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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Preparing Magickal Paper

Looking back on my almost 20 years within the Craft I was searching my brain for something to share you with you, my readers. I find that I've been doing certain things so long that it doesn't seem so original and creative anymore. However, the little rite that I am about to share with you hasn't lost it's original beauty and power and I hope that you have occasion to use it for many years to come as I have these many years.

Now, in the past, I've described for you how to write certain petitions using the Crossing and Covering method I learned while studying the Aftrican American Magickal System of Hoodoo. However, I've never told you how I prepare the paper beforehand.

Typically, I use regular 81/2 X 11 inch paper that many of you have in your printer right now. The night before I know I am going to do a spell or ritual in which I will be writing a petition I take that piece of paper and soak it in herbal tea for about 30 minutes. I then gently take the paper out of the herbal tea and place it on a flat surface where it will dry overnight. Sometimes I place a few drops of essential oil on the paper as well. The paper will become infused with the energies of the herbs/oils and the dark color of the tea will cause the paper to appear aged. In many cases, you can match the herbs you use to the nature of the spell or ritual that you will be doing.

Now some of you may feel that this is all un-neccessary, and I would agree with you. Preparing the paper in this way is not really required for a successful spell or ritual. However, your spell or ritual will take on an added dimensnion when you choose to go the extra mile and make it that much more special.

Carolina Dean

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