia 6X3) and more recently an episode in the first season of Supernatural involved a Tulpa. In her book, Secrets and Mysteries of the World Sylvia Brown theorizes that certain legendary creatures such as Vampires, Werewolves, The Loch Ness Monster, and Bigfoot are simply products of man's collective imagination. I will refrain from commenting on her theory here, I simply mention the book for its reference on Tulpas.

At a low point in my life, I decided to create a Tulpa because I was very lonely and hoped to "create" a companion for myself. I began the process of creating my Tulpa by choosing the correct astrological correspondences that best pertain to my goal. To that end I chose to create my Tulpa on a Friday (for love and attraction), during a New Moon (beginnings) which was in Taurus (the astrological sign which had the personality attributes I desired in my Tulpa), in the hour of Venus (which corresponds to Friday, and which also rules the sign of Taurus).

In a cast circle I formulated the image I wanted my Tulpa to assume. For this I used a picture of a man from a magazine and strongly visualized this man before me. Once I was happy with the mental image for my Tulpa, I then gave him a name and a history as follows:

Daniel Owens

Daniel Owens, was born on May 8th, 1980 at 3:23 pm in Tulsa Oklahoma. His father Henry was a welder, and his mother Karen was a math teacher. His childhood nickname was "Turtle" because he was so shy, however, he has overcome his shyness as he has matured. Daniel graduated High School in 1997 and joined the military. After basic training he discovered he had an aptitude for law enforcement and trained to become an MP. He was assigned to the Beaufort, SC MCAS in March 2004. Daniel is 6 1/2 feet tall, weighs 195 lbs (muscular) has blond hair, and blue eyes. Daniel, a top, is loyal, masculine, loving, possessive but not jealous, and although he is down to earth, he enjoys the finer things in life. He has a tendency to be over protective and prefers his lovers to follow his lead. Daniel's interest include classic cars, collecting guns, working out, and reading comic books. His favorite comics character is Superman, and he has the superman shield tattooed on his right upper arm. In addition, he enjoys the outdoors and often goes fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, etc.. Daniel discovered Wicca in 2003 through a roommate who was Wiccan, and he has been studying Norse Traditions for the last two years.

I read my description several times while visualizing Daniel, interacting with him, having conversations, etc. Before going to bed each night I cast a circle, read my description, and concentrated on visualizing Daniel, while holding the picture in my hands. To make Daniel seem even more real, I erected his natal chart and kept both the chart and delineation with the photograph I chose to represent him. I did not choose his birth time without great thought, and luckily I had very good results that would indicate a great deal of compatibility. For example, his rising sign is Virgo, which is also my Sun Sign; we both had Uranus in Scorpio; my ruling sign of Mercury is in his Sun Sign of Taurus; his Venus is in Gemini, which is also ruled by Mercury.

During the day I kept these papers on my altar with a large lodestone on top of them, which I fed with magnetic sand each day. I allowed Daniel to occupy my every waking thought. I thought about him while driving to work, while taking a bath, while shaving, while brushing my teeth, I thought about him while washing dishes, while cooking dinner With my every act I thought about him and imagined him there in the room interacting with me, having conversation, at one point I even set a place for him at the table and imagined we were having dinner together.

After about a month, something strange happened. I started to "see" him, but it was always very quick. For example, I would see a shadowy figure in my peripheral vision walk past my bedroom door, or at another time, I was watching television in my living room and "saw" him out of the corner of my eye watching me through the window in the front door. Honestly, it started to scare me just a little, but I also found it very exciting! Then one night in bed I woke up from a deep sleep feeling heaviness on top of me. I opened my eyes and in the darkness of the room I saw Daniel on top of me-- he was trying to turn me over. In the confusion I pushed him off of me and he disappeared. Now this really scared me.

I had read that the longer a Tulpa is allowed to exists the more independent it becomes and there was no way of telling what may occur if he was allowed to fully manifest. I ceased thinking about him and slowly began seeing him less and less until I never saw him again.

If you attempt these methods, I warn you to be extremely careful!

Carolina Dean :)~

Thursday, May 15, 2008

How to Create & Start a Magickal Journal

I'd like to preface this posting by stating that the title above is a bit misleading, it should probably read How I Create a Magickal Journal, as I would never want to limit anyone's creativity. Therefore, I will be describing here how I go about preparing a bound notebook to act as my magickal journal.
What is a Magickal Journal?
To begin, a magickal journal is a book used to write entries in a chronological order to record information, report events, and store various information. Some people have also been known to draw in their journals. Like a diary, a magickal journal can be used to note one's goals, weather conditions, daily personal events, dreams, insights and musings about various topics, people, places, and things, including information about the self in the form of an inner exploration of one's spirit, thoughts, and ideas.
The words journal and diary have been used interchangeably, but others feel that there are specific differences which separate the two. For example, traditionalist state that a diary should be dated and written in daily, while a journal may be more sporadic and it's focus can be either inward or outward. In addition, the word 'journaling' has entered our collective vocabulary to describe the practice of writing as a hobby, similar to 'scrap booking.'
What Kind of Things Will I Find in a Magickal Journal?
When it comes to deciding what to keep in my magickal journal, I live by one rule, which is "if you don't want anyone to know it, don't write it down." With that said, you can put anything into your magickal journal that you wish. Most of the entries in my magickal journal can be categorized in the following manner:
  • Magick, Spells, and Rituals
  • Correspondences
  • Newspaper & Magazine Articles
  • Workshops and Various Research
  • Art and Photographs
  • Quotes and Poetry
  • Personal Insights and Musings
  • Dreams and Divination
  • Memorabilia (movie tickets, play bills, pamphlets)
  • Magick & the Occult in Popular Culture
What's the Difference between a Magickal Journal & a Book of Shadows?
Essentially there is no difference between a magickal journal and a BOS, as both virtually contains the same information. For me, the difference between the two lies in the arrangement and presentation of the information. Being a Virgo, my BOS is highly organized, it contains an index, chapters marked by tabs dividing the information into various categories for easy reference, and a bibliography, among other features; whereas my magickal journal is more sporadic, with various information regarding one subject spread out among not only one but several books.
Although I have attempted to cross-reference related information, the more my collection of journals grow, the harder it becomes to do so. In addition, my BOS is completely typed using a word processor, which makes it easier to read and offers many more choices in the presentation of the information it contains; however, my magickal journal contains both hand written as well as typed entries (these are printed out from the computer and glued into the book itself.)
Why Should I Keep a Magickal Journal?
As stated earlier, journaling has become a hobby for many people. More than a past time, however, journaling acts as a focus for one's creativity, a means to listen to one's spirit, a form of meditation, and dealing with daily stress; in addition your journal will become a valuable resource in the recording of information that you will often refer back to in your studies of the Craft. Maintaining a magickal journal often gives the writer a strong sense of comfort in that he or she has an 'audience' for their thoughts, feelings, and emotions; even if no one else reads the journal. In addition psychology teaches that writing about our problems and issues helps us to deal with them.
On a personal note, when I begun my first magickal journal, I never thought I would be able to complete it; however, when I did I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment which motivated me to continue the practice. That being said, it is your own personal choice whether or not you should keep a magickal journal, however I would highly recommend the practice.
How do I start?
I usually purchase the bound mead composition notebooks that contain 100 sheets, or 200 pages, of lined paper. The first thing that I do is personalize the notebook by pasting a picture to the cover and laminating it to protect the picture from any damage. The picture is usually something protective in nature, such as a symbol; but not always, sometimes it is just an interesting picture that I can relate to in some way, or which speaks to me on a deep, spiritual level.
The next thing I do is cut and glue a piece of colored construction paper to the inside of both the front and back covers. On the inside front cover of the notebook I usually put a calendar of the moon phases for the current year, under which I write the date I started the journal; on the back inside cover I put a chart showing the transit of the Moon through the zodiac, writing the date of the last entry under this chart. Finally, I number each of the pages.
A personal practice of mine at the end of the day is to think of one event or thing that occurred that day and write about it in a magickal way. For example, since I work in customer service and often find myself in the position of having to deal with difficult customers, it sparked me to write a protection spell for that specific situation. In addition, I also collected psychological research that would augment my spell and further assist me in handling these situations. In other instances, I will inadvertently come across information which sparks my interests and motivates me to do further research, which will be logged into the magickal journal.
As of this writing I have seven in a series of journals (the other three are dedicated to specific subjects) and currently have 1153 pages of information. It is from these journals that I compiled and organized my Book of Shadows; and which I often refer to when writing articles and entries for my blogs. In addition, I advise you to store your magickal journals and your Book of Shadows in separate places, that way, if either are ever lost, stolen, or destroyed, you still have the information, in whole or in part, in the other.
As we have seen the practice of maintaining a magickal journal is a process which takes some effort, but which is highly rewarding and beneficial in aiding the growth of the individual in his spiritual evolution. Although it is not a prerequisite for being or becoming a Witch/Wiccan/Pagan, I highly recommend the practice in that it is an excellent tool for the novice as well as the seasoned witch.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Not-So Indelible Egg

The Not-So Indelible Egg
Indelible: (adj.) cannot be removed, washed away or erased; "an indelible stain"

While cradled in the arms of Morpheus (the only man with whom I'm sharing my bed these days) Sunday morning, I was suddenly called to my door by the elderly Filipino woman who lives next door. She was letting me know that during the night, someone had egged my apartment door. If only they'd had some bacon and toast to heave upon me as well, I could have had a nice breakfast....

I called the police for the umpteenth time, as in the past month someone has attempted to break into my apartment more than once, as well as my neighbor's apartment, vandalized her garden, stole her plants, and (on another occasion) your "friendly" neighborhood punk attempted to con his way into her home last week by attempting to convince her that he was sent by someone she knows (all she had to do was open the door just in the slightest and let him hand her his cell phone.) But she was smarter than that young wolf....not by the hair of her chinny chin chin…that's what she said (well, not really).

So the first thing I did was collect the egg shells that had fallen on my doorsill, then cleaned the yolk from my door. As I knelt down on my knees in front of my door cleaning and wondering just why that doorknob dangling in my face (being all knobby as doorknobs are won't to do) wasn't a different kind of knob, I began thinking about how similar the word yolk and yoke sounded. With the sincere belief that the universe is always trying to communicate with us, to teach us something about ourselves, others, and the world we live in I decided to explore this further. 

A search of Webster's online dictionary yields several definitions:


  1. Fabric comprising a fitted part at the top of a garment.
  2. Two items of the same kind.
  3. Support consisting of a wooden frame across the shoulders that enables a person to carry buckets hanging from each end.
  4. Connection between two things so they move together.
  5. Stable gear that joins two draft animals at the neck so they can work together.

  1. Become joined or linked together.
  2. Link with or as with a yoke; "yoke the oxen together".
  3. Put a yoke on; join with a yoke; of draft animals; "Yoke the draft horses together".
The underlying theme, given these definitions, seems to be a joining or a link between two things. Taking this further, I questioned to what did this egg link me? The person who threw it at my door? Perpetrator and victim. Another definition of the word yoke is 'two of the same kind'. It has often been said that we hate in others, that which we see in ourselves. So, what was it about me, or my home that this person hated? What was lacking in this person's soul, the he or she thought could be filled with an act of desecration (see below.
It's interesting to note, that not only was my home desecrated, but all the apartments in my building that ended in 04. According to Numerology, 4 is the number of foundation. It is a number of law and order, but also home and family (for this is often where we learn our morality). 

So it seems, at least by my weird logic, that the universe has painted a picture of this perpe(traitor) as someone with a deep hatred for home and stability, a lover of chaos and rebellion…. There but by the grace of god(dess) go I….
Desecration, that's another good word. The act of depriving something of its sacred character. My home is my temple, it was not vandalized, it was desecrated and needed to be made (w)hole(y) again. To begin, I filled a clear basin with water and added to it the following:

3 tablespoons rosemary
to remove the negative energies of the act of desecration
3 tablespoons sage
to bring blessings to my door
3 drops of clove oil
to drive away hostile forces

I anointed a plain white candle with clove oil and rolled it in a mixture or rosemary and sage, then held the candle over the prepared water and recited Psalm 61 three times. Next, I took the basin of prepared water and to my front door and washed it from the top down to the bottom with a clean white cloth while reciting Psalm 61 three times. Finally, I carried the basin of water to a tree outside the back of my apartment faced West with the basin of water before me. I recited Psalm 61 three times, then threw the water over my left shoulder and returned inside my home without looking back. 

And how was YOUR weekend?

Carolina Dean

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ten Years Gone

Ten Years Gone

Note: The events described in this and all future blog entries are completely true. In order to protect the identities of the characters in my life I have decided to make use of the Herbal Code, that is, to use the folk names of herbs in place of real ones. Some of these names are mnemonic devices, while others simply describe something about that person. ---Carolina Dean

Ten years ago this week I made the biggest mistake of my life, the consequences of which I am still living with today. That mistake was believing that I could use magick to make a man love me. This was during a time in my life when I thought I needed a man's love to prove my own self worth. What I succeeded in doing was blinding myself to the truth that my self-worth is not based on having a man in my life and fooling myself into believing that sex equals love. Pay attention young witches, sex without love is physical gratification; sex with love is something completely different. Learn the difference now, and don't make my mistake.

I still remember the first time I saw him, I was sitting in my car waiting to go into work when I spotted Johnny Jump Up going into my workplace. He was a new hire, and I immediately knew I wanted him. He was a wet dream cum true--blond, athletic, tattooed--straight (basically irresistible) I did all the usual things, I flirted with him, offered to share my lunch when he didn't have anything to eat, invited him into my group to spend breaks and lunches with us, etc....

I started working him that same week. I remember how clever I thought I was in being able to get a copy of his driver's license to use his photograph to stuff a poppet. Using his birth date, I did a basic astrological chart to figure out the best way to seduce him (he was an Aquarius). It took about one moon cycle then one night, he suddenly showed up at my home. He was looking for another co-worker who lived on the same street as me and recognized my car. Little did I know that he was looking to buy some marijuana from that other co-worker.

He had already had a few beers when he showed up and we shared some Mad Dog 20/20 I just happened to have in my house. Once we were both relaxed, I finally got up the nerve to make my move. He didn't resist, and I thought I had him, but the truth was he had me. Yes, I was penis-whipped. He moved in with me the following week. He didn't want anyone to know that we were together, so I wasn't allowed to tell anyone. I was his bitch. I cooked his meals, did his laundry, cleaned up after him, waited on him hand and foot, and yes sex was a large part of our relationship. He also introduced me to "smoking weed", giving me my first shot gun.

One day, I went to work while he stayed home sick. When I got home, I opened my door and everything I owned was gone. Everything. All I had was literally the clothes on my back. He robbed me blind. I didn't even call the police, I was so embarrassed and ashamed. Later that night, I had cried myself to sleep, he showed up telling me he had done it for "us." He sold all of "our" things so that "we" could run away together. He had a car and wanted me to go with him. I was so confused, I didn't know what to do, so I just blindly followed him. I didn't know where we were going or how we were going to take care of ourselves, but I thought it would be ok because I wasn't alone. Little did I know how alone I really was.

He ran a toll-booth in West Virginia and we were pulled over by a West Virginia State Trooper, near the city of Beckley. As soon as the trooper got to the window, Johnny Jump Up sped off. As the trooper chased us down the highway in his car, I learned the truth. He didn't have any money. He spent it all on drugs. The car was stolen. He didn't know where we were going. It was all lies. The police shot out our tires, and drug us both from the car. I was bitch-slapped by one officer who broke my glasses in the process, then thrown to the ground. My hands were cuffed behind my back, and my feet were shackled together. As I lay on the ground the officers kicked me and shouted slurs in reference to my sexuality.

Johnny Jump Up and I were separated. At arraignment I got lucky. I was only charged with bringing stolen property into the state (the never found the marijuana under the seat.) In jail, I was stripped in front of several officers and deloused. Thankfully, there was no body cavity search. Then I was lead into a large room full of cells and assigned a cell. Though there were threats of rape, it seemed to be something done to scare the new inmates. I don't deny that these things occur in jail, I'm simply stating that it did not happen to me.

I called my father to try to get bailed out, he told me I was "a stupid bastard" and hung up on me. Luckily my boss at the time was there for me. She bailed me out, arranged for the bondsman to take me to the bus station and put me on a bus back home. She helped me replace some of the things I lost, and arranged for me to work overtime every week to help me get back on my feet. Although I lost my home, I was able to find another. Ultimately I plead guilty and was sentenced to one year's probation, which the year it took them to prosecute me served as that probation (I think that's called a suspended sentence).

I never saw Johnny Jump Up again, although I still have a letter he sent me from jail.

What about the magick? What happened? Why did it fail? The magick worked. It gave me exactly what I wanted. I wanted Johnny Jump Up and I got him. But I didn't really know this person. What I didn't know was the he was a drug addict, he habitually used people, he was a career criminal. In fact, when he moved in with me he was wanted by the authorities in another town and was looking for a place to hide out.

There were signs and warnings....all of which I failed to heed. Each time I threw the cards, there was The Devil staring back at me. A charming, untrustworthy person. There was the voice of reason in my head....silenced by drugs...silenced by fear...silenced by lies. The truth was right there in front of me the whole time but I didn't recognize it, didn't want to see the truth.

This one experience effected every relationship that I've had thereafter and is still affecting me ten years later. It has changed my entire concept of love and relationships. I find that I simply cannot trust anyone who expresses an interest in me. Every time a man shows an interest in me, I automatically think he is out to use me. I often look upon a boyfriend as someone who detracts from the quality of my life will who will not add to it. It's hard for me to let anyone get too close, even friends, although I've made progress in opening up to them.

Although I've always been careful (safe sex, young witches) , my only relationships have been brief, mostly anonymous, and based on sex. I've lost my home twice in my life, and now have a great fear of being homeless. I don't know if I ever will meet "the one". What I know is that the older I get the happier I am being alone, but I still have needs....

Lately I've found myself greatly attracted to one of my co-workers. In fact, he reminds me of Johnny Jump Up. He's cocky, aloof, and in lieu of tatooes, he's got piercings.....As far as I know he's a straight arrow (no drugs or addictions, unless you count video games). But it simply cannot be....

Anti-Lust Spell

Carve the name of the one you desire on a red candle, reversing the letters. Cut the 'head' off of the candle, turn it upside down and dig the wick out of the 'foot'. Set the candle in a holder, hold your hands over the candle and silently as Spirit for assistance in your work. Light the candle and chant these words....

"I cannot bear the pain,
that (N) is not mine to gain;
extinguish this desire in me burning,
& remove this hopeless yearning!"