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Monday, December 1, 2008

To Attract a Lover

You will need:

A Photograph of your ‘type’ of lover.
(This can be torn from a magazine, a newspaper, or printed offline. If you are artistically inclined you may draw the image yourself. )

A Poppet to Represent Yourself

(To sweeten the person to you.)

Lavender Buds
(To attract a man)

(To cultivate an emotional bond)

(To ‘heat up’ things and add some spice to your relationship)

Before you begin there here are some guidelines when choosing the photograph that you are going to use in the spell.

  1. It should NOT be of a famous person, or even anyone that you know. The purpose of this spell is not to attract any one specific person. It is to attract someone new, unknown to you that fits the ‘mold’ of the type that most attracts you.
  2. Try to choose a photo which best represents the ‘type’ of individual that you are most attracted to. For example if you like someone athletic you may choose a photo of a baseball player; if you prefer the intellectual type, then you might prefer a photo of someone who reflects those qualities.
  3. The photo you choose should evoke an immediate reaction from you on a deep level. It should represent someone to whom you are extremely attracted.

To begin, mix equal parts of powdered Lavender, Basil, and Ginger together in a mortar and grind it with a pestle. Chant:

Herbs mixed within this bowl,
help me to achieve my goal;
to a compatible lover find,
lie with him & make him mine!

Take a red candle and considering its phallic form, smear it all over with a light coating of honey and say:

Like moth to flame
like worker bee
let him now
come to me.
Sweet as honey
sweet as can be
let him come
make love to me!

Now sprinkle some of the herbal mixture on a candle board and roll the candle towards yourself in the herbal mixture. Light the candle.

Take a good look at the photo that you have chosen. Think about the type of person that it represents and allow those feelings and emotions that it evokes within you to rise to the surface. If you want to go to a deeper level, flip the photo over and write down the non-physical qualities that you would like in a lover such as non-smoker, doesn’t drink, has a good job, etc…When you are ready, smear the entire photograph with a light coat of honey and say the following three times:

Like moth to flame
like worker bee
let him now
come to me.
Sweet as honey
sweet as can be
let him come
make love to me

Sprinkle the herbal mixture all over the photograph and say the following three times:

Lavender, Ginger, and Basil
I call on you to work my will;
made to order, this man find,
bring him to me, make him mine!

Fold the photograph and wrap it around the poppet representing you. Wind red yarn, cord, or ribbon around the poppet mummy fashion chanting:

With this cord this spell I seal,
to bring to me a man ideal;
he to me, and I to he,
joined as one we shall be!

Leave the package in front of the burning candle. When the candle is spent, place the package under your mattress so that it will line up approximately with your genitals. You may wish to place the package in a ziplock bag or a shoebox, so that the honey does not attract ants or vermin.

Note: This spell is loosely based upon one which appears in The Witches of Eastwick. Click here to read the spell as it appears in the book.

Carolina Dean

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