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Monday, June 16, 2008

A Closer Look

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that earlier this week I performed a tarot reading for myself and that today I was expecting a message from a man who would offer me a job. This job offer would bring a sense of relief and of fear things unfamiliar.

Below you will find a copy of that reading along with my comments in red.


As per my usual method, before I shuffle the cards I cut them and put them back together. I then draw the top-most card and use this as a signifier. This card usually tells a great deal about a person, their outlook, and give an insight into what they will inquire about. I drew the Seven of Pentacles.

The Seven of Pentacles shows a man who has labored long and hard in his garden. The foliage is full, the blossoms are out - it seems that his work has paid off. Now he's taking a break to admire his handiwork. Seven is also the number of the dreamer, the mystic, the psychic.

This description corresponds quite well with my present outlook, as I had planted "seeds" of magick and was awaiting to see what they would grow into becoming.

I then shuffled the cards asking for information that would be assistance to me regarding my employment situation.

1. The Cover (Eight of Pentacles)

Your question concerns your ability to provide for yourself though the work of your hands. You are actively seeking employment, and are attempting to shape reality and manifest a proper job through magickal means.

2. The Crossing (Nine of Pentacles)

Outwardly, you are attempting to exercise discipline and self-control. You are listening to the voice of inner knowing and confirm that your success is assured.

3. Where You Are Now (The Moon)

Right now you are somewhat depressed as you are prone to negative thinking. You are unsure of your future and see only obstacles in your path. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Where You Wish to Be (The Tower)

You desire swift change, the removal of obstacles and the purging of negative personality aspects. This is a lot to ask for and though it may come in time, you must exercise patience.

5. The Past (Three of Wands)

You established yourself in the field of commerce in the past and this opportunity proved to be prosperous for you. But now you must turn away from the past, including negative behaviors, and consider exploring unfamiliar modes of employment.

6. The Future (Judgement)

I foresee that your efforts will bring about results in the form a message. There is a choice that you must make. I feel a sense of relief and freedom, but also a fear of things unfamiliar. It is possible that you will be offered a job beyond the scope of your skills and experiences.

Today I went out to Ace Hardware to purchase some items to fix my sink, which had been broken since Friday the 13th no less. I'm proud to say that I did fix the sink all my myself. So I was feeling much better in that I accomplished this task.

Anyway, when I got home I saw the little red light flashing on my phone indicating that I had a message. I couldn't get my fat little fingers to push those buttons fast enough. The caller was a lady from a major business in an nearby town 20 miles away. She wanted to schedule me for an interview.

Now this did give me a great sense of relief in that I had yet another opportunity to be gainfully employed again; but it also came with a sense of fear as I have never liked driving to an unfamiliar place. The choice I had to make was either ignore the phone call and stay in my comfort zone, or call the lady back and schedule the interview.

The signs that I have been receiving have indicated that I've been on the wrong track, so I swallowed my fear and called the lady. I scheduled an interview for Wednesday at 3 pm. I was clever enough to find out the name of the person who will be interviewing me and it is a man (see the Knight of Cups below.)

Once I drive to this place and get home safely, it will open up even more opportunities as I will then be comfortable enough to branch out further away that I have before. From Anacortes, it's just a short trip to Burlington.....

I have a friend who cannot ride with me on Wednesday, but we have already planned driving to Anacortes tomorrow to this business so I will know how to get there for my interview.

7. Yourself (Four of Swords)

Swords rule our mental faculties and Four is the number of stability. You are using your time while unemployed to relax and let go of the stress of your previous job as well as to come to terms with your present circumstances and assess your future.

8. Those Around You (The Hierophant)

Your friends and close relations are there to support you. They are loyal and can be trusted. Heed their advice to be more willing to adapt in order to survive. Bend or be broken.

9. The Best You Can Hope For (Four of Cups)

This is the time to focus on yourself. You have a great opportunity for self-examination and pursue self-improvement. Learn from past mistakes, adjust, and move forward.

10. The Outcome (Six of Cups)

I foresee the opportunity for a fresh start and new growth, in a new, more pleasant environment. I see relief, joy, and contentment.

The message I received did offer an opportunity for a fresh start and new growth. I haven't visited the business yet, but I expect the working environment to be more pleasant than my previous one.

Additional Cards


The Knight of Cups

A man of vision will come forward and make your an offer or a proposal ( a job offer?) based on his gut instincts.

The person interviewing me on Wednesday is a man and I have his name so that I can perform the Sweet Spell on his name. According to this reading, he will offer me a job based on his instincts.

The Three of Cups

Three is the number of manifestation. What will manifest (a job) will be a cause of celebration, joy, and relief.

I predict that within 3 days time, I will be offered a job. As this reading occurred just after Midnight (Saturday the 14th) the offer should come by Tuesday the 17th.

I had originally thought that the job offer would come three days from the date of the reading. Now I feel that it will come three days from the date I received the original message, which was today (see Judgement above). Therefore, the job offer should be coming on Thursday the 19th.

So it's back to the drawing board. Tonight, after I've had my supper and a relaxing bath I'll be performing the Sweet Spell on this man's name. I have some ideas to augment the spell, which I will share with you, my readers, tomorrow in a separate entry.

Carolina Dean

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