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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Twice as Nice

If you've been following my blog, then you are aware that about two weeks ago I lost my job with Wal-Mart and that my entries lately have focused on my magickal efforts to gain employment again. Over the past two weeks I have submitted 15 applications with a number of businesses and have had 5 interviews. However, I have not yet been offered a job.

Tomorrow I have an interview in Anacortes with a major retailer. Luckily I was clever enough to ask for the name of the person who will be interviewing me and last night I performed the Sweet Spell on his name. This time, I added a few more steps/ingredients and will describe the process below.

First I wrote his name on paper three times, I turned the paper 90 degrees and wrote my own name three times crossing and covering it as I wrote. Then I wrote the words "hire me" over and over again in a perfect circle around the names.

Crossing and Covering

Next, I anointed the four corners and center of the name-paper with a mixture of whiskey and tobacco. Tobacco is thought to help in compelling people, and as we all know alcohol has made more than one person act against their better judgment.

I the ate a spoon's worth of syrup saying, "As this syrup is sweet to me, so may I be sweet to (N)." Then I placed the name-paper on a small saucer and covered it in the syrup. For added measure, I sprinkled a some sugar and tobacco on top of the syrup.

Pouring the Syrup

Next, I carved the name of this man on a green-candle and anointed it with the whiskey/tobacco mixture. I then placed the candle on top of the name paper (the syrup makes the candle stand up on its own) saying, "(N) I place you under this candle that you may never escape its influence. I command and compel you to hire me!"

Another Sweet Spell

The candle burned through the night and this morning I check the left over wax for signs.


From left to right, I see a phallus (complete with scrotum) which would symbolize strength, protection, and fertility. I see a rabbit, which symbolizes luck, prosperity and increase. I see a chair, which symbolizes power, comfort and relief; and according to one source chairs reflect your position at work. I see a left ear which to me is a message to listen to your intuition. Over all the wax appears to me to be a cloud being broken up by the wind, which could represent the removal of obstacles and movement on an issue.

Overall, I see these as extremely favorable signs.

Carolina Dean

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning,
I'll let you know that your wisdom is appreciated, but you already know that. I check your blog page at least once a day and find each new entry very interesting. (I especially enjoy knowing how you are doing.) I wish everyone that comes to this page would at least say hi, just to let you know that there was someone other than me reading your blogs. But ... how do you even let people know that you are here? Of course I never even knew even existed. I hope today is great for you and prosperous also.