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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I left my home an hour early today for my interview to give me enough time in case I got lost. I followed the directions provided by mapquest, which I have found to be reliable and highly recommend their program if ever you have need.

I found Walgreens with no trouble whatsoever, and arrived 35 minutes early. Ten minutes before my scheduled interview, I walked into the store and waited to speak with the manager.

Contrary to what I was told I was not interviewed by N. I was interviewed by a female manager from a different store as well as an the assistant manager of this store. From what transpired during the interview, I inferred that the female manager was new to her position and was in-training.

The interview went well then the female-manager called in N (the person that I had originally thought was going to interview me.) N asked me a few more questions and then asked me to leave the room for a few minutes. Later when I returned, they made me the job offer (pending a drug test).

Although the job is part-time, I will be getting more than 32 hours due to the fact that there are many people who are going on vacation; they want to cross-train me so that I can fill in in other departments and thus get more hours. The job will eventually go full time. The manager even said that if I let him know how I feel about the job, but the traveling gets to be too much (due to soaring gas prices) he would recommend that I be transferred to my local store about a mile down the road. The job is only 20 miles from my house, which is further away than my last job with Wal-Mart but it isn't un-reasonable.

So pending the results of my drug test, I will be rejoining the workforce. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their prayers, good thoughts, and energy during this time.

Ritual of Thanksgiving

White Candle


Image of Deity

Time: This ritual may be performed at any time
Preparation: Place the candle beside the deity image, and before these place the incense.
The Ritual: At your altar or shrine, light a tea-candle and incense to your patron deity, say:

"In honor dances this candle's flame,

In praise of (deity’s) holy name;

In thanks-giving for & appreciation of,

All that you’ve done for me, from love."

Say a prayer from the heart acknowledging your blessings, be specific and relate what your blessings meant to you you. Make a special offering of food, milk, wine, honey, or a special object to the deity.

When you are done, allow the candle and incense to burn themselves out naturally.

Carolina Dean :)~


Anonymous said...

You did it! I knew that this should work out well and it did. You worked so hard on insuring your success, it simply couldn't have turned out differently. I am so happy for you. You deserved to get the employment that you ere seeking. I do have a few questions about spells and stuff, but that can come later. Spend today enjoying the fact that Wal~Mart could not keep you down and you will be just fine without them. Will talk later... congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sandy. I'll be more than happy to answer any question you may have to the best of my ability.

Carolina Dean