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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's a Samhain Miracle!

I had planned on writing about something completely different today, but I had a delightful surprise today that I wanted to share with you all.

Remember that Prosperity Talisman I made a few weeks ago during Full Moon? Well everything has been going well, I've had a little extra money due to there being an extra check in this month, and gas prices are going down, so I am saving some money. In addition, with the termination of a co-worker recently, my current employer is giving me back some of the hours that were recently taken away in an effort to save money.

All day today my right palm has been itching, which I was taught meant money is coming to me. When I got home today I checked the mail and there was a check in the mail from my 401k I put money into on my last job for just under $300.00!

New Moon blessings to you all, and here's to even greater prosperity for us all in the coming year!

Carolina Dean

Monday, October 27, 2008

Crossed Paths Spell

Ever meet someone casually but didn't get their phone number or really know anything about them, but you know you want to meet them again? Well this spell is designed to allow you to cross paths with this person again.

To begin, pluck two straws from your household broom and name these after yourself and the other individual. If you don't know the name of the other person, simple say something like "the cute boy I met in Wal-Mart on Tuesday" and visualize their face.

Cross these two straws forming an X and before this burn a white candle which has been anointed with an Attraction Oil, or Come to Me Oil. As the candle burns, focus on meeting the individual again and chant the spell below....

"Where once was I,
there was he;
bring forth this one,
I wish to see!

Continue to focus on your desire visualizing the individual's face in the candle's flame, then allow the candle to burn out on its own. The following day, keep your eyes peeled for this special someone.

Carolina Dean

Friday, October 24, 2008

Review: The Widows of Eastwick

By John Updike
· Hardcover: 320 pages
· Publisher: Knopf (October 21, 2008)
· Language: English
· ISBN-10: 0307269604
· ISBN-13: 978-0307269607

It’s been 30 years since the comely coven of Alexandra, Jane, and Sukie left Eastwick behind for separate lives with newly conjured husbands, Alexandra to an artist in New Mexico; Jane to a well-to-do financial consultant in New England; and Sukie to a nouveau-riche entrepreneur in Connecticut. Who’s to say if they left Eastwick for a second chance at love and happiness or was it to escape the shame and guilt of having killed one of their own? Perhaps they left to avoid the ire of their numerous enemies, who coveted their beauty, power, and sexual freedom?

Suffice it to say, gone are the days of meeting together to raise the cone of power. No more maleficia. No more orgiastic sabbats with their shared lover Daryl Van Horne. No more feasting upon fine delicacies in the grand rooms of Lenox Manor. Alexandra fills her days devoted to her husband and his craft, somehow finding the time to nurture her own. Whereas Jane somewhat enjoys the leisurely pace of the idle rich, and Sukie expresses her creativity by writing romance novels just this side of pornography. 

Having settled into the routine of their lives, the women suddenly find themselves widowed with the death of their respective husbands. The witches now face the grim reality of their own death and seek to renew the friendships of the past. After having had little contact in the past thirty years, the women initially reconnect through letters and phone calls. These calls first lead to Alexandra and Jane taking a trip to Egypt together, and the following year, Sukie joins them for a trip to China

After having to persuade Alexandra a bit, the women decide to return to the “scene of their primes” as one of the witches describes Eastwick. Interestingly, they end up renting Lenox Manor (now divided into several condos and renamed to reflect the fact) for the months of August and September. Though many years have passed, they begrudgingly look forward to their return trip to Eastwick, which they attribute to both a sense of curiosity as well as a sense of guilt for their part in the demise of Jenny Gabriel, the wife of Daryl Van Horne.
The return of the witches to Eastwick shocks its citizens, and Jane in particular gets a peculiar shock in return, or rather a series of shocks. Alexandra un-expectantly meets the wife of one of her past lovers who attributes her daughter’s inability to conceive to the coven’s black magic. Sukie meets with a former lover, eleven years her junior, only to find that fantasy has given away to reality and her former boy-toy is now an old man. Not only has his six-pack grown into a keg, but his hand has become deformed due to an accident which occurred aboard the ship on which he used to work. 

About the same time Jane suffers a health scare, she realizes that Christopher Gabriel, the brother of the girl they murdered, is also in town. The women come to believe that Darryl has shared some of his power with the man they describe as his ‘disciple’ and that he is the cause of Jane’s problems. The witches decide to flex their magical muscles once again and raise the cone of power. However, this time they decide to attempt to right the wrongs of the past. Jane seeks a healing, while Alexandra prays to the Goddess to allow her old enemy’s daughter to conceive, and Sukie makes her wish for her former lover to be made whole again. 

They barely raised the cone of power before the unthinkable happens. Their enemy claims his first victim from among their number and the two witches left behind must counteract his spell or be taken next. 

It would be a mistake to say that I read this book, but rather I devoured it; as once I started reading it, I could not put Widows down until I had digested the whole story. I very much enjoyed the author’s descriptions of the many places the witches visited during their travels as well as their philosophical banter which was quite interesting. I found the women’s attempts to understand and actually utilize today’s technology (cell phones, hybrid cars, etc…) both amusing and realistic. 

I especially liked the description of the witches’ ritual to raise the cone of power and was delighted that the author actually attempted to somewhat update their practices. The fact that the witches used terms such as chakras, athame, and Wicca hinted that at least one of them had continued her studies on some level. I would have loved to have gotten the elderly witches observations on how the craft has come to the forefront of society’s consciousness. How the practice of magic and witchcraft isn’t as hidden as it was in their day. What might these witches have thought of Buffy or The Charmed Ones

There were a few instances where I was slightly offended such as Alexandra’s reaction when it dawned upon her that one of the men in her tour group was gay; or not so much disgusted but disturbed as when Sukie (a sixty-something year old woman, mind you) got a facial after orally pleasuring one of her lovers. However, I chalked up Alexandra’s reaction to her personal prejudice due to her age as well as having been betrayed by Daryl, who had left the women so long ago for the bed of another man. 

Finally, I found the author’s attempt to explain magic in scientific terms somewhat boring as well as Chris explanation as to how he attempted to duplicate the witch’s maleficia by manipulating electrons too clinical albeit not impossible. I felt that any attempt to dissect the process of magic detracts from the mystery of the power and removes any sense of the enjoyment of reading. 

I found Widows to be a fast, interesting, and delightful read, save for a few inconsistencies and aforementioned detractions. The author did an excellent job of maintaining the characterizations he created with the first novel, with just enough changed to show that the women had matured, or rather had grown. I had hoped for an appearance of Daryl Van Horne, but perhaps his time has passed. At the young age of seventy-something, lets hope that this chapter in the witches lives isn’t their epilogue and that they have just enough life in them for one more story—if only we didn’t have to wait another 28 years. 

Carolina Dean

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Friday, October 17, 2008

A Talisman for Prosperity

This is a talisman that I designed for the purpose of drawing monetary growth and success. The bind rune in the center of the talisman can be found in Silver Ravenwolf’s book Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows. It combines the runes Beorch, Fehu, and Sol. Beorch represents growth; Fehu represent material wealth and possession; and Sol represents Success.

I originally attempted to create a sigil for the word wealth written on the Square of Jupiter; and another for the world prosperity, however, I wasn’t satisfied with the results.

The symbol for Jupiter, planet of expansion, can be found in the outer circle six times. Six is the number of the Lovers, and is associated with fertility and increase. In addition, the rune Fehu can also be found in the outer circle four times. Four is the number associated with stability.

This talisman is to be made on the day and in the hour of Jupiter, during a full moon, which would be today. Since I pretty much decided to do this at the last minute (Wednesday afternoon) my choices for the actual construction of the talisman were limited. Normally my choices would include the following:

  1. Inscribing the symbols on a coin (or the lid of a tin can) with an engraving tool. However mine broke over a year ago and it was never replaced.
  2. Burning the symbols on a disk of wood with a wood burner. However, my wood burner doesn’t seem to be working properly and I have neither a wooden disk nor any funds to purchase one.
  3. Creating and carving the symbols into a wax disk.
  4. Creating and painting the symbols on a paper mache disk.
  5. Drawing the symbols on a piece of white cardboard then coating it with clear varnish and allowing it to dry before consecrating the talisman.
  6. Drawing the symbols on paper.

Looking over my choices and considering the time I have to work with, I decided to go with number five.

So in sacred space, I used a pencil to cover the back of the design on paper. I then taped the paper to a piece of white cardboard and traced the image onto the cardboard. After which, I flipped the paper over without removing the tape so I could check my work. Everything looked ok, I could clearly see the design. So I removed the taped design and carefully cut the circular design out and set it aside in a white cloth until the talisman could be inscribed and consecrated.

With my design ready for inscription, I gathered the materials I would need to make and consecrate the talisman. I’m going to utilize a hoodoo spell for money rather than my usual Bath of the Elements. I’ll need, 7 nickels, 4 white candles, and some attraction oil as well as some money drawing type incense.

Now that I had my equipment ready, I wrote the incantation that I wished to use to program the power with which I wish to imbue the talisman.


On this day and in your hour,

I humbly call upon your power;

bless this talisman that it attract,

all the riches that I lack!

All that was left to do now, was determine the hour of Jupiter for the day in question. Checking the Farmer’s Almanac, I see that Sunrise is at 7:32 am and Sunset is 6:19 pm on Thursday. Calculating the planetary hours for Thursday, my windows of opportunity include :

  • Between 7:32 and 8:35 am
  • Between 1:49 and 2:43 pm

I have an appointment in town at 8:30 Thursday morning, which means I would have to get up at 7 am to be ready for the appointment and then have the entire ritual done by at least 8:15 to make it to my appointment. I don’t have to be at work Thursday afternoon until 3:30. So if I am ready for work before 1:49 pm, I will have until 3:00 pm at the latest to make and consecrate my talisman. I think the second option would be the best for me, as it will give me more time and I will be more alert and less rushed that if I attempted to perform the ritual in the early morning hours.

The Ritual

At the appointed hour, I created Sacred Space and using a pen filled in the design on the cardboard. All the while I am doing this, I called upon Jupiter and focusing on my desire for wealth, prosperity, and success asked that the talisman be imbued with the energy to bring these things to me.

When I was done inscribing the symbols and was satisfied with the results. I then blessed the talisman using a variation of a Hoodoo Spell for money.

I took 7 nickels and placed them, heads up, in the form of a cross. Next, I anointed four votive candles with attraction oil. I did this by dipping my finger in the oil and running my finger along the top of the candle in a circle around the wick three times. I then placed them at the four points of the cross. The talisman was placed in the center of the four candles and cinnamon incense was placed before this arrangement. Due to the size of the talisman, I had to spread the nickels out a bit, but there is nothing saying that the nickels have to be touching one another.

Beginning with the uppermost candle and moving clockwise around, I lit the four candles and finally I lit the incense. Again, I prayed to Jupiter to bless my talisman that it bring me wealth, prosperity, and success. I raised energy using the chant given above and released this into the universe that it may return to me in the form of wealth, prosperity, and success!

Finally, I left the talisman inside the four candles until they burned out on their own. Thereafter the talisman will be placed on my working altar with other spells I am working and where I will continue to feed it energy from time to time.

Carolina Dean

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ritual of Lifting Buddha

"The patient of the week is an American woman in China, trying to find her biological parents with the help of a translator. She's tracked a couple down to a temple, but when she approaches them we don't need any translation to know they want nothing to do with her.
The translator tries telling the woman that she wasted a trip, but she is convinced the couple are her biological parents. She asks the man to explain the prayer custom to her and he tells her to make a wish and lift the statue of Buddha, then repeat the wish and lift again. If she cannot lift Buddha the second time, her wish will be granted."

House M.D., "Birthmarks"
Air Date: October 14th, 2008

Commentary: When I first saw the episode, I honestly thought that this ritual was fabricated by the writers for dramatic effect. However, when I looked into the ritual further, I discovered that this is actually a very old practice as evidenced by the links below.

In my research I couldn't really find any symbolic logic behind the ritual other than the faith involved. However, I am sure that there has to be some sacred story of the Buddha connected to this ritual.

Carolina Dean


See the Ritual (You Tube Video)
Thailand Stories: Lifting Buddha
Buddha Statue Has Magical Properties

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ghosts and How to Hunt Them


At the core of the world's major religions is the belief in the continuing existence of the soul following the physical body. However, what happens to that soul afterwards is where many religions disagree, and that is the subject of another topic of discussion. Although the terms have become interchangeable, a ghost and a spirit is not the same. A Ghost is the soul of a human being that for any number of reasons remains Earth bound. These reasons commonly include.

  1. They have unfinished business, something that they feel needs to be completed before they can move on.
  1. They don't know that they are dead, from their perspective they are simply going about their business.
  1. They are Earth bound by a grieving loves one who refuses to let them move on.

Ghosts manifest in various forms. They may appear as balls or streaks of light, shadows, mist, and they sometimes, but not often, appear in full of partial human form. Those gifted with extrasensory abilities have reported being able to see, hear, and even feel the presence of ghosts. Other individual have reported being physically touched by ghosts.

Ghosts can be classified as Nurturer, Trickster, Abuser, and Echo. The Nurturer is the 'friendly-ghost'. They are always harmless, even protective of those in thier enviroment and those who reside within it. Many people find it comforting to share their space with these entities.

The Trickster may or may not be harmless, due to your temperament. Normally, the Trickster will not perform pranks which are deadly, just inconvenient, such as hiding your car keys or diabling your alarm clock, making you late for work. Some people are easily disturbed by these events, while others think it makes life more interesting and could not be bothered.

The Abuser is always harmful, often violently so. They will often leave marks of their attack on their victim, such as claw or bite marks, bruises, etc... Abusers represent the worst kind of ghostly encounter, and they have been known to commit murder.

While not considered a true ghost, an Echo occurs when a person' death is so traumatic that the event imprints itself onto the enviroment, much like recording a song from the radio onto a tape. When triggered by certain events or emotions, usually those similiar to the original event, the Echo then replays itself, similiar to a time loop.

Many spiritual traditions have their own methods of helping a Ghost to move on, or of banishing a negative entity. Some of these methods include:

  1. Acknowledging its presence, talking to it from within the Magick Circle and convincing it to move on.
  1. Religious Blessing/Banishing: A blessing is performed by religous clergy gently sending the ghost off the Earth plane; however, if this does not occur, then it is forcibly sent off the Earth plane with a banishing ritual or a series of rituals.
  1. A grieving person must be convinced that they are doing their loved one more harm than good by holding on too tightly, and that only be allowing the loved on to move on will each of them find peace.
A relatively new method of banishing a ghost within the realm of Parapsychology, involves electron displacement. This school of thought theorizes that an electron flow is needed to keep a ghost on this plane and that by reversing the polarity of electrons in a given area, a resident ghost will lose its foothold on this plane of existence.

A Basic Guide to Hunting Ghosts

Step One: Assemble your equipment.

Dowsing rod, compass, Video-Camera, Still-Camera, Tape Recorder, Pendulum, pen and paper.

Step Two: Choose your Location

Old graveyards, battlefields, historic sites, murder sites, etc...

Step Three: Visit the Location

Keep the number of visitors to a minimum. Dowse for "hot spots" and record all activity on video, photo, and tape.

Step Four: Diagram the Location

This can be placed on a grid and a pendulum used to dowse for potential "hot spots" and mark active areas.

Step Five: Research the Location

Verify or disprove any and all information gathered during your investigation. This is done afterward so as not to unduly influence the investigation at that scene.

Note: Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is the process by which disembodied voices are captured on tape. These voices are believed to be that of the dead, who are attempting to communicate with the living. To experience EVP simply place a tape recorder to record in an empty room. Later, go back and play the tape and listen closely for short phrases and single words. It may take several attempts before you achieve any results.

Carolina Dean

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Send Me a Sign Spell

When next, you hear someone say "I'm of two minds about this..." consider that "decision making behavior is supported by two distinct area of the brain," says Kip Smith who conducted a study on the subject while a professor of psychology at Kansas State University. Using imaging technology, Smith and is colleagues pinpointed which of two brain systems, the deliberative or the emotional, dominates decisions involving risk or ambiguity, gains or losses. They found that when faced with decisions involving a high risk of financial loss, the brain's deliberative system, not is emotional or fear factor part, grabs the decision making ball. In ambiguous situations, the emotional brain rules.

In Seeking a Sign for Guidance

When in two directions your heart pulls you,
& you don't know what do to;
alone to a private place go,
& white a candle as white as snow;
holding a clear crystal, chant this rhyme,
& meditate searching your heart & mind...

"I have before me a choice to make,
and I know not which path to take;
I call upon the great divine,
show me the way, give me a sign!"

Carolina Dean

Monday, October 13, 2008

Book Review: Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic

Cat Yronwode

  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Catherine Yronwode (August 2, 2002)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0971961204
  • ISBN-13: 978-0971961203
Following in the footsteps of Harry M. Hyatt, an Anglican minister who collected folklore all over the United States in the later half of the 20th century and compiled his research into five coveted volumes, Catherine Yronwode has done the world of magic a great service by compiling and publishing this grimoire of African American Hoodoo.

Hoodoo Herb & Root Magic contains a plethora of information pertaining to not only herbs and roots, but also other items used in the practice of Hoodoo, or conjure, such as silver dimes, ammonia, raccoon penis bones, and lodestones. The entries for each item includes the scientific name as well as several folk names so that there can be no confusion between elements. In addition, the author goes to great lengths to describe in detail how each item is used in the practice of authentic Hoodoo. Where appropriate, certain entries contain insightful notes as to the toxic level of an item, or in the case of biological curios, if the animal in question is among an endangered species.

This is a well thought out, thorough work written by a woman who has studied for more than three decades with several experienced root workers and had the presence of mind to record their wisdom for us all. In addition she has taken what she has learned and raised the practice of Hoodoo to new heights by sharing her own successes and failures through her website. When you read the various entries, you can clearly see the author's obvious experience and dedication to the subject of Hoodoo. More than a scholarly work, Hoodoo Herb & Root Magic is a practical, hands-on manual of authentic African-American conjure. It contains spells and rites for virtually any conceivable need or desire. Unlike other authors, Yronwode does not shy away from the subject of curses. This is real Hoodoo, nothing is held back or edited for readers who ascribe to the 'harm none' Rede associated with modern Wicca and Paganism.

If you are interested in, or practice any form, of folk magic--especially one that utilizes herbs, roots, or biological curios-- then this book will most surely become an invaluable reference to you and provide you with a great deal of assistance in your efforts. As a magickal practitioner myself I can say that this book has become like an old friend that I return to again and again for support and assistance and it never disappoints.

Carolina Dean


Lucky Mojo
Online Hoodoo Course By Cat Yronwode

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spell to End Gridlock

This is one of my all-time favorite spells. I use it almost everyday. It is designed to get traffic that has slowed or stopped moving again. It even works to move those annoying drivers in front of you out of the way so you can move forward on your journey.


When you find your way is blocked,
chant these words to end gridlock:

By Mercury, God of travel,
I command this jam to now un-ravel;
open up the way for me,
to get to where I wish to be!

Carolina Dean

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Book Review: Water Witch by Deborah LeBlanc

· Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
· Publisher: Leisure (September 30, 2008)
· Language: English
· ISBN-10: 0843960396
· ISBN-13: 978-0843960396

Water Witch is the story of Dunny, an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift. She has the power to find things that are lost or hidden….car keys, water, wallets, as well as missing people and animals. The only drawback is that her ability is tied to an extra digit on her left hand, which she feels compelled to keep hidden with the use of gloves. That, and the fact that there are numerous people who ostracize her for her gift or wish to use it for their own gain, like finding oil on their property.

For these very reasons Dunny has hidden herself away in her ancestral home in Texas where she is blessed to work as a freelance writer. The job doesn’t pay much but she enjoys what she is doing and is able to live off the interest of a somewhat sizeable account left to her by her grandparents who squirreled away their fortune after having discovered oil on their land, thanks to Dunny, a few years before their deaths.

Having given up on the hope for love, a husband, and a family of her own, Dunny has consigned herself to devoting time to her writing and caring for, in her own way, a strange dog that wanders in and out of her life from time to time. The peculiar thing is that each time Fritter wanders into her life something bad happens. The first time she met him, she discovered a brushfire near her home, the second time she was in a minor car accident. With Fritter’s latest appearance, Dunny gets an urgent phone call from her sister, Angelle.

Angelle resides in a small town in Louisiana with her husband, Travis, and earns a living as a school teacher. Not only one, but two of Angelle’s students have disappeared and it seems that only Dunny’s power of dowsing can bring them back, that is, if it isn’t already too late. Dunny’s become comfortable with her life and fears being ostracized in yet another town and so she’s reluctant to come to her sister’s aid. However, she senses that there is more to Angelle’s story, and there is, than what she is saying. Eventually, against her and Fritter’s better judgment, she goes to Louisiana to attempt to find the children.

What follows is a supernatural tale of good versus evil with not only the lives, but also the souls, of two precious children hanging in the balance. With the support of her sister and insight of Poochie, who has more power than even she knows, Dunny must overcome her own fears and insecurities in order to embrace her special gifts to combat a madman who is perverting the sacred rituals of his ancestors for his own gain and bring those children home safely.

At just under 300 pages, Water Witch is a quick read. The author’s easy style makes the story seem to jump off the page. Though we are not privy to a great deal of backstory or history of the characters, they felt like real people to me, their thought processes and actions didn’t seem contrived just to move the story along. Leblanc does an excellent job of allowing the reader to think that he or she has discovered the villain’s true identity, only to surprise us with an unexpected twist. I especially like the character of Poochie and her interactions with the other characters as the plot unfolds. However, sensitive readers may find the liberal use of the “F” word unsavory, as well as her quoting one of Demi Moore’s most famous line from the motion picture GI Jane. Nonetheless, given the circumstances the characters find themselves in you can’t fault them for a few profanities. I also found the author’s inclusion of folk beliefs native to Louisiana delightful, the feux fo lais for example. 

There were a few plot points that I found puzzling such as what happened to the shoes in Poochie’s prayer-tree and who exactly were the shadowy beings haunting the villain? Even with these questions somewhat unexplained, it didn’t detract from the story and I found myself wanting the story to continue. I would love to have seen Dunny explore the full extent of her powers. Did they begin and end at dowsing, or did she have the potential to be a “witch” in every sense of the word? Given what occurs at the end of the book concerning the source of Dunny’s powers, as well as a budding romance, I wonder if a sequel will be forthcoming. If so, I would gladly escape into Dunny’s world for a few more hours and would invite you to come along……

---Carolina Dean


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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Preparing Magickal Paper

Looking back on my almost 20 years within the Craft I was searching my brain for something to share you with you, my readers. I find that I've been doing certain things so long that it doesn't seem so original and creative anymore. However, the little rite that I am about to share with you hasn't lost it's original beauty and power and I hope that you have occasion to use it for many years to come as I have these many years.

Now, in the past, I've described for you how to write certain petitions using the Crossing and Covering method I learned while studying the Aftrican American Magickal System of Hoodoo. However, I've never told you how I prepare the paper beforehand.

Typically, I use regular 81/2 X 11 inch paper that many of you have in your printer right now. The night before I know I am going to do a spell or ritual in which I will be writing a petition I take that piece of paper and soak it in herbal tea for about 30 minutes. I then gently take the paper out of the herbal tea and place it on a flat surface where it will dry overnight. Sometimes I place a few drops of essential oil on the paper as well. The paper will become infused with the energies of the herbs/oils and the dark color of the tea will cause the paper to appear aged. In many cases, you can match the herbs you use to the nature of the spell or ritual that you will be doing.

Now some of you may feel that this is all un-neccessary, and I would agree with you. Preparing the paper in this way is not really required for a successful spell or ritual. However, your spell or ritual will take on an added dimensnion when you choose to go the extra mile and make it that much more special.

Carolina Dean

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ritual of Pandora's Box

A Little History Lesson

In Greek Mythology, the story of Pandora is closely connected to the story of Prometheus, who stole fire from Mt. Olympus and gave it to mankind. In punishment for his crime Prometheus was chained to a mountain where an eagle would eat out his liver each day.

But the ancient Gods weren't satisfied in punishing Prometheus alone as human benefited from the theft as well. Zeus commanded Hephaestus to mold a woman out of earthen clay. She was named Anesidora, but today she is known as Pandora and her name means "The All-Giver" or "She who send up gifts." Each of the powerful Gods had a hand in her creation and gave her special gifts. She was then sent to earth with a jar, or box in other stories, that she was told not to open.

According to the myth, Pandora opened the box releasing all the evils of the world upon mankind---greed, vanity, envy, etc...---leaving only Hope inside the box once it was closed.

Pandora: A Modern Viewpoint

Some feminist scholars believe that in pre-Hellenistic myths Pandora was a manifestation of the Great Goddess who provided humankind with all the gifts necessary for survival. They believe that the popular tale of Pandora as the bringer of man's downfall is the direct result of a campaign to demote her from her previously revered status. In addition, feminist theory suggest that Pandora's "jar" is symbolic of her womb. The fact that the jar releases evil upon the world is indicative of man's unease with female sexuality and power.

Your Hope Chest

Do you cling to some secret hope? Is there something that you really want or need, but never thought it possible for whatever reason. Maybe you felt you didn't deserve what you want, or thought it was expecting too much. Before we go any further, you must understand one thing. If you truly think that you can never have your dreams realized, you're right. Conversely if you believe that you can have what you desire, you're right again!

As humans, we live in a multi-dimensional universe where all things are possible. There is more than enough abundance in the universe to meet everyone's needs. When it comes to our dreams, there is no such thing as expecting too much!

If you can wrap your mind around that concept and hold it in your heart, you've surmounted your first hurdle. Now, to obtain your dream all you have to do is ask....

Ritual of Pandora's Box

You will need:

  • A Box- There really is no restriction on what kind of box it is, so long as it has a lid. It can be a shoe-box, a jewelry box, a cigar box, or even a match box.
  • Pen and Paper- You will use these to write down your goal. The instruments you choose can be as ordinary or as extravagant as you like. You can use anything from plain white paper, to special stationary; from an ordinary pencil, to a quill feather dipped in magickal ink. You can write your goal in your own handwriting, in calligraphy, in runes, or any manner you like and which you yourself are able to read. However, I would caution you not to print your goal statement off your computer. By actually hand-writing your goal you are putting personal energy into your paper.
  • Symbols- These should vibrate in harmony with your goal. These can be gems, crystals, stones, astrological symbols, numbers, runes, dried herbs, colored bits of cloth, photos, amulets, metals, etc...
The Ritual

  1. Choose the correct time to perform your ritual. The date in which you choose to do your ritual should be in harmony with your goal. A good all-purpose time would be during the Full Moon on a Sunday. However, depending on your desire, you may wish to choose another time.
  2. Create Sacred Space.
  3. Cleanse and Bless the box that you have chosen.
  4. Write down your goal. Your goal should be written in the form of an affirmation indicating that it has already manifested. You may wish to begin your affirmation with the words " I am effortlessly manifesting...." Using I am, rather than the alternatives I will, I will be, or I am going to puts your affirmation and attention in the here and now rather than at some future unknown date.
  5. Fill your box. When you have written down your affirmation, fold the paper towards you three times, rotating it clockwise between each fold, then place it in the box. If you have gathered those symbols that are in harmony with your goal, you may place them in the box at time as well. As you continue to work on your goal, these can be placed in the box at a later date.
  6. Raise Energy. Place three votive-candles on top of the box and before it burn incense. Light the three candles and say the words below as each candle is lit. Then spend time visualizing your goal as if it has already manifested. See yourself enjoying the fruits of your labor.

"Within this box together I bring,
symbols of a hope to which I cling;
I call upon Pandora, the All-Giver,
to my hopes & dreams deliver!

When you are done, leave the candles and incense to burn out on their own. Detach yourself from the work that you have done. You do not want to get caught up in the HOW and WHEN will your goal manifest, just know that IT WILL MANIFEST.

Even though the initial ritual is over, you must remember to send energy into the box every day. You can do this in any manner that you like. Some people like to burn candles near their box, other like to drum or play music in its vicinity. I usually sit with the box on my lap and place my hands on it and mentally draw energy up from the earth. I channel this energy through my hands into the box while visualizing my goal and chanting my incantation.

Once your goal is manifested, remove the paper and symbols from the box and start over with a new goal.

Carolina Dean

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How to Create a Talisman with Magick Squares

Talisman magick is closely connected to with the magick of symbols and is a very personal form of magick. A Talisman is an object which carries the power or force that it intended to represent. Talismans are imbued with the particular energy that is represents with ritual inscription, consecration, and empowerment. Most Talismans are round as circles are said to hold energy, and they can be made of anything that can be drawn upon, including metal, wax, cardboard, or even paper.

On the front of the Talisman is a symbol of your need or goal, such as a Rune, Astrological Sign, Number, or a self-created Sigil. The reverse indicated who the Talisman is for, again, this is typically done with the language of symbols. You can write your magickal name in Runes, inscribe your Natal Chart, or arrange specific information about yourself in a manner pleasing to the eye.

Alternately, you can design a personal symbol which is intended to represent yourself. In addition, and this is my favored form of signing the Talisman, you can use the method of Crossing and Covering, in the manner of writing your petitions. After the name paper has been signed, you can write a keyword or phrase around the names in a perfect circle. For example:

Talismans are made in sacred space during the Full Moon on the day and in the hour of the planetary influence associated with your goal. As in our previous example, the Talisman should be made on a Thursday, during the Full Moon, in the hour of Jupiter. However, it is suggested that you design your Sigil and personal signage on a separate piece of paper beforehand.

At the appointed hour, gather your materials and create sacred space. Inscribe your sigil on the front of the Talisman while focusing on your goal, visualizing it as if it has already come to pass. Next, inscribe your signage on its reverse, again visualizing your goal.

When you are done, ‘smoke’ the Talisman in incense as you recite a spell calling on the force with which you intend to charge the Talisman. As in the example above you may say something like:


On this your day & in your hour,

I humbly call upon your power;

that it may my talisman bless,

& crown my works with success!”

There have been many methods devised on how to create your own sigils in magick, which will be briefly reviewed here:

  1. Write out a statement of your intent, being specific as possible but also brief. For example: “I will be a successful doctor.” Now look at the letters of the alphabet, and remove all the letters which repeat themselves. Take the remaining letters and rearrange them, moving pieces of one letter into another, finding one letter in the shape of another, etc… Play with them until they don’t resemble anything remotely associated with your intent.

  1. Using those Runes which correspond to your goal, create a Bind Rune and use it as a symbol in the making of your Talisman.

  1. A third choice, involves using symbols which have been created and used by others, such as The Seals of Solomon.

  1. Finally, render each letter in a keyword to its numerical equilvalent and sigilize it on a magick square, or Kamea, which corresponds to your goal. The Kameas and their correspondences are as follows.

Kameas, or magick squares, represent planetary energies in a mathematical format. To make a sigil, or magickal symbol, using a Kamea you must first determine a keyword that best describes your goal. For example, if your intent was to be a successful physician, you might choose the word ‘doctor’ to represent yourself as being successful in your chosen vocation. Using the Western system of Numerology, render the keyword to its numeric equivalent:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9





4 6 3 2 6 9

Now add up all the numbers that correspond to the letters making up the word,

4 +6+ 3+ 2+ 6 +9= 30= 3

Now choose a square which corresponds to your goal. As in the example above, Jupiter rules success in one’s chosen profession. Draw a circle around the first number in the given sequence signifying the start of the sigil, then draw a straight line to the next number in the sequence drawing a parallel line across the last one signifying the end of the sigil. In the case of a number appearing twice in a sequence, this is symbolized by two triangles joined at the upper-most point. Finally, draw a square around the number which corresponds to the sum of the digits.

This will result in a sigil of the keyword. This sigil can then be used to create a talisman, or it can be drawn on a candle to represent one’s goal, written on a piece of paper and tucked into your pocket, or a mojo bag.

Another example of using this method entails creating sigils of the names of individuals. For example, to create a sigil for the purpose of attracting a specific person, use the Kamea of Venus to create a sigil of their name.

The Kameas & their Correspondences

Kamea of the Sun

Day: Sunday

Color: Yellow

Sign: Leo

Correspondences: Health, vitality, ego, power, success, advancement, leadership, and growth

Kamea of the Moon

Day: Monday

Color: Silver

Sign: Cancer

Correspondences: Clairvoyance, sleep, emotions, astral travel, imagination, women, birth, and reincarnation.

Kamea of Mars

Day: Tuesday

Color: Red

Sign: Aries, Scorpio

Correspondence: Male sexuality, strength, lust, anger, destruction, medical issues.

Kamea of Mercury

Day: Wednesday

Color: Purple

Sign: Virgo, Gemini

Correspondences: Communication, intellect, writing, contracts, information, wisdom, science, memory.

Kamea of Jupiter

Day: Thursday

Color: Blue

Sign: Sagittarius

Correspondence: Success, abundance, money, growth, gambling.

Kamea of Venus

Day: Friday

Color: Green

Sign: Taurus, Libra

Correspondences: Love, pleasure, female sexuality, arts, music, beauty, luxury, social affairs.

Kamea of Saturn

Day: Saturday

Color: Black

Sign: Capricorn

Correspondences: Real estate, banks, debt, obstacles, binding, knowledge, time, discipline.

Banishing an Aggressor

Visualize a flaming blue pentagram on the individual's forehead and chant the following three times.

By this star set aflame,

I banish you in the name;

of universal harmony,

that you no longer trouble me!

As someone who has worked in the field of customer service for more years than I care to count, I've used this spell many time on angry cutomers, disgruntled co-workers, and even people on the phone! It works, with practice. By the time you've finished the chant for the third time, the person usually goes away or set their sights on another individual.

Carolina Dean

PS: If you like the photo above, its a silkscreen that one of my students made for me when I volunteered in the South Carolina Department of Corrections teaching a Wicca 101 course. I've been looking for a nice frame for it and will get a better picture of it to share with you all as soon as I do.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Fortune Teller (A Poem)

I recently joined a friend's yahoogroup. It's an online community of pagans, wiccans, and witches that share recipes, spells, poetry, and various information on a wide range of topics. Rather than repeat the same old stuff I post on my blogs both here and at covenspace, I decided to share some of my own poetry. The poems I've shared were so well recieved I decided to share them here in this forum.

The Fortune-Teller

Past the shingle

at the threshold

my body tingles

at what I’ll behold

I ring the bell

and patiently wait

for she who fortells

the path of fate

She opens the door

& welcomes me inside

prepared for the chore

she gladly provides.

I take a seat

At a table round;

our eyes meet

I make no sound

We come to agree

& the deal is made

I pay her fee

She plies her trade.

A candle pale as bone

Is lit with silent prayer

and an incense cone

now sweetens the air

Across the table

A cloth is spread

And with hands able

The cards are read

A figure lying

In repose

& staves flying

like arrows

A queen upon her throne

In a field of green

a man holding his own

Against enemies unseen

One by one

The story unfolds

& the future becomes

Mine to behold…

Carolina Dean