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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gods Loves F@gs

Note: Here's a little poem I wrote in respond to the likes of
Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church group, of God Hates Fags Dot Com.

God loves f@gs
and leather daddies
guys in drag
and Queens chatty

Go Go Boys
and bingo players
bondage toys
and burly bears

Porn stars
gays for pay
lovers behind bars
who swing both ways

Verbal Tops
and chubby chasers
uniformed cops
and high heeled racers

Straight Actors
and closet cases
fudge packers
with pretty faces

Boys that spit
men who choke
guys that hit
dudes who smoke

Construction workers
cable guys
circle jerkers
web cam spies

Wolves and Fairies
otters and chubs
Priests who marry
twinks and cubs

God loves weeny
and beefcake too
God loves me
and God loves YOU!

Carolina Dean

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