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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ghosts and How to Hunt Them


At the core of the world's major religions is the belief in the continuing existence of the soul following the physical body. However, what happens to that soul afterwards is where many religions disagree, and that is the subject of another topic of discussion. Although the terms have become interchangeable, a ghost and a spirit is not the same. A Ghost is the soul of a human being that for any number of reasons remains Earth bound. These reasons commonly include.

  1. They have unfinished business, something that they feel needs to be completed before they can move on.
  1. They don't know that they are dead, from their perspective they are simply going about their business.
  1. They are Earth bound by a grieving loves one who refuses to let them move on.

Ghosts manifest in various forms. They may appear as balls or streaks of light, shadows, mist, and they sometimes, but not often, appear in full of partial human form. Those gifted with extrasensory abilities have reported being able to see, hear, and even feel the presence of ghosts. Other individual have reported being physically touched by ghosts.

Ghosts can be classified as Nurturer, Trickster, Abuser, and Echo. The Nurturer is the 'friendly-ghost'. They are always harmless, even protective of those in thier enviroment and those who reside within it. Many people find it comforting to share their space with these entities.

The Trickster may or may not be harmless, due to your temperament. Normally, the Trickster will not perform pranks which are deadly, just inconvenient, such as hiding your car keys or diabling your alarm clock, making you late for work. Some people are easily disturbed by these events, while others think it makes life more interesting and could not be bothered.

The Abuser is always harmful, often violently so. They will often leave marks of their attack on their victim, such as claw or bite marks, bruises, etc... Abusers represent the worst kind of ghostly encounter, and they have been known to commit murder.

While not considered a true ghost, an Echo occurs when a person' death is so traumatic that the event imprints itself onto the enviroment, much like recording a song from the radio onto a tape. When triggered by certain events or emotions, usually those similiar to the original event, the Echo then replays itself, similiar to a time loop.

Many spiritual traditions have their own methods of helping a Ghost to move on, or of banishing a negative entity. Some of these methods include:

  1. Acknowledging its presence, talking to it from within the Magick Circle and convincing it to move on.
  1. Religious Blessing/Banishing: A blessing is performed by religous clergy gently sending the ghost off the Earth plane; however, if this does not occur, then it is forcibly sent off the Earth plane with a banishing ritual or a series of rituals.
  1. A grieving person must be convinced that they are doing their loved one more harm than good by holding on too tightly, and that only be allowing the loved on to move on will each of them find peace.
A relatively new method of banishing a ghost within the realm of Parapsychology, involves electron displacement. This school of thought theorizes that an electron flow is needed to keep a ghost on this plane and that by reversing the polarity of electrons in a given area, a resident ghost will lose its foothold on this plane of existence.

A Basic Guide to Hunting Ghosts

Step One: Assemble your equipment.

Dowsing rod, compass, Video-Camera, Still-Camera, Tape Recorder, Pendulum, pen and paper.

Step Two: Choose your Location

Old graveyards, battlefields, historic sites, murder sites, etc...

Step Three: Visit the Location

Keep the number of visitors to a minimum. Dowse for "hot spots" and record all activity on video, photo, and tape.

Step Four: Diagram the Location

This can be placed on a grid and a pendulum used to dowse for potential "hot spots" and mark active areas.

Step Five: Research the Location

Verify or disprove any and all information gathered during your investigation. This is done afterward so as not to unduly influence the investigation at that scene.

Note: Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is the process by which disembodied voices are captured on tape. These voices are believed to be that of the dead, who are attempting to communicate with the living. To experience EVP simply place a tape recorder to record in an empty room. Later, go back and play the tape and listen closely for short phrases and single words. It may take several attempts before you achieve any results.

Carolina Dean


Jeff said...

When you say research the area i was wondering. I believe my house is haunted either by the original owner, or his daughter. Both died around the same date just in different years and I have had major commotion on that anniversary in my home. I don't know if they died in the house however or in a hospital. Any way of researching that? I believe from what I have found out about this family that by now they have all died off.

Carolina Dean said...

You'd have to go to your local library and look through the back issues of the local newspaper.

These days most of that information is online so I would start with seeing if your local newspaper has a website and look through their online archives.

You could always ask your neighbors as well, if any of them were living there at the time of the death(s) they may remember if these people died in the house.

Do you own or rent? Your Realtor may have some information that they can give you. In some places if your home is suspected of being haunted the homeowner/Realtor is obligated to tell you before purchasing. If you rent, talk to yoru landlord and see what they know.

Carolina Dean

Jeff said...

I own. I do know if New York State where I live has a law that requires homeowners to divulge such information or not. Anyway I have owned the house for 4 years now. I would guess that the disturbances are the first owner a male that died in 1965. I found out a lot about him on but I can't find info about where he died i.e. at home or in a hospital. His daughter died in 1994 his date of death 5/31/65 hers 6/1/94 and that is the time things happen around here. Usually running up my stairs (but only heard on the top 5 of them not all of them)Perfume scents (which makes me suspicious of the daughter) but I found out she died in the hospital. For the old man there are tons of his possessions in the house. I keep them around as obviously the owner between he and I did also. He was a Mason I don't know which degree. But his whole family father brother etc were also according to their gravestones. It isn't anything menacing a little hair raising perhaps. I was happiest when I didn't experience it alone so I didn't feel like I was going batty.

Carolina Dean said...

I'm not sure but aren't death certificates part of public records? Maybe you can go to the Hall of Records and get a copy. Maybe that will tell you more. Just a thought.

However, even if you find out whether the man died there or not, that's not going to solve your immediate problem. You immediate problem is that you believe that your house is haunted on some level.

I would advise you to start talking to the spirit(s) as if they were living people. Think of yourself as the host, introduce yourself. Don't be mean, treat it/them like you would an older person you respect. See if they respond.

Sometimes just acknowledging the ghost's presence is enough. Ask the ghost to tell you who they are in a manner in which you will be able to understand. Maybe you can learn to live together.

If not, once you feel like you have their attention. Sit down and calmly explain to them that they have passed. Tell them that this your home now and that it's time for their spirit to have rest and peace. Encourage them to move on.

You may have to have this conversation more than once, I would suggest no more than three times, being a little more firm each time. If this doesn't work I'd suggest a House Blessing and then give it time to see if things settle down.

Again, if that doesn't work I'd bring out the bigger guns. Setting up wards, spirit traps, etc...

Carolina Dean.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the advice. I do talk to him and I tend to find things I didn't know I had when I do. Usually in the realm of workshop tools. His name is/was Chester so I ask Chester where things are (they were all his when alive and were left behind in the house) It takes only a few minutes and items are found in rather obscure places in his workshop. They''re old tools, they aren't power but they work. Its something hard to describe in a web posting properly. I'll find out about the death certificate I'd be interested to find out. I've only read his obituaries in the papers and visited his and his families graves nearby. I placed tributes for them on

Carolina Dean said...

Well it sounds like you're doing good by him and I doubt that he will do anything to bring harm to you. In addition, I'm sure he will be of assistance in protecting your home from other spiritual assaults as well.

Carolina Dean