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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Fortune Teller (A Poem)

I recently joined a friend's yahoogroup. It's an online community of pagans, wiccans, and witches that share recipes, spells, poetry, and various information on a wide range of topics. Rather than repeat the same old stuff I post on my blogs both here and at covenspace, I decided to share some of my own poetry. The poems I've shared were so well recieved I decided to share them here in this forum.

The Fortune-Teller

Past the shingle

at the threshold

my body tingles

at what I’ll behold

I ring the bell

and patiently wait

for she who fortells

the path of fate

She opens the door

& welcomes me inside

prepared for the chore

she gladly provides.

I take a seat

At a table round;

our eyes meet

I make no sound

We come to agree

& the deal is made

I pay her fee

She plies her trade.

A candle pale as bone

Is lit with silent prayer

and an incense cone

now sweetens the air

Across the table

A cloth is spread

And with hands able

The cards are read

A figure lying

In repose

& staves flying

like arrows

A queen upon her throne

In a field of green

a man holding his own

Against enemies unseen

One by one

The story unfolds

& the future becomes

Mine to behold…

Carolina Dean


Jeff said...

Very atmospheric! Totally sets and conveys a scene almost like a stage play or movie etc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I dabble in poetry from time to time.

Carolina Dean