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Friday, December 19, 2008

Road Opener Spell...

for Safe Travel Over Icy Roads

Let me preface this by saying that I am from South Carolina where we don't get very much snow, and what little snow we do get doesn't stay around for long. It's now been five days since it's snowed here and conditions are still icy, with a lot of snow on the ground. I don't mind telling you that driving home tonight I was scared shitless. I know you all look up to me and think of me as super-witch, but apparently snow and ice are my kryptonite. In addition, according to the weather report, we're about to have the mother of all snow-storms this weekend.

Road Opener is a traditional formula in the Hoodoo Tradition that comes in the form of oils, incense, and powders. It is used to remove obstacles and provide safe travel. The obstacles that block you don't necessarily have to be physical ones. While they may be physical, they may also be mental or spiritual blocks as well

That beind said, I do not know the traditional formula for creating Road Opener. Many of these formulas are considered propriety and are not generally known (just like Colonel Sanders secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices.) Also many practitioners have their own formula which may be different from others formulas with emphasis on certain forms of obstacles. Therefore, the spell below is my own and is specifically written for safe travel and protection while driving on icy roads.

To cast this simple spell, you'll need a candle cast in a warm color such as Yellow, Orange, or Red to represent the energy of light and heat. In addition, you'll also need some High John the Conqueror Oil for power, Epsom salt, which is a purgative and salt melts ice; powdered wormwood, which prevents accidents; and finally some powdered cinnamon (a fiery herb associated with the Sun) for protection. Finally, I also printed the Road Opener Label from Lucky Mojo to use in the spell as well.

Whereas comfrey root is an herb often found in spells for safe travel and it could be utilized here as well I did not include it in this spell as I simply don't have any at the moment and I am writing the spell with what I actually have on hand.

To begin, cut the Road Opener Label out and write the following on it's reverse...

"May I travel upon the road with complete protection, arriving safely to my destination. May nothing block my path or impede me in any way, shape, or form. And when my business is successfully completed, may I return to the safety and security of my home once again. Amen."

Sign your name at the bottom. Fold the paper towards you three times, rotating it clockwise between each fold. Put the paper aside for the moment.

Next, mix equal amounts of Epsom salt, wormwood, and cinnamon together. Anoint the candle with High John Oil and roll it towards yourself in the powdery mixture. While chanting the Irish Prayer for the Road....

God before me

God behind me

I, on thy path of God,

Thou, O God, in my steps

In the twisting of the road,

in the current of the river

Be with me by night

Be with me by day

Be with me by night and by day


When you are done, put the candle on an overturned saucer under which you have placed your written petition. Light the candle and repeat the Prayer for the Road three times while visualizing yourself driving to your destination without any incident, and finally arriving safely home.

Leave the candle to burn out on it's own.

Carolina Dean

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