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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Banishing an Aggressor

Visualize a flaming blue pentagram on the individual's forehead and chant the following three times.

By this star set aflame,

I banish you in the name;

of universal harmony,

that you no longer trouble me!

As someone who has worked in the field of customer service for more years than I care to count, I've used this spell many time on angry cutomers, disgruntled co-workers, and even people on the phone! It works, with practice. By the time you've finished the chant for the third time, the person usually goes away or set their sights on another individual.

Carolina Dean

PS: If you like the photo above, its a silkscreen that one of my students made for me when I volunteered in the South Carolina Department of Corrections teaching a Wicca 101 course. I've been looking for a nice frame for it and will get a better picture of it to share with you all as soon as I do.


Jeff said...

Amazing I love this!! I like that you have actually taught classes. You should do it more often if you aren't already because you clearly shine as a teacher!

Carolina Dean said...

I looked into here in Washington but all the prisons are soooo far away from me, and with gas being what it is right now it's nor feasible.

But thanks for your encouragement.

Carolina Dean