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Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Affirmation

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The Affirmation

An affirmation is a positive declaration of things we desire to come true. We put our ideas about what we wish to be, have, or achieve into words; these ideas become thoughts, and these thoughts become powerful because we believe them. We are taught that what we dwell on inwardly we manifest outwardly. Affirmations are a way of dwellling on our desires in order to achieve them in a positive way.

Another form of affirmation is a statement that is repeated at the completion of every spell that you cast. Many witches have their own versions of this affirmation. Silver Ravenwolf writes that she alway says "May this working carry all correct astrological correspondences" and adds the following line from Laurie Cabot "may this spell not reverse or bring upon me any curse."

The purpose of this affirmation is to ensure that your working is in harmony with the energies of the sun, moon, stars, days of the week, and planetary hours as well as to guard and protect against unforeseen negative consequences. The affirmation which I use is as follows:

Powers which in the heavens dwell,
grant success unto this spell
and with harm to none so be it done.
I now invoke the Law of Three,
In the name of Spirit, so mote it be!

This affirmation has the added bonus of invoking the Law of Three, asking that what you send out return to you threefold. If you have invoked a specific deity for the purpose of the spell, then substitute their name in place of Spirit where indicated.

Carolina Dean

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