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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Maneki Neko Rite for Money

The Maneki Neko, or Beckoning Cat, is a Japanese statue found in many homes and, most notably, businesses; and which is believed to bring good luck and wealth to it's owners by drawing in customers. The Maneki Neko is often made of porcelain or clay, but it can also be found cast in plastic. Some of these sculptures are designed so that a battery can be inserted into it which will cause the cat's hand to swing back and forth, in a traditional beckoning gesture.

The statue comes in many colors and different colored cats are said to draw different things. For example, white cats are said to attract luck, whereas black cats are said to attract health. In addition, some believe that a raised left paw draws customers, while a raised right paw draws money. In Japanese culture, the Beckoning Cat can be found on key chains, air fresheners, and assorted sundries.

However, for the purpose of this spell these variations make little difference so long as we understand on the whole that the Beckoning Cat will draw money and luck to you; how that money and luck will come to you is, of course, left up to the universe.

For this spell, you will need a Maneki Neko statue, or at least a picture of one. If you go the picture route, place it in a special photo frame. In addition, you will need votive candles, a pen and a piece of paper.

To begin, take your Maneki Neko and wash it in clean water, making sure to get all the dust off of it, as whatnots are apt to collect dust. Pretend as if the sculpture is a real cat, talk to and tell it what you are doing. Be gentle. When you are done, place the Maneki Neko on your altar or shrine. I keep mine on my household shrine over the kitchen sink.

Next, write your name on a piece of paper three times then cross and cover this with the words "money come to me," also written three times. Fold the paper towards you three times, rotating the paper clockwise between each fold and repeating the words money come to me as you make each fold. Finally place the paper under the cat statue.

Light a votive candle next to the Maneki Neko. Speak to it as if you would a deity, tell it your needs and ask the cat to fulfill your request. Let the candle burn on it's own till it is spent, then light another. Keep the candles burning as a continual offering to the cat and make your petition each time you light the candle. When money comes your way, place a few coins, or bills, near the foot of the statue so that it will attract even more. At this time, you may also place a small cup of water near the statue as an additional offering.

If the Maneki Neko doesn't seem to work for you, remove the offerings for a short time and make your petition again. Tell the cat that when money comes to you, you will replace the offering and add something special.

In other instances the cat may communicate to you something that it wants, such as a shiny bauble or a ball of string (no kidding, here). When the cat asks for something its important to give, but with the understanding that as you give, so should the Maneki Neko.

Good Luck in all your working....

Carolina Dean :)~

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