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Friday, December 5, 2008

Charge of the God to His Gay Sons

You know me and you do not, for I can never be fully known and yet I cannot be avoided. Whether you sought me out or fled from me, you were never far from me, for I am always with you. I am inside of you and all around you. You are my son, and I am yours. You belief in me sustains me, and I am that part of you that gives you strength and courage.

I am the light that guides you, and yet I crouch in darkness to frighten you, for fear is no more than the desire to live and I am life itself. To know fear is to know me, but I am also love, freedom, and joy; and again I am sickness, pain, and oppression--- for I balance all things. I am present in the swelling of your loin, and in the ripeness of fruit. My voice can be heard in the laughter of boys at play, and the lines upon the faces of old men point to me.

I surrendered my life for you and yet I live for I am boundless and eternal. My love and compassion for you knows no end, for I share in your greatest pleasures as well as your deepest sorrows. No pain is too great for you to bear, but should your strength abandon you, I will bear the weight of your burden. Even as you fear me, do not cower before me, but love and embrace me, even as I love and embrace you. Be not ashamed and I will shower my blessings upon you.

Carolina Dean

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Roger said...

Absolutely beautiful. As someone who spent time in paganism before returning to my Christian roots, I find this Charge meaningful and relevant to God the Father and Jesus. Thank you for sharing such a profound blessing.