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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recipe for Prosperity

Recipe for Prosperity

Write your name on a square of paper nine times, turn the paper 90 degrees and write the words ‘prosperity is mine’ also nine times. Draw dollar signs in the four corners of your petition. Anoint the dollar signs with cinnamon oil and place a hair from your head in the center of the petition. Fold the petition towards you three times, rotating the paper clockwise between each fold. With each fold, say “prosperity is mine!” Place the petition underneath an overturned saucer.

Crush and powder a cinnamon stick, a teaspoon’s worth of whole allspice, and another teaspoon’s worth of dill seed in a mortar and spread this over a cutting board. Mark a green candle with your name and your wish. Anoint the candle thoroughly with oil and roll it towards yourself in the herbal mixture to get as much of the herbs on the candle as possible. Set the candle in a holder, place it on the overturned saucer and light the candle saying these words:

“By hand & heart, by will & verse,

I send prosperity into the universe;

that it may be returned to me,

magnified three time three!”

Carolina Dean

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