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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Follow Up on My Work


Well, my candle is burning down even and clean with no black marks or any smoke of any kind--which are taken as good signs in candle burning. In and of itself, it means that one will generally get what you are working for. In addition I've been watching and waiting for signs and I've been having dreams of getting a job again in a position that is familiar to me.

In order to get an impartial reading, I went to Llewellyn's Web Tarot and got a simple past, present, future reading which indicated that I would soon be employed in a position that best utilized my skills.

I completed my third interview with the same company today and I think that it went well. The owner told me that they are finishing up the interview process and will be making their decision by Friday, or Monday at the latest. I am REALLY trying to maintain a positive attitude, but this is torture.

In addition to this work, I am also performing the Sweet Spell on the prospective employer who interviewed me today. I will be burning one candle per day on his name until I get an answer one way or another.

Carolina Dean :)~

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