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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To Get Your Own Home

Note: Today, I had an old aquaintance stop by to return some books that I had leant to her over a year ago. Frankly I had abandoned all hope that I would get them back. They were Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, and its continuation Son of a Witch both by Gregory MaGuire.

She filled me in about how her divorce was proceeding and her efforts to find a new home that she could afford. It got me to thinking I had something for just that occasion. So I thumbed through my 10 journals looking for the spell, and wouldn't you know it was in the last place I looked.....

I wrote and performed the spell below when I first came to Washington with a friend. It was nice living with him for a while, but then he got a girlfriend and she took over the house and even starting throwing my things away. I was told that housing was very hard to find and get here. I cast this spell on a Sunday. I starting looking on a Monday, I had an apartment on a Thursday. And here I am two years later still living in this same apartment.

To Get Your Own Home

Mark a purple candle with your name and your wish. Anoint the candle with attraction oil and roll it towards yourself in a mixture of Epsom Salt, (to remove obstacles) Bay Leaves (to grant success), and Sage (to make your wish last).

Write your name on a piece of paper nine times, the turn the paper 90 degrees and cover this with the words, GOOD HOME, also nine times. Set the petition under an overturned saucer on which you then place the prepared candle. Light the Candle and let it burn for one hour as you focus on your goal. You may wish to chant the spell below, or one of your own design. Burn the candle for one hour every Sunday until you get your wish.

"As I tend this sacred flame,

I call upon Hestia's name;

light my path, the way make free,

to a home that's right for me!"

Carolina Dean

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