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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Healing with Energy

Step One: The Interview

Just like his or her counterpart in the medical profession, the Spiritual Healer must know the history, and background of the individual who requests healing. The more the person feels at east with you the better chance you have of success. You may wish to serve the individual a cup of chamomile tea, which has been known to have a calming effect on individuals.

The first things that you will want to ask the individual who is requesting a healing is if they are currently under the care of a qualified physician, and if so, what diagnosis they have been given, as well as what treatment (if any) they are receiving. How do they feel about the treatment that they are receiving. Do they feel that a second opinion is in order? If the person is reporting symptoms or serious disease, such as excessive bleeding, swelling, frequent blackouts, etc. and they have not sought medical attention, then you should STRONGLY advise the individual to see a doctor.

You should make a point to ask specific questions, while making the individual feel as comfortable as possible. Make a mental note of the person’s body language, and keep a pen and paper nearby to not and list things such as family illnesses, allergies, or complaints. Ask not only about the injury/condition, but also about the events or circumstances surrounding it. You must ask important questions about pregnancy, addiction, and emotional outlook. How is the person sleeping? Has there been an unusual amount of stress in their life. Are they currently taking any medication? Most of all, do no judge, act shocked, or become emotional, try to remain calm and collected.

Keep in mind that mind, body, and spirit are connected. Often emotional trauma/wounds/stress manifests physical symptoms. In these cases, you should treat the problem not the symptom. Be advised that the individual may not be aware of the connection between their symptom and the problem on a conscious level. It will be your job to get the individual to confront his or her feelings and deal with them. Then, and only then, can the healing begin.

Some spiritual healers believe that there is often a literal connection between emotional or mental trauma and the way that it manifests physical symptoms. For example, if you are constantly suffering from kidney infections, then look at your life and figure out who or what is ‘pissing you off.’ If you suffer from a crick in the neck, then ask yourself ‘Who in my life is that pain in the neck?’ If you are having a great deal of pain in the back, then ask yourself ‘What do I need to unload?’

Step Two: The Energy Examination

Ask the individual to lie comfortably on their back, with their arms at their sides. You may want to have a mat on the floor, or have the person lie on your sofa. If you plan to do a great deal of healing, you may want to invest in a portable massage table.

Ground and center, then cast a circle around yourself and the individual in the name of (choose one)

  • Your patron God or Goddess.
  • A specific deity known for his or her healing powers.
  • A Generic form of the God and/or Goddess.
  • The God and Goddess combined, sometimes called Spirit, or the All.

Inside your circle, examine the seven chakras one by one, by placing your hands approximately one inch over the body, Allow your intuition to guide you. Pay attention to any mental images that come to your mind, as well as physical sensations that you experience. Feel free to talk to the individual about what you are sensing and allow them to give you feedback. Take notes of your findings as well as any unusual energy patterns that you sense. You will be referring to these notes when you the actual healing begins.

Step Three: The Healing

Astrological Correspondences and Healing

Witch-Healers normally time their endeavors to the Phases of the Moon, defined as New, Waxing, Full, and Waning. These four can be divided further into eight distinctive phases, but for the purpose of healing, a basic knowledge of these four will suffice.

Generally speaking, during a New to Full Moon (Waxing) a witch focuses on drawing positive energy toward him or herself. During a Full to New Moon (Waning) a witch will focus on moving negative energy away from themselves. While a Full Moon is considered all-purpose, and a witch can either draw positive energy towards, or move negative energy away from, him or herself.

This translates to healing in the following manner. During a Waxing Moon, the focus is on applying positive energy to the sick or injured area, so that the positive energy dilutes the negative energy and is thus transformed into positive energy itself. This is much like pouring a gallon or Red Kool-Aid into the ocean. The ocean water dilutes the Kool-Aid and the Kool-Aid seemingly disappears, but what actually happens is that the Kool-Aid becomes a part of the ocean itself and takes on the ocean’s characteristics.

During a Waning Moon, the focus is on siphoning, or removing, negative energy from the sick or injured area so that only positive energy remains. During a Full Moon, the healer alternates between drawing out negative energy and instilling positive energy. For this reason, the Full Moon is the best time to perform a healing.

The Use of Sigils

Many healers use sigils to seal the Auric Field of an individual after healing applications. These sigils are traced in the air over the charkas three times after each application with the words ‘so mote it be.’ Some of the most popular sigils are Pentacles, The Solar Cross, and Sowilo (see The Runes).

The Use of Props

For the purpose of this article, ‘props’ can be defined as anything, other than the tool of self that one utilizes in the process of healing. Props include but are not limited to the following: Tarot Cards, Runes, Crystals, Stones, Music, Candles, Incense, Colors, etc.

The use of color, music, candles, and incense helps to set the mood for the ritual and can assist both the healer and the patient in obtaining a relaxed state of mind and body. Tarot Cards, Runes, and Crystals can be placed on top of the body at the location of the Chakras as symbols of healing power, and these can be drawn randomly to diagnose the type of energy needed to facilitate the healing process. (For more information on these tools, see their respective chapters.)

Putting it all Together

At this point, you will begin the actual healing by Instilling, Siphoning, or both as determined by the phase of the moon. However, if you choose to use any props, place them over the Chakras before moving on to the energy work as described below. This is where all the notes that you took earlier will come in handy. You will concentrate your energies on those Chakras that correspond to the sickness or injury, which should have been made apparent during the energy examination.

To Instill Positive Energy

Place your projective hand down about four inches over the chakra and rotate your palm in a deosil (clockwise) pattern. Visualize energy of the color which corresponds to the Chakra filling it up and glowing brighter and brighter. Imagine the negative energy is being diluted (you may want to see the negative energy as black) and ‘see’ it fading into the correct color. Finally visualize the Chakra glowing bright and healthy. Continue your visualization for as long as you feel necessary, then seal the healing with a sigil as described earlier.

To Siphon Negative Energy

Place your receptive hand, palm down about four inches over the Chakra and rotate your palm in a widdershins (counter-clockwise) pattern. Visualize the negative energy coming out of the charka and adhering to your palm. Visualize the charka glowing bring, vivid, and healthy. Move your hand away from the individual and “shake off” the negative energy. Imagine it being swallowed by the earth where it will be transformed into positive energy. This will become a psychic reservoir of healing energy for you over time. Continue your visualization for as long as you feel necessary, then seal the healing with a sigil as described earlier.


Once the healing session is over, open the circle, and allow the individual to sit up. Don’t’ rush the individual out of the door. Allow him or her time to gather their thoughts and readjust them selves after having gone through such a power experience. The person should leave feeling happy, upbeat, optimistic, and energized. Make an appointment to call the individual within the week to see if another session is needed.

Clearing the Self

When the individual has gone, take a few moments to ground and center yourself again. You may wish to hold your hands under cold water, hold a piece of hematite, shake out your fingers, or take some cleansing breaths.

A Note on Terminal Illness and Healing

There are many schools of thought on this issue. Some healers believe that before a person incarnates on this plane, that among other elements of their life they chose how they will die. Some healers believe that sometimes a person will choose to die in a violent or painful manner and in a way their suffering takes away from the pain of others. Therefore, some healers will not attempt to heal or cure a person with terminal illness.

Other healers believe that in order to heal a person, that they must take on the disease themselves before casting it away, and they will not attempt to work for a person with terminal illness for fear of getting the disease themselves and not being able to get rid of it.

Some healers believe that with proper applications of healing energy a person can be cured or at the very least suffering will be eased so that their passage from this incarnation will be a peaceful one. It is up to the individual student to develop his or her own opinion on this issue.

------------Carolina Dean

Tomorrow, Healing with Prayer


Makay said...

Such a good friend you are, such a good person. It's no wonder you are drained as you give so much of yourself to others. You truly are Witch. I'm honored to know you. It is my blessing from the Goddess to let me know you and call you friend. Much love, makay

Anonymous said...

Hey M,

How you doing? I've been rather lax in my postings this week haven't I?

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This morning I've been busy going through job ads and such, so tomorrow I'll have to write my Healing with Prayer blog I promised I would do yesterday, or today...I forget which.

Anyway, talk to you later.

Carolina Dean

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Good Morning!

I apologize for being so slow at telling you how interesting this. You have quite a bit of knowledge don't you? Here I am just trying to learn and there you are doing so much for others. Will 'talk' later .... hope YOU are doing well.

Moon blessings.