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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunny Disposition Spell

Note: This long term spell is designed to help a negative thinker, like myself, develop a positive attitude. I wrote it specifically for myself as I work in customer service and am often mistaken for being rude, which I believe is directly connected to my negative thinking.

When first writing this spell I toyed with the idea of using sugar instead of honey and remove the candle burning portion of the spell. The original idea was to keep the sugar jar in my locker at work and shake it everyday before beginning my job. However, I decided to go with honey for its golden color as well as it's connection to bees, which symbolize success in business.

You will need:

A Clean Jar with a metal lid.
Pen and Paper
Square of the Sun
Yellow Candles


1. Create a sigil (see Talismans at my website) of your name on the Square of the Sun and put it aside for now.

2. Fill the jar with honey.

3. Eat a spoon's worth of honey and say:

"As this honey is sweet to me,
so will I be sweet to everybody!"

4. Take the sigil that you have created and fold it towards yourself three times, rotating it clockwise between each fold and place it in the honey jar.

5. Affix a Yellow candle to the metal lid of the Honey Jar, light it and say these words.

" For a change in attitude,
so I'm no longer perceived as rude;
with this spell I make the transition,
to a sunny disposition!"

6. As the candle burns, focus on your desire to have a more positive attitude. Simply than just repeating your incantation, write and recite a special affirmation for yourself such as ...

"I am a cheerful person"

"People recognize my positive attitude and appreciate my level of customer service."

"I choose thoughts which uplift by level of being."

Repeat your affirmation often, allowing it to replace your negative self talk. I often repeat my affirmation while driving to work, taking a bath, walking to the mailbox, while cooking, cleaning, or performing any mundane task. Eventually, you will do it without thinking about the process. It will replace your negative thinking as second nature.

When the candle burns itself out, burn a new candle on top of the remains of the old candle the following Sunday and each Sunday thereafter until you no longer need to do so.

Carolina Dean

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