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Monday, August 11, 2008

High Ho' a Merry O'

...a Hiking We Will Go

Yesterday when I got off of work, I went over to Robert's to wash my clothes. His new girlfriend, April, had seen my website and was asking me all about Wicca, our beliefs and practices. While talking about this subject of Witches, Robert suddenly remembered that when he was stationed here on Whidbey Island five years ago, he and some of his military friends were hiking in the woods and came across a "huge pentagram" made of large stones.

So being a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing to do, we decided to try to go find this stone circle. Thinking ahead I asked Robert to bring his camera. Our starting point was at the dead end of an old country road blocked off with NO TRESPASSING signs and a large locked gate. We climbed around the gate and ventured into the woods.

Not far into our journey I looked down and saw this stone, which immediately called to me. I picked it up and it just felt right in my hand. I carried the stone in my left hand while we walked through the woods. It was very calming and I felt a healing energy that emanated from the stone. Not having planned this trip before hand, I didn't have extraneous object on me to leave behind in as an offering for taking the stone, so I pulled out a few strand of my hair and left this in place of the stone.

Along the way we saw some interesting sights. I found a mushroom growing on a tree that looked like a grotesque, decaying, shrunken head. However, the most amazing find was the head of what appeared to be a cyclops or a troll growing out of the side of yet another tree. This "head" did not seem to be a trick of the light, or even random patterns our human minds interpreted as a head. It was three dimensional, with a protruding nose and a jawline. Robert took several pictures which I hope he will email to me very soon so I can share with you. Honestly, I will have to bug him and bug him before he does it though.

We never did find the stone circle, but the experience awakened our sense of adventure. Later that night after I had went home and had my supper. Robert called and asked if I wanted to go sneak out to Fort Casey. Being a sate park, we aren't supposed to be there after dark without permission, so we had to sneak in. The first thing we saw when we parked the truck behind one of the camping buildings was a man getting out of the shower. He was cute, too bad we could only see from the waist up though.

We snuck into Fort Casey and the first place we went to were the WWII barracks. Even though the moon was waxing, it was a very cloudy night and there was very little light. Luckily Robert brought his night-vision gadget. Too bad there wasn't one for each of us. Being that my psychic sense has been in overdrive the past few days I thought I would sense "something" but honestly I didn't. However, it didn't detract from the experience. The point of this adventure wasn't occult, just pure enjoyment.

We continued our trek towards our goal--the Lighthouse--by moving uphill to what I can only describe as a "cliff" overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Below us in the water, the ferry was boarding cars for it's final trip across the waters towards Port Townsend. We sat on one of the gunnerys while waiting for the ferry to leave port. The sweeping panoramic view was breathtaking. The winds rushing across the water and up the cliff re-energized us and filled me with a sense of wonder and power. I was reminded of the stories of witches gathering on the cliffs during the war to magic Hitler into believing that he could not invade England. I attempted to take a video of the ferry leaving port but the light from the camera may have drew too much attention, so I stopped.

After this break, we moved across the cliff and downhill back towards the Admiralty Head Lighthouse. Each of us stumbled in the darkness. I honestly thought I was going to break my neck several times, but I was having fun. We finally reached the Lighthouse, and then made our way back around to the car before heading home. We planned to come back during the day when we could take pictures, and we even talked about going to Earth Sanctuary before the end of Summer.

Hopefully, I'll have pictures for you all soon!

Carolina Dean :)~

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