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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hestia's Needle

A Kitchen Witch's Divination

In the aura of candle light
string a needle on a thread of white
then let the needle hand in the air
asking any question that you dare

Watch the needle swing back and forth
& should it swing from South to North
then the answer is clearly yes
if in circles its anyone's guess

If the needs swings West to East
the answer is no to say the least
when you're done put the oracle away
to be consulted another day

Carolina Dean


Tazzrina said...

love it, have done this for years way before my pagan years, Bills grandma told us of it when we first married and were awaiting our daughters birth. we used it to find out what sex the baby was. but it went in circles and the boy we thought might be turned out to be a lovely little girl.

Carolina Dean said...

LOL, that's a wonderful story Makay.

Carolina Dean

Anonymous said...

This post is wonderful. I have heard several variations, but this one I will be copying down. Have you used it & how well did it work for you?

I hope your weekend went well and that you enjoyed some time off.

I finally posted a blog on covenspace after over a month. I simply asked what pagan path you followed and how or why you chose that path. I'm not sure how many answers I will get. Since I have heard others talk about covenspace being so slow and boring, I guess that I will have to just wait and see.

I hope the the start of this week brings prosperity and romantic possibilities your way! Try to just have some fun! Battle all negativity!


Carolina Dean said...

Thanks Sandy,

I have used pendulums before with great success, for simple yes/no types of questions. However, I prefer the tarot and runes for more complicated matters.

My weekend was fine, I really didn't do anything but lay around and be a big slob (everyone needs to do that once in a while.)

I posted a blog about reducing debt, I'm not sure if you saw it but I hope the information was helpful to you.

Carolina Dean