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Monday, May 26, 2008

Mojo To Protect a Soldier Going to War

Mojo Bag To Protect a Soldier Going to War

Items needed:
White Mojo Bag
White Candle
High John Oil
9 pins
3 dried Olives
Five-Fingered Grass
Comfrey Root
High John Root
Personal Item
Pen and Paper

Gather all your equipment and materials. Write the individual's name on a piece of paper nine times, then cross and cover this with the word protection. When you are done, anoint the four corners and center of the paper with High John Root Oil, place a small personal items such as a hair, signature, etc.. in the center of the paper and fold it towards yourself. Place this name-paper in the white mojo bag.

Next, carve the individual's name on the 'face' of a white candle, then carve the word protection on the opposite side. Anoint the candle with High John Root Oil and set it in a holder. Impale the white candle with nine pins (the first pin goes through the wick) reaffirming your desire with the insertion of each pin. Light the candle and incense. Fill the mojo bag with the dried olives, hematite, five fingered grass, comfrey root, bloodstone, and high john root along with the name-paper.

Tie the mojo shut, anoint it with three drops of High John Root Oil, then 'smoke' it in the incense chanting these words:

(N) has answered the call to arms,
& I fear that he may come to harm;
I call upon fate to this spell heed,
& grant him the protection that he will need!

Repeat the spell three times, feeling the power grow with each recitation. When you are done, leave the mojo bag at the foot of the candle where it will soak in it's light and power.

This mojo is also ideal for police officers.

Carolina Dean

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