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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How To Bless Tarot Cards

Note: Since I got my Spanish Playing Cards the other day and have be shuffling them and shuffling them to break them in, today I blessed them. So I thought I would share this ritual to bless your tarot cards (or any divination tool) with you all.
Mark the four points of a magick circle with their corresponding elements. Facing North, take a few cleansing breaths and invoke the presence of Spirit to be with you. When you are ready, open your cards and look through the deck. Examine each card and notice how you react to each image. Take your time moving through the deck. Next shuffle the cards and get a handle for how they feel.

  • At the North, hold the cards over the Salt and say:
As this salt cleanses and purifies, may these cards be cleansed and purified and serve me to reveal, instruct, and prophesize!”

  • At the East, hold the cards over the Incense and say:
As this incense moves ever skyward, may these cards always be used for the highest good and represent my purest ideals.”

  • Turn to the South and, hold the cards safely above the Fire Candle and say:
As light dispels darkness, may these cards dispel the shadows of fear and ignorance, revealing only the highest truth.”

  • At the West, hold the cards over the Water and say:
As water is fluid, may I always remember that the future is ever changing, and that it is mine to create through the choices that I make.”
Finally, face North again and thank Spirit for its presence. Here ends the rite.

Carolina Dean


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indigogirl80 said...

The is great information. There are some tarot tools at that are pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. I've been reading cards since 1990 and there's always something more that you can learn.

Carolina Dean