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Friday, October 17, 2008

A Talisman for Prosperity

This is a talisman that I designed for the purpose of drawing monetary growth and success. The bind rune in the center of the talisman can be found in Silver Ravenwolf’s book Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows. It combines the runes Beorch, Fehu, and Sol. Beorch represents growth; Fehu represent material wealth and possession; and Sol represents Success.

I originally attempted to create a sigil for the word wealth written on the Square of Jupiter; and another for the world prosperity, however, I wasn’t satisfied with the results.

The symbol for Jupiter, planet of expansion, can be found in the outer circle six times. Six is the number of the Lovers, and is associated with fertility and increase. In addition, the rune Fehu can also be found in the outer circle four times. Four is the number associated with stability.

This talisman is to be made on the day and in the hour of Jupiter, during a full moon, which would be today. Since I pretty much decided to do this at the last minute (Wednesday afternoon) my choices for the actual construction of the talisman were limited. Normally my choices would include the following:

  1. Inscribing the symbols on a coin (or the lid of a tin can) with an engraving tool. However mine broke over a year ago and it was never replaced.
  2. Burning the symbols on a disk of wood with a wood burner. However, my wood burner doesn’t seem to be working properly and I have neither a wooden disk nor any funds to purchase one.
  3. Creating and carving the symbols into a wax disk.
  4. Creating and painting the symbols on a paper mache disk.
  5. Drawing the symbols on a piece of white cardboard then coating it with clear varnish and allowing it to dry before consecrating the talisman.
  6. Drawing the symbols on paper.

Looking over my choices and considering the time I have to work with, I decided to go with number five.

So in sacred space, I used a pencil to cover the back of the design on paper. I then taped the paper to a piece of white cardboard and traced the image onto the cardboard. After which, I flipped the paper over without removing the tape so I could check my work. Everything looked ok, I could clearly see the design. So I removed the taped design and carefully cut the circular design out and set it aside in a white cloth until the talisman could be inscribed and consecrated.

With my design ready for inscription, I gathered the materials I would need to make and consecrate the talisman. I’m going to utilize a hoodoo spell for money rather than my usual Bath of the Elements. I’ll need, 7 nickels, 4 white candles, and some attraction oil as well as some money drawing type incense.

Now that I had my equipment ready, I wrote the incantation that I wished to use to program the power with which I wish to imbue the talisman.


On this day and in your hour,

I humbly call upon your power;

bless this talisman that it attract,

all the riches that I lack!

All that was left to do now, was determine the hour of Jupiter for the day in question. Checking the Farmer’s Almanac, I see that Sunrise is at 7:32 am and Sunset is 6:19 pm on Thursday. Calculating the planetary hours for Thursday, my windows of opportunity include :

  • Between 7:32 and 8:35 am
  • Between 1:49 and 2:43 pm

I have an appointment in town at 8:30 Thursday morning, which means I would have to get up at 7 am to be ready for the appointment and then have the entire ritual done by at least 8:15 to make it to my appointment. I don’t have to be at work Thursday afternoon until 3:30. So if I am ready for work before 1:49 pm, I will have until 3:00 pm at the latest to make and consecrate my talisman. I think the second option would be the best for me, as it will give me more time and I will be more alert and less rushed that if I attempted to perform the ritual in the early morning hours.

The Ritual

At the appointed hour, I created Sacred Space and using a pen filled in the design on the cardboard. All the while I am doing this, I called upon Jupiter and focusing on my desire for wealth, prosperity, and success asked that the talisman be imbued with the energy to bring these things to me.

When I was done inscribing the symbols and was satisfied with the results. I then blessed the talisman using a variation of a Hoodoo Spell for money.

I took 7 nickels and placed them, heads up, in the form of a cross. Next, I anointed four votive candles with attraction oil. I did this by dipping my finger in the oil and running my finger along the top of the candle in a circle around the wick three times. I then placed them at the four points of the cross. The talisman was placed in the center of the four candles and cinnamon incense was placed before this arrangement. Due to the size of the talisman, I had to spread the nickels out a bit, but there is nothing saying that the nickels have to be touching one another.

Beginning with the uppermost candle and moving clockwise around, I lit the four candles and finally I lit the incense. Again, I prayed to Jupiter to bless my talisman that it bring me wealth, prosperity, and success. I raised energy using the chant given above and released this into the universe that it may return to me in the form of wealth, prosperity, and success!

Finally, I left the talisman inside the four candles until they burned out on their own. Thereafter the talisman will be placed on my working altar with other spells I am working and where I will continue to feed it energy from time to time.

Carolina Dean


Anonymous said...

Hello, Well I've maid some deeper research about the days and times to call upon Jupiter powers for wealth, money and prosperity.

There's more sings that we can use under their powers and influences,such as the sing of the Moon and also under the sing of Saturn .

Usualy those 3 power sings fallow after each other. There for you will have 3 consecutive hours to do your spell and inpowerment of your talisman.

They very on the days of the week.
But they are at their peek on Thursdays and yes believe it or not Sundays!

If your interested I will give them to you.

Thank you for your great workings.

Carolina Dean said...

There is no sure thing in magic. Belief is relative. If you believe it it is so. The directions I gave worked for me.