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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sweet Spell

This spell falls under the category of Honey Jar family of spells, but the form of this spell which I will describe below is much older. It is designed to sweeten someone to you, to make them like you more, to make them favor your petition, to want to assist you.

Supplies Needed:

An Orange Candle
(orange Candles are used in Hoodoo Spells to Open the Way)

A Saucer
(to burn your candle on)

Pen and Paper
(for writing your petition)

A Spoon
(for tasting the sweetener)

Honey or Syrup
(to sweeten the person to you)

(for lighting your candle)

Begin your spell when both clock hands are rising, as it is believe that works of constructive magick and increase are best done when both hands on the clock are rising. Conversely, works of destruction and decrease are best performed when both hands are descending.

Take a piece of paper that has been torn on all four sides by hand and write the name of the individual you wish to influence on the paper three times. Cross and Cover this with your own name, also written three times. Finally, in a perfect circle around the names and without lifting your pencil from the paper, write the phrase "hire me" over and over until you complete the circle.

Place your petition in the center of the saucer. Take out a spoon's worth of honey or syrup and say, "as this syrup is sweet to me, so may I be sweet to (N)." Pour the honey or syrup over the petition and let it be completely covered. Set up the orange candle up on the center of the petition (the syrup/honey should allow it to stand on it's own).

Light the candle and make your petition or say your prayer, then let it burn all the way down.

Carolina Dean :)~

Note: If I had an Compelling Oil, I would have anointed the four corners of the petition as well as the candle during the spell. To augment my spell, I placed my letters of recommendation under the saucer.

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Tazzrina said...

That sweet spell ought to do the trick.

May the Gods fulfill your quest
And grant the wish held in your vest
So morrow finds you again employed
This wish from me to you deployed

So mote it be