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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Healing with Prayer

Through my many experiences using the methods described in my previous entry Healing with Energy, I gradually came to discover that I had the gift of empathy. While researching empathy I came across this article. In the article Virginia Sibylline describes an Empath as someone who is able to "sense what others are feeling, and/or influence what others are feeling."

This actually made a great deal of sense to me as I had always been described as moody or sensitive; in addition I had always been prone to experiencing certain emotions as the oddest of times. For example, I would be sad for no reason and happy only a few minutes later. For a period of time in my early 20's I lived with the possibility that I may be bi-polar.

With the aforementioned article as my starting point, I began to explore the possibility that I was an empath. In the beginning I began to observe those around me more closely and mentally noted their moods comparing them to my own in an attempt to discern my abilities. I often asked myself "Am I feeling [happy, angry, depressed, apathetic, etc...] or is this person feeling these emotions?" I found that in order to separate my own feelings from the feelings of those around me I had to really own my own emotions. Up until this time I had been a person who repressed a great deal. Before I could examine the emotions of others, I had to examine my own feelings and deal with my own mental damage.

At other times I would go to public places where I would watch people at random and attempt to tune in to their emotions and feelings. Sometimes I would engage the person in small talk in order to get some information as to my accuracy. Often times many people will tell strangers things that they will not tell their closest friends. In addition, when I performed Tarot Readings, I began to tune in the individual on an emotional level and I found that my readings were better for doing so.

The author of the article that began me down this path of discovery noted that gifts related to Empathy include mind-healing, physical-healing, communication with plants, and communication with animals. Taking what I have learned to the next level, I began study the healing traditions of the Dutch Country Pow-Wows as described in Hexcraft: Dutch Country Pow-Wow Magick by Silver Ravenwolf (newer editions of this book have the new title of American Folk Magick).

In a nutshell, Pow-wow is not a religion but rather a magickal system of faith healing in the Christian tradition. It was brought to America by German settlers who came to Pennsylvania to avoid religious persecution in their native land. Pow-wow uses very little props, if any, and relies heavily on the concept of sacred breath, chants, and magickal gestures. Occasionally a Pow-Wow doctor will make use of a Divinity Stone, scissors and thread.

In her book Ravenwolf, gives the traditional form of the chants but also a Wiccanized version of many of the traditional chants as well. For example substituting Maiden, Mother, and Crone for Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. She writes, and I have to agree with her on this point, that anyone regardless of their religious beliefs can effectively use these methods so long as they believe in some positive, life-affirming deity.

A typical healing entails the healer blowing three breathes over the wound and recites a pre-prescribed chant or prayer three times as well, ending by sealing the healing with a Rune drawn in the air over the wound. Typically I used the Sun Rune, Sowilo. If the wound or injury is more severe, the process is repeated in intervals of three, for a total of nine recitations. If the wound or injury is chronic or terminal, the process may be repeated in intervals of nine for a total of 27 recitations, resting for 10-15 minutes in between intervals.

Ravenwolf provides a number of chants for a variety of health issues including bruising, back pains, stopping blood, and healing burns. For example, a healing chant to heal or "talk the fire out" of burns goes...

Two angels came
from the east
one brought fire
one brought frost
out fire
in frost

In addition, Ravenwolf provides generic chants in the form of a Primary Chant and a Secondary Chant that can be used in any event for any wound, or injury.

The Primary Chant is given as...

"Hath thou recovered health and God, I will lead thee again to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Ye shall be as well as the bread and wine our Lord did offer his followers before he left us. Therefore so thee our Lord now."

The Secondary Chant is taken from the Book of Mark Chapter 16:17-18...

"And these signs shall follow those that believeth in thy name They shall cast out demons and they shall speak in new tongues And if they drink anything deadly, it shall not harm them. They shall lay hands upon the sick and they shall recover In the Name of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost"

Given all the information that I have given you, it may seem a bit complicated. The entire process may be understood better by putting each step in a logical order.

1. Say the person's full name.
2. Blow three breaths over wound and place hands over wound an inch from body.
3. Say Primary Chant
4. Say Secondary Chant.
5. Seal with Rune.
6. Say the person's full name.
7. Blow three breaths over wound and place hands over wound an inch from body
8. Say Primary Chant
9. Say Secondary Chant.
10. Seal with Rune.
11. Say the person's full name.
12. Blow three breaths over wound and place hands over wound an inch from body.
13. Say Primary Chant
14. Say Secondary Chant.
15. Seal with Rune.

At this point the healing would be over. In more serious cases, the healer would take a short 10 minute break then repeat steps 1-15 again, followed by another short break, then repeating steps 1-15 again for a final time.

Over time, I have dispensed with the chanting and breath blowing portions of the healing process in many cases in that I have found that by simply placing my hands on the body at the point of dis-ease and focusing on allowing the healing energy to flow from the divine through me and into the individual is greatly effective. In many cases, the individual has reported feeling an intense but not uncomfortable heat flowing from my hands and into their bodies.

Using this methods I have treated those with cuts, scrapes, bruises, a sty on the eye, colds and fevers, muscle aches, various forms of cancer, etc....

Carolina Dean

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