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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Send Me a Sign Spell

When next, you hear someone say "I'm of two minds about this..." consider that "decision making behavior is supported by two distinct area of the brain," says Kip Smith who conducted a study on the subject while a professor of psychology at Kansas State University. Using imaging technology, Smith and is colleagues pinpointed which of two brain systems, the deliberative or the emotional, dominates decisions involving risk or ambiguity, gains or losses. They found that when faced with decisions involving a high risk of financial loss, the brain's deliberative system, not is emotional or fear factor part, grabs the decision making ball. In ambiguous situations, the emotional brain rules.

In Seeking a Sign for Guidance

When in two directions your heart pulls you,
& you don't know what do to;
alone to a private place go,
& white a candle as white as snow;
holding a clear crystal, chant this rhyme,
& meditate searching your heart & mind...

"I have before me a choice to make,
and I know not which path to take;
I call upon the great divine,
show me the way, give me a sign!"

Carolina Dean

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