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Friday, June 20, 2008

My First Day At Work

So my new manager called me a little after 10 am this morning and told me that I had passed my drug test. He wanted to know if I could start today, which I told him I could. Since Kaleb spent the night with me, I had to take him home to his daddy then come back take a shower and leave for Walgreens.

I got there about noon and the manager took me through the hiring process, which took about an hour and from 1pm till I went to lunch at 5 pm all I did was stock merchandise (with the exception of a 15 minute break at 2:30) in the food aisle. After lunch, I finished up stocking which took me about another hour. From 6 pm to 7:30 I sat at a computer receiving my training. I took my last break from 7:30 to 7:45 and finished out my day on the computer doing more training.

I left work at 8:30 and got home just at 9pm.

All in all the day went by pretty fast, the work wasn't hard and, in fact, I'm not even really tired right now. I had one customer who got an attitude because I couldn't ring up his purchases because I havent' been trained to do so. I directed him to Cosmetics, where a cashier was on hand, instead he thought it was appropriate to throw down his items and leave the store. Another "lady" asked me for assistance and then was totally dismissive of me. We are not amused!

The people I'll be working with seemed friendly enough, but there is one curious thing I noticed about this Walgreens. Where the hell are all the men??? Other than the Store Manager and the Assistant Manager, I believe that I am the only male that seems to work there. Guess I won't be fishing off the company pier in that department. Maybe I'll meet a good looking poor dude, or a rich, ugly dude....I'm told that Paul Newman has a home in Anacortes and that there are some well-to-do people in this town.

Yesterday I added a Lunar Calendar to my website. So far I only have the month of June. You can use this calendar to determine the Moon Phase, and discover which sign the Moon occupies for any particular day. It will also show the dates of the Sabbats. Click on the event of the day for more information about the event.

Anyway, nothing magickal to write about today but I'd like y'all to see this video I made of Kaleb the other night. A few days ago I laid down on the couch to relax and sent him in the bedroom to play with his toys. I noticed that he kept jumping on my bed and I couldn't figure out how he kept getting all the way to the other side. So I got up quietly and peeked around the corner and found out how.

I took this video to show to his daddy ...then I firmly told him to never do this again! Look closely and you'll see my altars....

Carolina Dean

PS: Happy Summer Solstice!!!!

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