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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Mojo for Wishing

"The Gods punish us by granting our wishes"

You Will Need:

A Blue Candle
Attraction Oil
Incense of Your Choice
Nine Pins
The Wishing Rune
(see image below)
Pen or Pencil
Dandelion Root
Magnetic Sand
Personal Object


Begin by using one of the nine pins to carve a key word or phrase describing your wish on the blue candle. Take the candle and hold it so that the candle points outward from your body (as if to insert it in your belly button). Dip your finger in the Attraction Oil and run it along the candle from tip to base three times (towards you) saying:

"(Name of Wish) come to me!"

Next, impale the candle with nine pins at equidistant points dividing the candle into nine sections (the ninth candle goes through the wick) and set it in a holder. Light the candle and incense. Using the pen or pencil, write your wish in the center of the Wishing Rune (see illustration) and below this sign your name.

Place the lodestone in the center of the Wishing Rune and sprinkle some magnetic sand over it saying:

"As I feed you, so you will feed me!"

Fold the Wishing Rune towards you around the lodestone and place this in the blue mojo bag, dandelion root, and the personal object. Tie the mojo bag closed and anoint it with Attraction Oil, then "smoke" it in the incense saying the following spell three times:

"By this candle burning blue,
hear me now O' Powers that Be;
serve me now as I serve you,
& make my wish a reality!"

Leave the mojo bag to sit in the light of the candle until the candle is spent. Thereafter carry it with you by day and sleep with it near you at night.

As always remember, be careful what you witch for.....

Carolina Dean

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