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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs....

Today, I want to continue my discussion regarding signs, but first I want to talk about results! If you remember, one of the ingredients I used in my Steady Work spell was thyme, which is thought to protect and increase your money.

The Doctrine of Signatures holds that the Creator marked everything in existence with a sign or signature and that by careful observation one can determine the uses of a plant from an aspect of its form such as the shape of its roots or leaves, its color, place of growing, or even its name. For example, Walnuts are believed to cure ailments of the head because they resemble a human head; buckeyes are carried for male potency, and to attract sexual partners as they resemble a young boy's testicles; in like fashion ammonia, which sounds like harmony, is often used to cleanse objects of negativity; and thyme which sounds like time, is believed to draw in money as it has often been reported, "time IS money."

Today, I received my last paycheck from Wal-Mart. While I was expecting about $900.00 dollars I was pleasantly surprised to have received $1340.00! Later I went to one of the houses I am cleaning and the person decided to pay me $50.00 earlier than expected. Finally, I received a check for $400.00 today from Merrill Lynch for selling my Wal-Mart Stocks. Whereas I was expecting this money, I had no idea that it would come in so soon, and all at one time. I don't know about you, but that certainly sounds like 'protecting and increasing my money.'

I've continued burning a candle on the name of one prospective employer and today was the first day that a sign was left in the candle wax. If you look closely at the photo below you'll notice a U-Shaped Crescent as well as a Boot to the right of the Cresent. In addition, you will notice that an eye appears to be resting in the crescent.


The U-Shaped Cresent reminds one of a Lucky Horseshoe, and the boot represent moving forward. The fact that the boot is to the right of the Crescent, I take that to mean that I am on the right path. Eye symbolism has been used since ancient times, and even appears on American currency, as a symbol of protection from evil. In addition, it also symbolizes the Eye of God and means that, as humans, our vision is limited; however God can see everything and knows what is best for us. I may be on the right path, but focusing on the wrong opportunity at this time.

Given that the money aspect of my spell is working, I can only assume that the job-getting aspect of the spell is as well; which takes me back to my original point of "like attracts like." I am on the right path, I just need to not focus on this one opportunity nor succomb to despair and negative thinking.

Scot-Irish Prayer For the Road


God before me
God behind me
God be with me.
You as my head
I as your limb
In the twisting of the road
In the currents of the river
Be with me by day
Be with me by night
Be with me by day and by night

Carolina Dean

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