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Friday, May 16, 2008

How to Make a Man from Scratch


"In just seven days...I can make you a Maaaannnnn!"

---------------Frank-N-Furter, RHPS

According to Tibetian doctrines, a Tulpa is an entity created by act of the imagination. According to the prevailing theories, Tulpas are created by act of intense concentration and visualization, much like an artificial elemental. I first heard the term Tulpa in the 90's as part of an episode of the X-files (Arcadia 6X3) and more recently an episode in the first season of Supernatural involved a Tulpa. In her book, Secrets and Mysteries of the World Sylvia Brown theorizes that certain legendary creatures such as Vampires, Werewolves, The Loch Ness Monster, and Bigfoot are simply products of man's collective imagination. I will refrain from commenting on her theory here, I simply mention the book for its reference on Tulpas.

At a low point in my life, I decided to create a Tulpa because I was very lonely and hoped to "create" a companion for myself. I began the process of creating my Tulpa by choosing the correct astrological correspondences that best pertain to my goal. To that end I chose to create my Tulpa on a Friday (for love and attraction), during a New Moon (beginnings) which was in Taurus (the astrological sign which had the personality attributes I desired in my Tulpa), in the hour of Venus (which corresponds to Friday, and which also rules the sign of Taurus).

In a cast circle I formulated the image I wanted my Tulpa to assume. For this I used a picture of a man from a magazine and strongly visualized this man before me. Once I was happy with the mental image for my Tulpa, I then gave him a name and a history as follows:

Daniel Owens

Daniel Owens, was born on May 8th, 1980 at 3:23 pm in Tulsa Oklahoma. His father Henry was a welder, and his mother Karen was a math teacher. His childhood nickname was "Turtle" because he was so shy, however, he has overcome his shyness as he has matured. Daniel graduated High School in 1997 and joined the military. After basic training he discovered he had an aptitude for law enforcement and trained to become an MP. He was assigned to the Beaufort, SC MCAS in March 2004. Daniel is 6 1/2 feet tall, weighs 195 lbs (muscular) has blond hair, and blue eyes. Daniel, a top, is loyal, masculine, loving, possessive but not jealous, and although he is down to earth, he enjoys the finer things in life. He has a tendency to be over protective and prefers his lovers to follow his lead. Daniel's interest include classic cars, collecting guns, working out, and reading comic books. His favorite comics character is Superman, and he has the superman shield tattooed on his right upper arm. In addition, he enjoys the outdoors and often goes fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, etc.. Daniel discovered Wicca in 2003 through a roommate who was Wiccan, and he has been studying Norse Traditions for the last two years.

I read my description several times while visualizing Daniel, interacting with him, having conversations, etc. Before going to bed each night I cast a circle, read my description, and concentrated on visualizing Daniel, while holding the picture in my hands. To make Daniel seem even more real, I erected his natal chart and kept both the chart and delineation with the photograph I chose to represent him. I did not choose his birth time without great thought, and luckily I had very good results that would indicate a great deal of compatibility. For example, his rising sign is Virgo, which is also my Sun Sign; we both had Uranus in Scorpio; my ruling sign of Mercury is in his Sun Sign of Taurus; his Venus is in Gemini, which is also ruled by Mercury.

During the day I kept these papers on my altar with a large lodestone on top of them, which I fed with magnetic sand each day. I allowed Daniel to occupy my every waking thought. I thought about him while driving to work, while taking a bath, while shaving, while brushing my teeth, I thought about him while washing dishes, while cooking dinner With my every act I thought about him and imagined him there in the room interacting with me, having conversation, at one point I even set a place for him at the table and imagined we were having dinner together.

After about a month, something strange happened. I started to "see" him, but it was always very quick. For example, I would see a shadowy figure in my peripheral vision walk past my bedroom door, or at another time, I was watching television in my living room and "saw" him out of the corner of my eye watching me through the window in the front door. Honestly, it started to scare me just a little, but I also found it very exciting! Then one night in bed I woke up from a deep sleep feeling heaviness on top of me. I opened my eyes and in the darkness of the room I saw Daniel on top of me-- he was trying to turn me over. In the confusion I pushed him off of me and he disappeared. Now this really scared me.

I had read that the longer a Tulpa is allowed to exists the more independent it becomes and there was no way of telling what may occur if he was allowed to fully manifest. I ceased thinking about him and slowly began seeing him less and less until I never saw him again.

If you attempt these methods, I warn you to be extremely careful!

Carolina Dean :)~


Anonymous said...

I found your story very interesting. I think one safe way to create a tulpa is to create it with Divine Energy. Using such high vibrations will certainly guarantee a benevolent being.

Anonymous said...

That could very well work, do you have any suggestions?

I think the overall problem with this method is that the magicican is expecting to have complete control over the tulpa. In the case of creating a tulpa for a lover/companion it could be tantamount to rape.

Love is no guarantee for happiness and certainly not when both parties come together as equals. In the case of a tulpa this is just not possible.

Thanks for your comment.

Carolina Dean

Paul said...

Hi; since you seem to know what you're talking about regarding tulpas perhaps you can answer a different sort of question or least give me a bit of insight. I tried what I call "drawing green." It's basically drawing green energy from trees for healing and improving healing of myself and others. When I try this, I usually see things in shades of green when waking up which fades after a few moments but this never happened before I started drawing green and I wondered if this is natural or something horribly wrong. By the way; I was inspired to try this by reading the Celestial Vision series by James Redfield.

Anonymous said...

Well Paul since this seems to be your technique, and I have no frame of reference for this as I've never read the book that you mentioned, I believe the only person who can answer this question is you.

I would venture to say that so long as you're not experiencing any adverse side affects of this technique, it could very well be a very natural thing.

You say you're drawing green energy for the purpose of healing, perhaps as the energy leaves you the green vision fades.

Carolina Dean

Paul said...

Thank you for taking the time out to reply. Would you know of any other source where I might find an answer? I've written to James Redfield direct but have not gotten an answer. Standard book stores a are no help at all.
Also; it seems unlikely (tho' not impossible) that someone who would force themselves on a difficult-to-create-figure wouldn't have the spiritual/psychic growth to manifest such a being.

Anonymous said...

You caught me just before I was about to go to bed. I'll have to think about your question.

However, I've always found it helpful (as a spiritual person) to ask the Universe to provide me with information that I need and leave it at that. I usually get the answer I was looking for later.

For example, I was recently doing some research on spirit pots and couldn't find some information I was seeking. On my way to work I grabbed a book off my bookshelf at random to read on my lunch break and lo and behold the answer was in that book!

So just ask and be open to the information coming you way and don't put any expectation on how it will come to you.

Good night and BB,

Carolina Dean

Paul said...

Thank you for assist and have a good night.