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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heal-All Part One: Preparing the Candle

Today I will be sharing my recipe for Heal-All which I used as a Vigil Candle and in the form of a mojo bag for a friend, who is suffering a relapse of cancer which has already taken one of his kidneys.

For this working, you will require the following items:

A White Glass Encased Vigil Candle
(for blessings and healing)

Mistletoe (aka heal-all)
(for healing)

(to ease the mind)

(for success and victory)

(for strength and personal power)

Pen and Paper
(for writing a petition)

To begin, I created and printed out the label at the top of this page and glued it to the white vigil candle. I then used an ice pick to bore 6 holes in the candle. Next, I placed one drop of High John the Conqueror Oil in each hole then pressed one who allspice pebble in the hole to anchor the oil; then sprinkled a mixture of powdered Mistletoe and Bay over the candle.

I then dabbed a little High John the Conqueror Oil on the tip of my finger and then traced the outer rim of the glass three times saying: "Perfect health belongs to (N)!"

As I prepared the candle, I directed the person I was working for to write his name three times on a square of paper torn on all four sides by hand, I then showed him how to cross and cover his name by turning the paper 90 degrees and directed him to write Perfect Health is Mine! over his name, also three times.

This petition was then folded three times towards myself, rotating it once clockwise once between each turn and placed under an overturned saucer. The candle was placed on top of the overturned saucer and lit with these words:

"This flame burning true and bright is the life and spirit of (N) living in perfect health and harmony. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen."

The ingredients for the accompanying mojo bag included the following

(for healing)

(to ease the mind)

Bay Leaves
(for success and victory)

(for purification)

(protection and purification)

High John the Conqueror Root
(for strength and personal power)

A piece of red cloth
(for life and vitality)

A 1941 Mercury Dime
(client's birth year, and mercury's wand is symbolic of healing)

A Written Petition
(same as written petition above)

The mojo bag was given to the client to carry on himself in the coming days and weeks as he goes through treatment for his cancer, which included medical treatment and spiritual healing.

This concluded part one of Heal-All. Tomorrow I will be describing the ritual of laying on of hands which I performed for the client and share his thoughts and feelings on the procedure and how the work is progressing.

Carolina Dean

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