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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Spell of the Foggy Mirror

A Spell of Personal Banishment

This spell is designed to aid you in banishing a negative or unhealthy aspect of your personality. To perform it simply stand in front of a foggy mirror and either draw a symbol or draw a key word or phrase which best described the aspect of yourself that you wish to be rid of.

Next, open the door and let some cool air in so that the "fog" will begin to fade, along with the keyword or symbol that you have chosen. As the word or symbol disappears, focus on the aspect that it represent disappearing as well. Stand in front of the mirror until the fog is completely gone, leaving only your image behind.

Repeat the spell each day as the moon wanes.

Carolina Dean

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Rain Queen of Balobedu

One of my many interest include comic book mythology. I can often be found online reading biographies of fictional characters that appear in the comics. These characters often have ties to the supernatural and some of my favorite characters to read about include The Scarlett Witch, Doctor Strange, Storm, Wiccan, the Mandarin, Madame Xanadu and many others. While re-reading a wikipedia entry on Ororo Munroe (aka Storm), I came across a reference to what may be a real life inspiration for this groundbreaking character, the Rain Queen.

The people of the Limpopo Province located in South Africa are known as the Balobedu. Their hereditary Queen, the Modjadju, is known as the Rain Queen. The royal line is matrilineal, when the reigning Rain Queen dies, her eldest daughter inherits the title---whereas sons are considered part of the royal family they are not entitled to the throne. The Rain Queen is believed to have power of tide and storm, wind and rivers. In addition, female members of the royal family are said to have the power to see visions.

There are several accounts which relate how the Rain Queens assumed power. One such story as it that in the 16th century an old chief was told by his ancestors that by impregnating his daughter, Dzugundidni, she would gain rain-making powers. In another account, Dzugundidni was impregnated by her brother, but only she was held accountable. Dzugundidni was forced to flee the village and found herself in the Molototsi Valley, where she established a village which became the kingdom of the present day Rain Queen.

According to the customs of her people, the Rain Queen is expected to shun all public functions and can only communicate with her subjects through a council of male elders. Each November, she presides over an annual rain-making ceremony. She is forbidden from marriage, but has many "wives" who are comparable to ladies-in-waiting.

In the past Rain Queens were expected to have children with close relatives so that their children would be born of royal blood. The mantle of Rain Queen is always passed from mother to daughter. In the past, when one Rain Queen was close to death, she was believed to commit suicide by ingesting poison so as to allow her daughter to rise to power quickly. However, due to the influence of Christian missionaries, some of these practices have been abandoned.

The belief in the Rain Queen's powers are reinforced by the beautiful gardens which surround her royal compound. Surrounded by parched land, her garden contains the world's largest cycad trees which are in abundance under a spectacular rain belt. The Rain Queen is a highly respected figure in South Africa and many tribes revere and respect her and her land. Her influence is so powerful that even when surrounding states are warring with one another, they rarely invade or even touch her land.

The last Rain Queen, Majobo MOdjadji, was the 6th in a line of the Balobedu tribe's Rain Queen's. She was crowned on April 16th, 2003 at the age of 25, after the death of her predecessor and grandmother, Queen Mokope Modjadji. Before her death, she was the youngest Queen of the Balobedu Tribe.

Although respected for her abilities and lineage, Makobo was seen as too modern to be the next Rain Queen, which may have been why there was such a long delay before she was crowned. Custom dictated that rain queens live reclusive lives, hidden in the royal kraal with their 'wives.'. Modjadji, however, liked to wear jeans and T-shirts, visit nearby discos, watch soap operas and chat on her cell phone. Modjadji also had a boyfriend, David Mogale, who was believed to have fathered her second child. He is the former municipal manager of Greater Letaba Municipality. He is also rumoured to have moved into the Royal Compound to live with her. This caused great controversy with the Royal Council as the Rain Queen is only ever supposed to mate with nobles who the Royal Council themselves chose. Therefore Mogale was banned from the village, and the Rain Queen's two children have never been recognized by the Council.

On the 10th of June Makobo was admitted into the Polokwane Medi-Clinic with a then-undisclosed illness and died two days later at the age of 27. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the late Rain Queen's death. Some villagers believe she died from a broken heart when her lover David Mogale was banned from the Royal Village by the Royal Council to put and end to their love affair. Mogale himself claims that the Royal Council poisoned Makobo as they saw her unfit to hold the much-revered position of Rain Queen, and this was the easiest way to have her removed. Hospital staff believed she died of AIDS whilst others are concerned with the disappearance of Makobo's brother, Mpapatia, last seen on the day of Makobo's death.

A fire broke out in the local chief's house where Makobo's coffin was being kept before her funeral. The fire was extinguished before Makobo's coffin suffered any damage, but the event seemed to arouse more suspicions of foul play surrounding Makobo's death. Officially Makobo died of chronic meningitis. Because Makobo's daughter, Princess Masalanabo, is fathered by a commoner, the traditionalists are not likely to accept her as the rightful heiress to the Rain Queen Crown. Therefore there are worries that the 400-year old Rain Queen dynasty may be coming to an end. No new Rain Queen has been chosen since Makobo died.

Carolina Dean


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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Mojo for Wishing

"The Gods punish us by granting our wishes"

You Will Need:

A Blue Candle
Attraction Oil
Incense of Your Choice
Nine Pins
The Wishing Rune
(see image below)
Pen or Pencil
Dandelion Root
Magnetic Sand
Personal Object


Begin by using one of the nine pins to carve a key word or phrase describing your wish on the blue candle. Take the candle and hold it so that the candle points outward from your body (as if to insert it in your belly button). Dip your finger in the Attraction Oil and run it along the candle from tip to base three times (towards you) saying:

"(Name of Wish) come to me!"

Next, impale the candle with nine pins at equidistant points dividing the candle into nine sections (the ninth candle goes through the wick) and set it in a holder. Light the candle and incense. Using the pen or pencil, write your wish in the center of the Wishing Rune (see illustration) and below this sign your name.

Place the lodestone in the center of the Wishing Rune and sprinkle some magnetic sand over it saying:

"As I feed you, so you will feed me!"

Fold the Wishing Rune towards you around the lodestone and place this in the blue mojo bag, dandelion root, and the personal object. Tie the mojo bag closed and anoint it with Attraction Oil, then "smoke" it in the incense saying the following spell three times:

"By this candle burning blue,
hear me now O' Powers that Be;
serve me now as I serve you,
& make my wish a reality!"

Leave the mojo bag to sit in the light of the candle until the candle is spent. Thereafter carry it with you by day and sleep with it near you at night.

As always remember, be careful what you witch for.....

Carolina Dean

Monday, August 11, 2008

High Ho' a Merry O'

...a Hiking We Will Go

Yesterday when I got off of work, I went over to Robert's to wash my clothes. His new girlfriend, April, had seen my website and was asking me all about Wicca, our beliefs and practices. While talking about this subject of Witches, Robert suddenly remembered that when he was stationed here on Whidbey Island five years ago, he and some of his military friends were hiking in the woods and came across a "huge pentagram" made of large stones.

So being a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing to do, we decided to try to go find this stone circle. Thinking ahead I asked Robert to bring his camera. Our starting point was at the dead end of an old country road blocked off with NO TRESPASSING signs and a large locked gate. We climbed around the gate and ventured into the woods.

Not far into our journey I looked down and saw this stone, which immediately called to me. I picked it up and it just felt right in my hand. I carried the stone in my left hand while we walked through the woods. It was very calming and I felt a healing energy that emanated from the stone. Not having planned this trip before hand, I didn't have extraneous object on me to leave behind in as an offering for taking the stone, so I pulled out a few strand of my hair and left this in place of the stone.

Along the way we saw some interesting sights. I found a mushroom growing on a tree that looked like a grotesque, decaying, shrunken head. However, the most amazing find was the head of what appeared to be a cyclops or a troll growing out of the side of yet another tree. This "head" did not seem to be a trick of the light, or even random patterns our human minds interpreted as a head. It was three dimensional, with a protruding nose and a jawline. Robert took several pictures which I hope he will email to me very soon so I can share with you. Honestly, I will have to bug him and bug him before he does it though.

We never did find the stone circle, but the experience awakened our sense of adventure. Later that night after I had went home and had my supper. Robert called and asked if I wanted to go sneak out to Fort Casey. Being a sate park, we aren't supposed to be there after dark without permission, so we had to sneak in. The first thing we saw when we parked the truck behind one of the camping buildings was a man getting out of the shower. He was cute, too bad we could only see from the waist up though.

We snuck into Fort Casey and the first place we went to were the WWII barracks. Even though the moon was waxing, it was a very cloudy night and there was very little light. Luckily Robert brought his night-vision gadget. Too bad there wasn't one for each of us. Being that my psychic sense has been in overdrive the past few days I thought I would sense "something" but honestly I didn't. However, it didn't detract from the experience. The point of this adventure wasn't occult, just pure enjoyment.

We continued our trek towards our goal--the Lighthouse--by moving uphill to what I can only describe as a "cliff" overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Below us in the water, the ferry was boarding cars for it's final trip across the waters towards Port Townsend. We sat on one of the gunnerys while waiting for the ferry to leave port. The sweeping panoramic view was breathtaking. The winds rushing across the water and up the cliff re-energized us and filled me with a sense of wonder and power. I was reminded of the stories of witches gathering on the cliffs during the war to magic Hitler into believing that he could not invade England. I attempted to take a video of the ferry leaving port but the light from the camera may have drew too much attention, so I stopped.

After this break, we moved across the cliff and downhill back towards the Admiralty Head Lighthouse. Each of us stumbled in the darkness. I honestly thought I was going to break my neck several times, but I was having fun. We finally reached the Lighthouse, and then made our way back around to the car before heading home. We planned to come back during the day when we could take pictures, and we even talked about going to Earth Sanctuary before the end of Summer.

Hopefully, I'll have pictures for you all soon!

Carolina Dean :)~

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Manor: A Nine Card Spread

Overview: This is a spread that I created in the mid 90’s, it is my favorite spread for general readings or as a daily spread. I think that if you give it a chance you’ll like it as well. The Manor is a 9 card spread used for general readings. It represents a house of nine rooms and each room represents a different area of your life. 

Directions: To use this spread choose your signifier and place it on the table before you. Shuffle and cut the cards as usual, then deal out the first nine cards as indicated in the diagram above. These nine cards can be read alone for a general reading, or early in one's day for a daily reading.

However if you want a little more depth to your reading, you can deal out an additional 18 cards by starting over at number one again dealing out nine cards, then repeating the process by dealing out an additional nine cards from one to nine again. This will give you three cards for each room. Alternately you can deal out three cards at each position at the outset, it is a matter of personal preference.

Now, if you want to go even deeper, the three cards in each room can be read from left to right as Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. For example, if you deal out the following cards for The Library, which relates to one's past.

The Four of Cups (Physical)
Two of Pentacles (Mental)
5 of Swords (Spiritual)

The four of cups would indicate that the person is procrastinating on an issue, possible a decision about a relationship or one's personal sense of security. They have low energy (possible related to depression.

The two of pentacles, indicates they are mentally concerned with money. So it's clear that their sense of security is dependent upon their ability to provide for themselves. It could be there are up to the neck in debt, or have gone through financial loss.

The five of pentacles indicates they feel spiritually defeated. The universe isn't playing fair, furthur contributing to the person's indecision, and depression. Just as a person's mind, body, and spirit are connected these corresponding cards are connected as well.

As you can see, this simple spread can be used on various levels depending on your needs from a quick general reading to more in depth readings.

S. Your Signifier 

  1. The Attic- The general atmosphere around you.
  2. The Kitchen- Matters within your control.
  3. The Library- The Past
  4. The Solarium- The Future
  5. The Home Office- Money and Material Matters.
  6. The Master Bedroom- Your Hopes and Fears
  7. The Dining Room- What you expect.
  8. The Foyer- What you do not expect.
  9. The Basement- What is sure to come.
If you get a chance to use this spread, I'd like to hear about your experience and let me know what you think.

Carolina Dean

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How To Bless Tarot Cards

Note: Since I got my Spanish Playing Cards the other day and have be shuffling them and shuffling them to break them in, today I blessed them. So I thought I would share this ritual to bless your tarot cards (or any divination tool) with you all.
Mark the four points of a magick circle with their corresponding elements. Facing North, take a few cleansing breaths and invoke the presence of Spirit to be with you. When you are ready, open your cards and look through the deck. Examine each card and notice how you react to each image. Take your time moving through the deck. Next shuffle the cards and get a handle for how they feel.

  • At the North, hold the cards over the Salt and say:
As this salt cleanses and purifies, may these cards be cleansed and purified and serve me to reveal, instruct, and prophesize!”

  • At the East, hold the cards over the Incense and say:
As this incense moves ever skyward, may these cards always be used for the highest good and represent my purest ideals.”

  • Turn to the South and, hold the cards safely above the Fire Candle and say:
As light dispels darkness, may these cards dispel the shadows of fear and ignorance, revealing only the highest truth.”

  • At the West, hold the cards over the Water and say:
As water is fluid, may I always remember that the future is ever changing, and that it is mine to create through the choices that I make.”
Finally, face North again and thank Spirit for its presence. Here ends the rite.

Carolina Dean


A Guide to Choosing Your Deck

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Altar

The Altar is the focal point of many spells and rituals. It can be any size or shape, depending on the needs of the individual, what materials they have available, and the amount of space in which they have to work. Some Witches use an altar cloth, and others do not, this is a personal choice. Of those that do use an altar cloth, there is a tendency to change the color of the cloth to reflect the season, esbat, or working.

There are two main schools of thought regarding alignment of the altar. Those who follow a predominantly ceremonial path align their altars towards the East and the rising Sun. Others align their altars to the North, for several reasons. Some put forth the theory that "everything comes from the North," while others point out that maps are aligned towards the North, and magnetic lines runs towards the North and therefore the flow of energy around and/or through the ritual area will be more in harmony with nature.

Overtime, you altar will absorb the residual energy from your magickal working, becoming a storehouse of power from which you may draw at will.

To Bless Your Altar

When the moon is new, place a red candle in the center of the altar, let is be flanked by a bowl of spring water and one of fresh earth and before this burn incense. Around this neatly arrange symbols of the God and Goddess, your totem, Spirit Guide, Ancestors, etc.... Light the candle and incense as say:

In this right and ready hour,
I call upon the circle's power;
I invoke the Lord and Lady,
to stand at either side of me;
and the four elements I implore,
to come and work with me once more.


I now call forth from space and time,
those who share in my bloodline;
Fairies, totems & spirit guides,
cross ye now the great divide;
come to me who calls you near,
come to me and settle here.


Meld with the energy around you and channel this into your altar by placing your palms down on it and visualizing the energy entering the altar and it glowing in power. Say:

Powers that be, hear my rhyme,
heed the vision in my mind;
I ask that you now coalesce,
your energies here, this altar bless!

When you are done, thank the powers and end the ritual.

Carolina Dean