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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Deception of Perception

Today I want to talk about perceptions. Perception is defined as the process of acquiring, interpreting, selecting, and organizing sensory information.

People tend to believe only what they see, they assume that perception shapes reality; when in truth our thoughts shape reality. For example, take a long look at the picture below. What do you see? A young woman, or a crone?

Whether you answered a young woman or a crone, you're right. What you thought you saw, really was there. But now that you know that there's more to the picture you can shift your perception so that you actually see something else.

More than often when we change the way we think about a problem or issue, it can empower us to better resolve the situation. And that leads me to the point I initially wanted to make regarding obstacles in life.

Obstacles in life are inevitable. They are as must a test of your character as they are a test of your personal strength. Often the key to overcoming obstacles lies in adapting a different attitude, or changing your perception about the obstacle. Once an obstacle becomes a challenge it is no longer an obstacle.

Now overcoming challenges goes hand in hand with fear. Often people are afraid to make changes in thier lives, they get accustomed to the status quo and fear the unknown that change brings.

Much in the same way we shifted our perception about our obstacles we can shift our perceptions about our fears. Whenever you find yourself afraid or scared, just tell yourself that that's not fear you're feeling that's excitment! Just keep telling yourself your'e not afraid, your excitied and keep moving forward on your journey to become the best you that you can be!

--Carolina Dean


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