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Monday, June 9, 2008

Steady Work Candle Spell and Mojo Creation Ceremony

Steady Work Candle Spell and Mojo Creation Ceremony

Stead Work

Note: Let me begin by saying that I am not using completely traditional ingredients in the spells below such as Essential Oil of Benzoin and gravel root but that I'm very short of cash right now and am having to make due with what I have. I'd also like to mention that before I did this spell, I took a spiritual bath in nutmeg, which is said to change your luck and draw opportunities to your.

Supplies Needed:

A green glass encased vigil candle


( to carry your prayers to heaven)

Symbol of your Desire

(I printed a steady work label from Lucky Mojo)

A Pin, Nail, or Screw

(for poking holes in the candle)


(to get a job)

Pecan Shells

(to maintain employment)


(to increase and protect one's money)

Peony Root

(break jinxes and draw good fortune)

A Silver Dime minted in your birth year

(for money, protection, and represents you)

Paper and Pencil

(for writing petitions)

High John the Conquerer Root Oil

(for dressing candles and petitions and added power of other ingredients)

A Green Mojo Bag


Gather all your equipment and materials. When you are ready take a piece of paper that has been torn on all four sides by hand and write down those things you require in a job. Be specific in your description including pay desired, number of hours, number of miles you're willing to travel, duties expected of you, type of people you work with, dress code, etc...

When you are done, rotate the paper 90 degrees and your write name across the description nine times. Anoint the four corners of the paper with High John Root Oil and fold the paper towards you three times, rotating it clockwise between each rotation. Finally, place your petition under an overturned saucer on your altar or working space.

Next, tape or glue a symbol of your need to the front of the glass encased candle. This symbol could be a Rune, Astrological Symbol, A Number, A Magical Seal, or a Sigil that you have designed yourself. Again, I chose to use a Steady Work label from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company. This label using the symbolism of a clock, which is always in motion, and recalls the saying that "time is money."

Drive nine holes in the candle wax and put one drop of High John Root Oil in each hole. Then drive a chunk of pecan shell in each hole, and finally sprinkle one pinch each of salt and thyme over the pecan shells.

Place a little High John Root Oil on the tip of your finger and trace the outer ring of the glass encased nine times reaffirming your desire for a good job, steady work, and excellent pay.

Place your prepared candle on top of the overturned saucer and light the candle making your specific prayer or request. Follow up this prayer by repeating (with feeling and conviction) Psalm 23 nine times.

Light a stick of incense from the flame of the vigil candle. As it burns, place some of the salt, pecan shells, thyme, peony root, and a silver dime on which is engraved your year of birth in the mojo bag.

As you prepare the bag, focus on your desire for a good job, steady work, and excellent pay. When you are done, seal the mojo bag and anoint it with High John the Conqueror Oil and 'smoke' it in the incense repeating your prayer from before and following it up with Psalm 23.

Leave the mojo bag at the base of the vigil candle overnight. The following day, carry it with you as you fill out applications, go to interviews, etc... If you can do this without drawing too much attention to yourself, you can also rub your mojo bag on the application and make your prayer or request again before submitting it to your prospective employer.

When you get an appointment for an interview, you may wish to perform a Honey Jar Spell, so be sure you get the name of the person who will be interviewing you or making the hiring decision.

I can tell you from experience that these Honey Jar spell definitely work! Also I would like to note that as of this writing, I have two interviews this week and according to one prospective employer I already have that job, I only have to meet the owner.

Carolina Dean :)~

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