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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to Create & Work with Spirit Dolls

Spirit Dolls, or Helper Dolls, are dolls which act as vessels for beings of spirit. These spirits can be the spirits of the dead, spirits of animal familiars, Spiritual teachers, elementals, aspects of Deities, fairies and other beings of myth and lore, and even spiritual entities which have never had an earthly incarnation.

Spirit Dolls can be made out of virtually any material such as cloth, paper, plastic, wood, etc… and come in an array of shapes and sizes. Some people have been known to purchase pre-made dolls sold as toys such as Ken and Barbie © and embellish them with paint, clothes, glitter, bead-work, etc…; in some cases their heads and/or limbs may be removed and used to make an entirely new doll. In other cases, Spirit Dolls can be made entirely from scratch in the same manner as a poppet or Voodoo Doll.

Often spirit dolls are made and then a ritual is performed to invite a spirit to take up residence in the doll. Rituals vary but usually consist of burning candles and incense/herbs as well as making offerings to entice the spirit into the doll. Prayers are often offered up to the Godhead (or a powerful spirit known for assigning familiars). When the spirit enters the doll, the worker will often make a compact with his or her new helper. They will make certain promises to never hurt or abuse the doll, as well as to make certain offerings and in return the doll will promise to assist the worker in his or her magical endeavors.

In my experience with Spirit Dolls, I make contact with the spirit beforehand at my altar. The spirit will communicate with me through dreams, divination, and signs telling me what kind of body they desire, its coloring, hairstyle, the style/color of its clothes, and what embellishments it would like (jewelry, beadwork, etc..). The spirit will also reveal its name to me. While sewing the doll, I will focus on the doll’s name and visualize the body that it has asked me to create for him or her.

As I work on it, the doll will often give me more insight into his or her background and personality. Sometimes it may make a special request that certain items be included in its stuffing, for example, one doll requested that I place a small amount of soil from near my home inside its body. In addition, I always include a sigil of the spirit’s name in the body of each doll. Once the doll has been completed, I activate it in a ritual ceremony whereupon it is cleansed with burning incense, the spirit is invited into the doll, and then ritually baptized with Holy Water and anointed with Blessed Oil.

Once the spirit is attached to the doll, the process of bonding begins. I often keep my dolls near me the first few weeks. They sit with me while I am watching television, they will be next to me while I am at the computer, they will watch me cook in the kitchen, and they will sleep on a pillow beside me at night. I often talk to my dolls as if they were a flesh-and-blood individual and they will talk back. Spirit Dolls will communicate to you in various ways. They may enter your dreams, they may speak through your intuition, you may hear them with your physical ears, or they may place strong signs in your path, they may even speak to you through your divination tool.

Everyone has their own way of working with the dolls. I have heard one worker say to rub its chest or belly and look the doll in the eyes while making your special request or communicating your need. This process can be enhanced by the burning of candles or incense, playing mood music, etc…

Typically I will write my desire on a small piece of paper and pin it to the doll requesting him or her to bring about my desire. Remember they are vessels for spirits with which you work and should be treated respectfully, therefore I am always sure to pin the request to the doll’s clothing and NOT through its body. I will also keep the doll near any candles or other workings for the same purpose. In cases when I desire something such as a new car, I would pin a photograph of the type of car I desired and ask him or her to bring it to me. If the spirit is to effect a specific person I may also pin that person' photograph to the doll along with personal concerns, business card, handwriting, etc...

In my experience, some dolls are for general use while others have their own specialties (love, protection, money-drawing, etc…) Sometimes they will not do any work for you in a certain instance, but will give you advice on how to do things for yourself. For example, you may ask your doll to help you pay your bills and the doll will instruct you to ask your boss for overtime or to simply tell your boss that you are available to work over if you are needed. You may then find that you do earn extra money this way. The doll may give you a winning lottery number, or give you investment advice. In other instances you may meet someone that you like and your doll will tell you that that person is no good for you.

In some cases the doll will teach you more about your craft. I have had dolls tell me how to work spells in ways that I would never have thought. I’ve had dolls recommend specific herbs, candles, oils, incense, etc… for various situations and instructed me how to use them. I’ve had dolls tell me the future, take me on astral journeys, call out the names of my enemies, and shield me from magical attacks.

Now with that being said, it is very important to remember that your Spirit doll is a helper, it is not a slave and it is not a genie. Just like we require certain things to operate in this world, they need certain things as well. It is important to treat them with respect, and show your gratitude for their assistance by making regular offering to them. Offerings vary from doll to doll but can consist of candles, incense, candies, powdered herbs, liquor, water, etc…the doll will often communicate to you any special offerings that it favors.

Sometimes you will work with a doll for many, many years, in other instances a doll will only work with you for a certain amount of time having the belief that it has nothing more to teach you or offer you. The spirit may leave the vessel and move on to another worker, or you may even be directed to give the doll to another individual. In some cases when the spirit departs, the doll will disappear as well or it may simply exit the vessel leaving the doll behind as a keepsake.

Working with Spirit Dolls requires a genuine commitment on your part. If you do right by your doll it will do right by you as well. However, if you abuse the doll or fail to live up to your promises, it will not work for you and may even leave you.

Carolina Dean


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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

MIPC: To Stir Lust in a Man

The red toad that lurks among the briars and brambles is full of sorceries. There's a little bone on it's left hand side that, when bound to a man, stirs up the greatest lust.

Supergirl, 1984

Commentary: As with other magical elements in Supergirl, this little gem is taken in part from The Magus by Francis Barrett. It reads:

The red toad (Pliny says) living in briers and brambles, is full of sorceries, and is capable of wonderful things: there is a little bone in his left side, which being cast into cold water, makes it presently hot; by which, also, the rage of dogs are restrained, and their love procured, if it be put in their drink, making them faithful and serviceable; if it be bound to a woman, it stirs up lust. On the contrary, the bone which is on the right side makes hot water cold, and it binds it so that no heat can make it hot while it there remains. It is a certain cure for quartans [a type of fever that reoccurs every four days], if it be bound to the sick in a snake's skin; and like wise cures all fevers, the St. Anthony's fire, and restrains love and lust. And the spleen and heart are effectual antidotes against the poisons of the said toad.

It is not unusual to see the use of animal parts such as bones, teeth, claws, feathers, feet, the practice of magic and the Hoodoo Tradition is no different. In the Hoodoo Tradition, the frog or toad is mainly associated with luck and money. In her book God, Dr. Buzzard and the Bolito Man Cornelia Bailey describes a ritual in which a frog is fed a silver dime in order to gain a lucky number to be played in the numbers game known as Bolito.

In China, the Money Frog is a three legged toad often shown sitting on a bed of coins with a coin in his mouth as well. He is arguably the most popular and powerful symbol of drawing wealth. For this reason he is often found on household shrines in china as well as near cash registers in various Oriental businesses.

I found reference to a Jewish belief in which the guts of a frog are smeared on a lock to open doors and break fetters and bands. In addition, in some instances European witches once used frogs in the same manner as a poppet in certain death spells where the animal was crucified upside down.

That being said, I don't see why the toad bone mentioned can't be used in the same manner as a Raccoon Penis Bone. It can be anointed with a condition oil such as Come to Me Oil, Kiss Me Now Oil, etc... and carried in a mojo bag along with other herbs/curios for this purpose along with your petitions and the individual's personal concerns.

In addition, because of the toad's association with money and wealth, I would venture to say that the toad bone can be utilized in a mojo to draw a wealthy lover, a general mojo for love and money, or even a mojo for money and wealth alone.

During the course of my research for this entry I could find no directions regarding how to obtain the bone itself. I would imagine that it would be done in the same manner as the Black Cat Bone, however, I myself would never torture an animal in this manner simply to obtain the bone when there are other means that can be used in its place. However, were I to find a frog or toad that is already dead I would not have a problem with harvesting the bone and burying the frog's remains with respect.

Carolina Dean


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Friday, November 27, 2009

Review: Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spell Book

Spells, Curses, and Folk Magic for All Your Needs

With Lucky Mojo Doll

by Doktor Snake

* Hardcover: 128 pages
* Publisher: St. Martin's Press; 1st edition (September 9, 2004)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0312265093

Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook is a little grimoire that I have had my eye on since I first heard about the author in alt.lucky.w. (See Links Below) Considering the dubious nature of Doktor Snake's sources and the information given, I finally decided to purchase his book and form my own opinion.

The book itself measures roughly 8 X 8 inches and has been created in the style of a coffee-table book. Although mine came from the publisher brand new in its original packaging I was disappointed to see that it is in less than pristine condition given the burn mark (which faintly resembles a cigarette burn) on the back of the book. In addition the book comes with a Lucky Mojo Doll which can be seen here. There is no doubt in my mind that the name of the doll was either a slap in the face to the work of Cat Yronwode and an effort to capitalize on the success of the Lucky Mojo Curio Company.

Scattered throughout the book are various illustrations that lends the material given a sense of quaintness. However, I felt that they neither add nor detract from the text but merely increased the book's total number of pages.

Despite the book's misleading title, the subject of Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook is not Voodoo but rather Hoodoo. The author purports to have been taught much of his knowledge by Earl Marlowe a Blues Musician from Trinidad with whom Doktor Snake played guitar in a band. According to Doktor Snake, Earle looked to be in his 60's but claimed to have been 127 years old. Earl had learned about Hoodoo in the Carribbean and the Southern United States where he had lived before coming to live in England. In addition, Doktor Snake goes on to quote other authors on the subject of Hoodoo such as Zora Neal Hurston and Roger Pinckney.

Whereas the author has been accused of outright plagiarism I myself cannot cite any specific passage that I have seen in another work in its entirety. In once instance, the author recalls a rather famous story concerning the High Sheriff J.E. McTeer (which can also be found in Pinckney's Blue Roots) going out to the home of a bedridden woman who believes herself to be cursed. The High Sheriff buries a root in her yard under cover of darkness only to return the following day and 'psychically' finds the root and destroys it thus curing the woman of her curse.

In Docktor Snake's version, the Sheriff is aided by Dr. Crow (another rootwoker). I am from South Carolina. I have lived in the city of Beaufort. I have heard many stories concerning the High Sheriff and I can say that I have never heard of the High Sheriff working with other root doctors. In fact, he often worked against them as a law enforcement officer and as a rootworker himself. While I admit that I can be wrong, I can find no source that states otherwise (other than a mention of a Dr. Crow in Blue Roots) and Doktor Snake does not cite his source for the story.

That being said I found Doktor Snake's book to be a decent general overview of the subject of Hoodoo intermixed with his personal anecdotes. I myself did not learn anything that I didn't already know from this book, however it may be useful to someone interested in following the Hoodoo Tradition. Nonetheless, I would caution anyone new to Hoodoo to avoid this book until they have read at least three books by more reputable authors.

Carolina Dean


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Friday, November 20, 2009

Witch Crafting: Macaroni Sigil Magick

Tonight, I babysat a friends sons while she went Christmas shopping. They were not content to sit quietly and watch cartoons, so I was forced to be creative. Their mother being a witch, they are somewhat familiar with certain magical concepts, so I decided to teach them macaroni sigil magic. This is a fun craft that you can do with your own children, it's fun, easy. Best of all its an excuse to spend some quality time together with your child.

STEP ONE: Decide on a goal for your sigil. This is an excellent opportunity to help your child deal with a current issue or problem such as being a better student, or a fear of the dark. Since I am using the Kameas, or Magic Squares to make my sigil, I reduced my desire to a single word HUSBAND.

STEP TWO: Using the numerological chart below, find the numbers which correspond to each of the letters in your key word.

STEP THREE: Add up all the numbers corresponding to the letters in your keyword. Reduce these numbers to a single digit, called the Quintessential Number.

STEP FOUR: Choose a Magic Square that corresponds to your goal. I chose to create my husband sigil on the Square of Venus because this planet corresponds to love, romance, and pleasure. To begin drawing my sigil, I drew a square around the Quintessential Number. Since 6 (which coincidentally corresponds to The Lovers in the Tarot) is the Quintessential Number of Husband I drew a square around the number 6.

Next, draw a circle around the first number in the order of your keyword. Since Husband begins with H and that letter corresponds to 8, I drew a circle around 8. Draw a line from the circle to the next number in the sequence, and the next number, and the next number until all the numbers are connected. When you are done, draw a line as in the top of a capital T to mark the end of the sequence.

STEP FIVE: Print your sigil out on a large piece of construction paper. Then glue dried macaroni over the sigil using the print out as a guide.

STEP SIX: When the glue dries, you can embellish it to your liking. Here are a few ideas for you to try.

a) Use a color of paint that matches your goal. As in the above example, I may paint the sigil red for love, or blue to represent a male.
b) When choosing your paint, consider the color of your construction paper and try to choose a complimentary color. For example, if you created your sigil on red construction paper, you may want to paint your sigil pink.
b) You may wish to add a few drops of a condition oil which matches your goal to your glue or paint.
c) In addition, you may also want to sprinkle some magical powders into your paint or glue.

Unfortunately I don't have any paints or glitter in the house at this time, so I am presently unable to embellish my sigil.

STEP SEVEN: At this point there shouldn't have to be any focus on charging the sigil, a child's belief is very powerful and if they believe in the magic of the symbol this will suffice. Display the sigil on your refrigerator along with the child's other artwork, photos, etc... or place it in the child's room where they will see it often and where it will be a reminder of your child's goal and of the fun you had together. Let the child determine when to destroy the sigil, or put it away.

Carolina Dean

Thursday, November 19, 2009

MLAAW: The Indian, the Witch, & The Poppet

About eight or nine years ago I was living in a nice apartment complex in my hometown. The complex was shaped like a U and right across from me there lived a large family who had immigrated from India. This family bought one of the convenience stores in town and ran it themselves. I often saw the matriarch of the family who I understood to be the husband's mother beat her front door with something that appeared to be a home-made broom. The other neighbors thought it was strange, but I always kept to myself and it didn't bother me.

The convenience store had a small diner area near the back where the family cooked meals for patrons and I had a friend who often went there to eat, read the paper, and buy her lottery tickets. My friend, let's call her Glenda the not-so-good, was another outsider having moved to South Carolina from Alaska. It didn't help her that she was also Wiccan and didn't do anything to hide that fact. What she did hide, however, was the fact that she simply did not adhere to the harm none rede associated with Wiccans.

Glenda's neighbors where always leaving religious tracks in her mailbox, people would approach her on the street and tell Glenda that they were praying for her. Glenda refused to change and kept right on doing what she'd always done. Then she began to get rocks through her windows late at night, and her car was vandalized. Glenda also had a lot of pets (snakes, an iguana, birds, dogs, men, cats, and a raccoon). Glenda didn't like all this attention because although she told everyone that she was a home health-care nurse, she was in fact a prostitute. She didn't go out at night to sit with her patients, she went to a certain motel in Richburg or as far away as Charlotte to meet her johns she arranged dates with on the internet.

At one point Glenda's raccoon Triqus (not his real name) went missing and she got it in her head that someone had kidnapped him. She asked me to help her put a curse on the person who kidnapped Trique and being a good friend I agreed. This wouldn't be the first time we'd cursed someone together. There was the single mother whose son had tried to build a pipe bomb in her house. I grabbed a few things that I thought we could use and headed over to her house.

In the ten minutes it took me to get to her house, Triqus had miraculously returned. Glenda noticed the black poppet I had brought and liked the workmanship so much, I gave it to her. The next time she and I traveled to one of the many prisons where we taught a Wicca 101 Course, I noticed that Glenda had hung the poppet from her rear-view mirror and that there were a few pins in it. I asked Glenda what that was for and she said that whenever someone cuts her off on the road, tailgates, or drives too slow she takes her frustration out on the doll. I saw her jab that doll with pins several time cursing drivers all over South Carolina.

One day Glenda decided to treat me to dinner and we went to the convenience store. While we were eating she mentioned that she needed to get gas before we leave and the owner offered to have his son fill up her tank while we ate. When the young man returned to give Glenda her keys he didn't say anything but went over to his father and began whispering to him. When we were the last customers in the diner area, the father struck up a conversation with Glenda and asked her what the doll was for in her car. She told him how she took out her frustrations on the road with other drivers on the doll.

The owner asked Glenda for a doll too and she told him that he'd have to ask me since she didn't sew. I agreed to make the doll for the man and asked him what he wanted in the doll. He asked for just the doll and said that mama would know what to do with it. So I made the doll for the man and a few days later when I stopped in to get gas, I noticed that the doll was hanging upside down by a length of cord tied to one of it's feet. The symbolism didn't escape me and I felt a certain level of pride in knowing that I had made the doll. Later I found out that the owner would impale the doll with a pin for every shoplifter he caught.

I have since made these special dolls for friends and family (especially those who have businesses) to hang over their doors to protect them from thieves, robbers, and intruders. I usually stuff them with dried red pepper, vandal root, black pepper, salt and devil's shoe strings.

Carolina Dean

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chinese Dispossession Spell

As in other parts of the world, the Chinese once believed that disease was caused by evil spirits, and that only by driving out the spirit could the person recover good health.

One such method to drive out evil spirits, called coining, consisted of dipping a coin in eucalyptus oil and heating it on an open flame. The coin was then dragged over the individual's body. The process was very painful, however, it was the pain that was believed to drive out the evil spirits.

This belief was not exclusive to the Chinese, in Colonial America mentally handicapped people were beaten to 'drive out the devil." Similar beliefs were hold in other parts of the world at various times.

A modern version of the rite given consist of having the individual give the worker a coin (traditionally a dime from their year of birth) from his own pocket. The coin is dressed with Blessing Oil and held in the workers hands as s'he prays over the coin for the individuals healing. When the coin is warm to the touch from the worker's prayer and energy, the coin is placed on that part of the boy that requires healing energy.

This can be repeated as necessary. When the rite is completed the individual can then carry the coin as an amulet against disease. This process can be performed in conjunction with the burning of candles, incense, egg-cleansings, etc...

Carolina Dean


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How to Prepare for a Coining Treatment.
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Photo Source

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Anti-Stress and Protection Mojo Bag

Here is an anti-stress and protection mojo bag I created for a former co-worker who was under a great deal of stress as well as the victim of gossip and back biting from jealous peers. It contains...

Peony, which guards the mind, body and spirit.
Rue, which clears the mind and improves mental processes
Anise Seed which wards off the evil eye (jealousy) and negates its effects
Cloves which drives away hostile and negative forces
Sandalwood chips which promote peace
High John the Conquerer Root for personal power
Individual's Personal Concerns

These items were placed in a red flannel mojo bag in the light of a white human-figural candle loaded with a portion of the person's personal concerns and anointed with High John the Conqueror Oil. It was smoked in sandalwood incense and the 91st Psalm was prayed over the bag.

After the individual had the bag for three days she reported that she was stress-free and the gossip about her had ceased.

Carolina Dean

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Love Me Tender Oil

Use to Draw a Romantic Love or Take An Existing Relationship From Casual To Serious

Grape Seed Oil (base)

Vanilla Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Dill Seed

Coriander Seed

Cinnamon Chips

Carolina Dean

Note: I created this oil as part of my homework for Cat Yronwode's Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

MLAAW: Ghost Stories

Good Day, True Believers!

Today many of us are celebrating Samhain, a time when the barrier that separates the world of men and the realm of the spirits weakens. Traditionally this is a time when the dead can more easily communicate with us, divinations are performed, and spirits are put to task for good or ill.

With this in mind, I'd like to share with you a few of my own true encounters with ghosts. So draw the shades, light a candle, and come a little closer.......


In 1999, I was living in my first home and working in the cotton mill when a friend of mine from work gave me a 'haunted' chandelier. This co-worker had a reputation for telling tall tales, so I took the chandelier thinking that there was nothing to her story.

The chandelier sat in my hallway for a while and I didn't notice anything at first. However after my boyfriend at the time installed the chandelier in my hallway (it had the highest ceiling in the house) I started noticing things would move from where I left them. For example, my glasses wouldn't be on my nightstand in the morning, or my shoes wouldn't be by my chair, etc... In other instances, I made some soup and could find only forks in my house!

One night, I was sleeping in bed when I woke up to see someone standing in my hallway. The figure was dressed in a white robe and pointed-hood that I thought looked very similar to a klansman. He turn to walk away and motioned with his head for me to follow him. I actually got out of bed and walked halfway across the room before I realized what I was doing and went back to bed. Later when telling this story at work a lay-preacher told me that the ghost was leading me to treasure. He told me that the next time I saw the ghost I should ask it "Who is the son of God?" and if the ghost had evil intentions it wouldn't be able to utter the name of Jesus.

I never actually saw the ghost again, but I did start talking to it and even gave him a name. Once I started giving him attention, he settled down and stopped pranking me. Eventually I moved out of that house and left the chandelier. I don't know what became of it.


After becoming more and more open about my beliefs and practices as a Witch, people I began drawing people to me with similar interest. I met another witch at work who I'll call Samantha and who had been a student of Gavin and Yvonne Frost in the 70's. Although I had no respect for the teachings of the Frosts, I got along well with this woman and we had several adventures. Samantha, her boyfriend Darren and I made several trips to 40 Acre Rock, a nature preserve located in Lancaster South Carolina where many people hike and which is also steeped in superstition and occult lore.

It was on one of these hikes that I found a whole, in tact turtle shell, my totem, at the mouth of a bear-cave and where I left an offering of my own hair in return for the shell. 40 Acre Rock is also home to one of the many 'cry-baby' bridges steeped in legend. It is said that very late at night you can hear the cries of an infant from this bridge and see the ghost of the mother searching for her baby.

I also found a pentagram and some runic symbols spray painted on the bridge just under a tall willow tree. There was also evidence that rituals had been practiced on this bridge. Darren pointed out a tree where the body of a hanged man had been found in the mid 1980's.

The highlight of one of our excursions was a visit to the Devil's Stomping Ground, an area located on 40 acre rock similar to a crop circle about 40 feet across. Although there are plants and insects, outside the circle, there are no signs of life inside this circle of sterile soil. The name of this circle derives from the belief that on this spot is where the devil's contemplates his evil intentions. It should be noted that this is only one of several places known as the Devil's Stomping Ground in the United States.



Ruins of Old Sheldon Church- Located between Yemassee and Gardens Corner the historic ruins are all that remain of one of the South's most beautiful churches. Completed in 1748, the church was burned by the British in 1780 and by Sherman's army in 1865. The Episcopal Church of Prince William Parish has an annual service hold amidst the ruins on the second Sunday after Easter. ----From a Postcard in my Personal Collection

In 2004, I was living in historic Beaufort South Carolina and living with room-mates who were very interested in the scientific aspect of ghost-hunting. As a practicing witch and psychic, I often tagged along on their expeditions to various places of note in the Beaufort area. One of our favorite places to visit was the ruins of Old Sheldon Church.

The church was widely know for being haunted. One local legend I collected during my time there concerned an elderly woman who left church one night to walk home by the light of a lantern and who never made it home. Nobody knows what happened to her. On clear nights you can spot the light on her lantern on the road but no matter how fast you drive or for how long, you'll never catch up to that light on the road or find its source. It seems to me that the woman's name was Dot, but I also heard her called the Lantern Lady.

Photographs taken at the church always yielded multiple orb, shadows, and evidence of other spectral beings. After having seen the movie White Noise, the group wanted to experiment with the EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), a process by which disembodied voices are captured on tape. These voices are believed to be the spirits of the dead, who are attempting to communicate with the living.

We arrived at the church around midnight and gathered in the section of the churchyard where there are several graves. Everyone followed me as I intuitively chose a grave on which to set the recorder. I began the device and asked that if there were any spirits that were about to please make their presence known to us. The remainder of the group began taking photographs on their digital cameras as I followed keeping my senses open and directing them where to take photographs.

After about 45 minutes we returned to the unattended recorder stopped the tape and returned to the car. Inside the car, the tape was rewound and then played. We listened to the portion of the tape where I invoked the spirits to make their presence known and immediately after I finished the invocation, we could hear very heavy breathing. The breaths sounded to me like an asthmatic person trying to catch their breath. Then we could clearly hear the phrase.....GEEEET OUUUUUUTTTT! before the voice went silent again.

Happy Halloween True Believers!

Carolina Dean


Ghosts of America
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Monday, October 26, 2009

How to Make a Quick and Easy No-Sew Doll-Baby for Magick

Below you will learn how to make a easy no-sew doll baby in under 15 minutes. This procedure will surely be recognized as an updated version of the New Orleans Style Voodoo Doll so I'll admit that before someone else points this out. To begin you will need:

Copy/Construction Paper
Strip of Cloth

In addition to the above listed items, you will also need some personal concerns of the person your doll is to represent to be incorporated into the doll as well as any herbs that correspond to your goal. For example, if your doll was to be used in a love spell, you would want love herbs; money drawing herbs for a money doll; etc..

STEP ONE: Begin with your two sheets of paper. In the example above, I am using two sheets of standard 8.5 X 11 " copy paper. Set one sheet of paper aside for now and fold the other sheet of copy paper in half lengthwise and tear it in half.

STEP TWO: Place your personal concerns in the center of one of the halved pieces of paper and then ball up the piece of paper. This ball will serve as the 'head' of your doll. The other half of the paper will be rolled up in a tight tube to make the arms for your baby doll. If you wish you can incorporate your herbs, a written petition, etc.. into the charm as well.

STEP THREE: Place the balled up piece of paper in the center of the second whole sheet of copy paper. Hold the ball in the center of the whole sheet of paper and fold around the piece of paper to form the body of your doll baby.

STEP FIVE: Due to the shape of the paper, the bottom portion (or feet) of your doll will be uneven. Using your scissors, even off this portion of your doll. Next, measure the tube you made for the doll's arms against the length of the doll's body and cut it (if necessary) so that they are equal length.

STEP SIX: Using the sharp point of your scissors, cut a small hole through the doll baby's body just under the head. Then insert the tube through the hole to form the arms of your doll baby. To make this step easier, I have learned to drill the hole through the doll from both sides and then slide a thick BIC pen through the hole to make it a bit larger and circular. You now have your basic doll.

STEP SEVEN: Now using a long strip of cloth roughly one inch by 15 inches long, wrap up the doll as pictured. If you wish to incorporate herbs into your doll they will be secured between the doll and this strip of cloth. In the beginning this may be difficult if you are using fine powders and such, however you will get the hang of it. There have been times that I put a small layer of glue on the side of the cloth that will touch the doll and sprinkled my herbs in their dried form on the glue.

 I usually begin wrapping the cloth at the left arm, wrapping the cloth across the chest, right arm, and then down the body. Finally, secure the feet, waist, and wrists with string. For the purpose of this tutorial I used black tape.

STEP EIGHT: Finally, personalize your doll by giving it facial features and hair. I accomplish this by using a hole puncher to punch out small circles from colored construction paper and gluing them to the doll. If known to me I match the color of the doll's eyes and hair to the person it is intended to represent. I don't normally give the doll a nose. Others may wish to use the googly eyes that can be found at craft and dollar type stores.

The hair depends on the person's hairstyle and I normally try to get this as close to the actual person as well. For long hair, I use one big piece of paper which I glue to the doll and then cut and pinch the hair into shape. For shorter hair, such as in our example here, I tear several small pieces of paper and glue them to to doll. I begin at the front of the head forming the hair line. I then pinch the paper into the general shape of the hair and then work backwards to the nape of the neck.

Your doll is then completed. As you can see this is a very simple process which gets easier each time you make a doll.

Carolina Dean


Sunday, October 25, 2009

MIPC: To Create a Pox of Redness Raw and Blisters Bubbling

Gather a smoky quartz gemstone, bowl of water, three pinches of sea salt.
Gather a silver or white candle
Gather a healing oil
Gather the healing herb of carnation, sandalwood and violet
The down feather of a live goose
Let the salt trickle through your fingers into the bowl
Add each herb into the bowl
then the feather
Carve the name of the person into the candle

Chant the invocation....


Anoint the candle with the material from the bowl. Light the candle, repeat the name which.....

Eastwick, “Fleas and Casserole”
Original Air Date: October 14th 2009

Commentary: Here we have a spell that illustrates the concept that anything that can be used to bless may also be used to curse, and the opposite is true as well. Each of the elements in this spell has traditionally been used for the purposes of healing and protection.

However, there are a number of substances which are thought to be inherently good but which have been used to curse and to hex. According to Judika Illes in The Elemental Book of 5000 Spells “Peppermint oil, a benevolent component of romantic and healing spells, is also used as a hexing agent in candle spells to bring harm and unhappiness to one's enemy." In addition, she also cites the herbs safflower and wormwood as being effective for delivering curses.

This concept extends to curios as well. Eggs have long been used for fertility, cleansing, and protection and yet they can be used to deliver curses as well. At least three curses using a Black Hen’s Egg can be found in Cat Yronwode’s Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic. Feathers from a Black Hen have been used for the purpose of protection and uncrossing, however, European witches have inserted feathers in their witch’s ladders for centuries to bring down curses upon the head of their enemies.

Even something as innocuous as water can be used to deliver a curse in the case of such recipes as War Water, Damnation Water, etc…This concept is not only true in the magical sense but in a mundane one as well. We are told that in order to maintain good health we should drink 8 glasses of water a day. However, ingest too much water and you could die from Water Intoxication.

That being said I do not believe the writers/producers of this show was aware of this concept and decided to use components in their spell which are thought to be benevolent in the case that someone did attempt to duplicate this spell. Another screen shot of the book from which this spell was lifted states….

"The legendary spells in this book are compiled from ancient folklore, various occult writings, regional superstitions, and other mystical sources. It is given as curiosa only and no claim of supernatural power are made for any ritual or materials. And no guarantee are offered or implied. Neither the author or publisher assume any responsibility for the outcome from the use of any...."

I honestly believe that this paragraph was inserted into the witch’s book of shadows as a disclaimer for the magic displayed on the show as such a statement as this would never be found in a real witch’s personal book of shadows.

With this in mind, I sincerely believe that in the hands of the right practitioner with the right intent this spell could work as stated. However, if I wish to give someone a pox of redness raw I believe that I would use a red candle rather than a white or silver one. I think I would also use a chicken feather in place of a goose feather for its associate with chicken pox. I would also anoint the candle with the bowl’s material before I lit and then chant the invocation.

Carolina Dean


The Elemental Book of 5000 Spells © 2004 Judika Illes (pages 584, 585, 586, 587, 589)
Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic © 2002, Cat Yronwode (pages 51, 52, 173) Hardcover Ed.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mojo to Assuage Grief and Draw in Money

While on the surface this may seem like an odd combination, it was created for a friend who came home from work one day only to find that her girlfriend had packed all her belonging and left her. In addition to being upset over the loss of the relationship, this woman was also concerned about the income she lost when her partner left her and was afraid she was going to lose her home.

In addition to the items contained in the mojo bag described below, it was anointed with High John the Conqueror Root for personal power and money.

You will need:

1. Thyme for peace of mind

2. Marjoram to assuage grief

3. Bay for success & victory

4. Allspice to draw money

5. Cinnamon to draw money

6. Irish Moss to draw money

7. Drawing Powder for added power

8. Silver Dime to draw in money & confer protection

9. Second Pentacle of Jupiter to attain honor, riches, & tranquility. This was printed out on my computer and the person's name wrote on the back three times in black ink.

Note: This was my final homework assignment for the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Correspondence Course which I graduation from in April 2009.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

MIPC: To Raise & Control the Dead

Conspire to obtain an object which belonged to the deceased in life. Secret the object away to a private place where you have erected an altar lit by seven candles and on which rest a large flat stone. Draw a pentagram on the flat-stone in gun powder and lay the object upon it.

When all is ready say these words:

“Spirits of darkness, spirits of pestilence and pain. Hear me now.”

Cut your palm with an athame until you draw blood and let this fall upon the object. Say:

“Hear me….Grant me a soul from the distant shores. My warm blood for the blood frozen forever in his veins. Bring him back to me from the darkness Hear me! Rise up and do my bidding! Rise up and do my bidding!”

Using a match, light the gunpowder.

Dark Shadows
Episode 8 , 1991

Commentary: The use of personal objects, in this case a man's handkerchief, in the practice of magic should not have to be explained here. Suffice it to say that the use of such an object represents one's connection to the individual who owned that object and can be used to influence him or her. The flat stone represents the grave marker and the pentagram draw upon it is symbolic of the human body.

The drawing of blood no doubt gains the attention of the spirits called forth and served to forge the bond between magician and victim. Lighting the pentagram on fire can be seen as giving the body that it represents the 'spark' of life needed for the corresponding corpse's re-animation.

All in all I feel that the symbolism behind this ritual to be sound, however I believe that for it to truly work it would have to be fueled by not only a great deal of power but also a potent will.


Dark Shadows (Wikipedia Entry)
See the Scene (Youtube Video)
Dark Shadows Complete Season One (1991 Revival)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MLAAW: Bad Reputation

For those of you new to MHS, or my blog, MLAAW stands for My Life as a Witch and is a sporadic series of blog entries about my life, adventures, and experiences as a witch.

In the mid 90’s I was working in one of the many cotton mills owned by Springs Industries as an overhead-cleaner. What this basically means is that I used an air-gun to remove cotton and cotton dust from the ceiling, sprinkler system, and various machines on a daily basis. If you’ve ever seen the movie Norma Rae you have a good idea of what the inside of a cotton mill is like.

Let me clarify that I did not work for Springs Industries myself, but rather was part of the sub-contracted ‘clean-up crew’ whom the Springs Employees often looked down on.

Since I was the only person who did my job, I was one of the few fortunate workers who was paid for 40 hours and also got an entire hour for lunch. Since I was a student of the occult, I could often been seen in the canteen with my nose in a book (usually about witchcraft), which did not escape the attention of my co-workers. Gossip being what it was in places such as these people began to believe I worshiped the devil, but for the most part they didn't ask me about my beliefs and I didn't offer to tell them.

I will also admit that I was going through a phase at that time where my hair was way down past my shoulders, everyone was wearing those large ball chains, and I often had black fingernails and wore dark clothing.

One day I was cleaning off an overhead blower in the spinning room and when I started the machine back up some of the cotton and dust that I blew off the machine drifted under the plastic curtain into the carding room and into the work area of one of the Springs Employees.

I moved on to the next machine and by the time I returned from locking out and tagging out the next blower a Spring associate was waiting for me. Levi, a black man in his early 60’s, confronted me about the cotton that blew into his area and demanded that I sweep it up. Now, if he would have asked me I would have been more than happy to sweep up the cotton; however the minute he began yelling at me and demanding I sweep up the cotton I knew I wasn’t about to do what he asked.

We got into an argument and I was fed up with the way the Springs employees treated my crew and I may have said something to the effect that if he didn’t treat me with respect that he would come to regret it. Everyone saw our argument and it got around what was said between me and Levi.

Later that day I got off work at 4 pm, however the Springs associates where on 12 hour shifts and so they didn’t get off for another 4 hours. The next day none of the Springs associates would even look at me. When I went to the break room, they got up and left. When I walked down the hall they crossed to the other side or turned around and walked away. I didn’t understand what was going on.

Finally, another employee told me that about an hour after we got off work the previous day Levi got a message that his son had been in a car accident and although he wasn’t killed he totaled his car and broke his neck.

After that every time something bad happened to anyone in that mill, it was because I put the whammy on them. If a machine broke down, I had bedeviled it. If someone fell on the stairs, or took ill and work I had hexed them, etc…And that’s how I got a bad reputation.

I ultimately got my revenge on the people of Springs Industries. When many of the mills were being shut down and people were losing their jobs, nobody thought our mill would be shut down because Springs had just paid a great deal of money to renovate the building and upgrade the machines. I divined that our mill would be closing and was able to broker a deal with my manager to basically lay me off so I could draw unemployment right away. I had been with my company for 8 years at this time and basically knew where all the bodies were buried, so my boss agreed to approve my unemployment.

A month later when everyone received word that they would be shutting down the mill I had moved in with a friend in a new town and was able to transfer my unemployment benefits so that I had an income until I found a new job.

Carolina Dean


Inside a Textile Mill (Youtube Video)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Talisman for Safe Travel

When the Full Moon hangs in the air on a Wednesday, mark the four points of a magick circle with the elements at their corresponding cardinal points. Next, draw a sigil of your name on the Magic Square of Mercury located in the center of the talisman. When you are done expose the talisman to the four elements saying at each point.

Powers & energies of Mercury divine

infuse thyself within this sign;

from all the dangers of the road,

shield car & driver, passenger & load!

When done, this talisman can be tucked in a mojo bag along with mint and comfrey root, placed under a burning candle for the same purpose, hidden in your car, or even suspended on a length of thread from your rear-view mirror.


How to Create Sigils with Magic Squares See the section on Talismans.

Carolina Dean

Thursday, September 17, 2009

MIPC: To Make Oneself Invisible

Selena: Such a pretty world, I can't wait until its all mine.

Nigel: The only way to to rule the world is to become invisible my pumpkin.

Selena: Invisible? You'd almost know how to make me invisible wouldn't you?

Nigel: Oh I do know. Take five black beans and the head of a dead man. Place one bean in his mouth, two beans in his eyes. Then...."

Selena: (annoyed) Nigel....

Nigel: But it works, you can get anywhere, do anything!

Supergirl (1984)

Commentary: Invisibility has been on humanity's wish list at least since Amon-Ra, a deity who could disappear and reappear at will, joined the Egyptian pantheon in 2008 BC. With recent advances in optics and computing, however, this elusive goal is no longer purely imaginary. In spring 2001, Susumu Tachi, an engineering professor at the University of Tokyo, demonstrated a crude invisibility cloak. Through the clever application of some cheap technology, the Japanese inventor has brought personal invisibility a step closer to reality.

Tachi's cloak, a shiny raincoat that serves as a movie screen, showing images from a video camera positioned behind the wearer, is more gimmick than practical prototype. Nonetheless, from the right angle and under controlled circumstances, it does make a sort of ghost of the wearer. And, unlike traditional camouflage, it is most effective when either the wearer or the background is moving (but not both). You don't need a university lag to check it out: Stick a webcam on your back and hold your laptop in front of you, screen facing out. Your friends will see right through you.

An old rite to make oneself invisible and which is referenced in the movie mentioned above states that one should collect seven black beans. Begin the ritual on a Wednesday before sunrise. Then take the head of a dead man and put one of the black beans in his mouth, two in his eyes and two in his ears. Then make upon his head the character of Morial. Afterwards bury the head with the face upwards, and for nine days before sunrise water it each morning with good brandy. On the eighth day you will find the spirit mentioned, who will say to you: 'What wilt thou?' You will reply: 'I am watering my plant.' Then the Spirit will say: 'Give me the Bottle, I desire to water it myself.' In response, refuse him, even although he will ask you again. Then he will reach out with his hand and will show you the same figure which you had drawn upon the head. Now you can be certain that this is the right spirit, the spirit of the head. There is a danger that some other Spirit might try to trick you, which would have evil consequences—and in that case your operation would not succeed. Then you may give him the bottle and he will water the head and depart. On the next day, which is the ninth, when you return you will find that the beans are germinating. Take them and put them in your mouth, or in that of a child. Those which do not confer invisibility are to be reburied with the head.

A process has been prescribed in the Srividyaarnavatantra (Hindu Text) for making oneself invisible to others. With five wicks, one each made of the fibers of arka (Calatropis gigantea), shaalmali (Salmalia malabarica), kaarpaasa (Gossypium heraceum) [i.e. cotton], patta (cloth), pankaja (lotus) [dipped in] narataila (human oil i.e., oil extracted from a corpse) one should kindle five lights. These should be placed, one by one, on five human skulls. Then the combined black ashes, obtained from the above lights, should be applied to the eyes while one is in a temple of Shiva. The ashes are first consecrated with the following mantra, recited 1008 times:

Om hum phat kaali kaali mahaakaali maamsa-shonitam khaadaya khaadaya devi maa pasyatu manuseti hum phat svaahaa.

Modern witches have learned to make themselves invisible by other means including but not limited to the following:

1) Herbal lore dictates that fennel carried in one's pocket will hide you from evil.

2) So long as you hide an opal in a fresh bay leaf it will keep you hidden as well.

3) Many witches visualize themselves fading out of their own surroundings until they are not there at all, when done properly they often find that others do not notice them. This is also the form of invisibility that many modern spells for this purpose will offer.

Finally, in the Hoodoo Traditions, there is speak of the black cat bone which when ritually harvested is said to bestow upon its bearer one of two powers. The first is said return a lost love and the second is said to confer invisibility when placed beneath the tongue.

Carolina Dean


Supergirl (wikipedia entry)
See the Scene (Video)
Supergirl at the Superman Home Page
The Book of Ceremonial Magic, A.E. Waite

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carolina Dean's Birthday Ritual

First I'd like to thank everyone who has wished me a happy birthday, you've all made this a very special one with your well wishes and good cheer.

Now, as to my ritual. I've been doing this for the past five years or so. It began with me doing this for the baby, and then I began doing this for myself.

I always purchase the numerical candles that reflect my age and make my wish as I light them, not when blowing them out. Once the candle have been allowed to burn for a brief time, i use a small birthday candle to hold the flame and pinch out the flames of the numerical candles.

The numerical candles are then transplanted onto a saucer and relit where they are allowed to burn down in their own time. When this is done, I inspect the wax for signs of what may transpire for me in the coming year. Sometimes I look upon the symbols I find as indicative of the theme for the coming year, the lessons I will face, and challenges I must overcome.

Later, I always leave a slice of my birthday cake by my front door as an offering to benevolent spirits that they may bring me good luck in the coming year.

Carolina Dean

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Review: Angelique's Descent

Review: Angelique’s Descent

Author: Lara Parker
Mass Market Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Harper Entertainment (December 1998)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0061057517

Written by the actress who played the evil witch Angelique on the daytime soap-opera Dark Shadows, Angelique’s Descent tells the story of how the woman became the witch we loved to hate.

The story jumps intermittently between the present (1971) and the past, roughly 200 years prior as Barnabus Collins reads Angelique’s journal which he found at the ‘old house’ as it is often referred to in the series. The first half of the novel describes Angelique’s early childhood in late 18th century San Martinique. When we first meet the young Angelique, she is a child of the ocean spending her days swimming among the sea life and exploring caves near her mother’s island hut. We learn that her mother was a native-healer and her father, a white Englishman, the owner of a sugar plantation.

Angelique’s mother is tricked into sending her away to live with her father who promises a life of wealth and ease for Angelique. In truth, Angelique’s father suspects that she has inherited a portion of her mother’s powers and plans on using her as a pawn to keep his slaves in line by having Angelique impersonate the voodoo Goddess Erzulie. What Angelique’s father learns, albeit far too late, is that Angelique is far more powerful than he could have imagined. Along the way we learn of Angelique’s earliest meeting with a young Barnabus Collins and their eventual love affair before Angelique becomes a servant of the rich and powerful Du Pres family.

The latter half of the book will be familiar to anyone who watched the series as the author describes the events which played out on screen using dialogue from the original scripts. We are also treated to events that occurred ‘off-camera’ filling the blanks between scenes. Having escaped her past, Angelique becomes a maid to Josette Dupres to whom we learn she has a profound connection. Barnabus and Angelique are able to consummate their love-affair, however due to constraints of society at the time, they are unable to wed. Ultimately it is Josette to whom Barnabus becomes betrothed, inciting Angelique’s wrath. Angelique calls upon her sorcery in attempt to undo their love and reclaim Barnabus for herself, resulting in Barnabus becoming a Vampire.

The author’s style of writing is easy to follow. The story is well-thought out and faithful to the established characters and plot made famous in the television series. Although described as an erotic tale, I found the few scenes describing Angelique’s sexual liaisons quite tame.

My biggest complaint with the story is the lack of realism in Angelique’s flavor of witchcraft. In some instances she uses actual magical theories (such as sympathetic magic) while in other instances she chants gibberish which I take as lazy writing.

Parker did an excellent job of portraying Angelique a sympathetic villain. Having learned of the violence and betrayal of which Angelique was the victim one cannot help but empathize with her and understand why she did what she did….for love.

Carolina Dean

Purchase the Book

Friday, September 11, 2009

How to Shape Loose Incense into a Cone

This is something that I had a bit of trouble with, so I decided to write this blog to help others who may have had this problem.

To begin you will need:

Pen and Paper
Loose Incense

STEP ONE: Using your compass, draw a circle on a sheet of paper. For the purpose of this article, I created a circle by tracing a standard coaster on a sheet of orange paper. Cut the circle out of paper and then cut a triangle shape whose apex is the center of the circle. When you are done your piece of paper should resemble Pac-Man.

STEP TWO: Point Pac-Man's "mouth" towards you. Bring this "lips" together allowing them to over lap a bit. This will give you a wide code. To make the cone more narrow tighten the paper until the cone is the size that you desire, then use tape to secure the cone.

Pack your your loose incense into the cone.

STEP FOUR: Holding your little cone up so that no incense spills out, place a saucer upside down on top of it and then turn it over. Place your saucer on a flat surface.

Gently tap the cone and then slowly lift it up revealing your incense cone!

You can now light your incense.

Carolina Dean


How to Make Incense Powder and How to Light Them

How to Make a Funnel from Paper

Monday, September 7, 2009

MIPC: A Money and Luck Drawing Mojo Bag

“…get a small bag made of the skin of chamois. In it place this piece of lodestone and John Conqueror root. Tie it with a piece of devil’s shoestring and in your right hand, sprinkle five drops of holy oil. Keep the bag next to your skin”

Eve’s Bayou (1997)

Commentary: Set in Louisiana in the early 1960’s. Eve’s Bayou tells the story of the Batiste family from the perspective of Eve, the youngest daughter of Louis and Roz Batiste. Louis makes his living as a doctor, and has a penchant for seducing his attractive female patients. One night unbeknown to Louis, he is witnessed by Eve being intimate with a woman who is not his wife. This incident shatters the idealistic image Eve has of her father and sets off a chain of events that will affect the lives of the entire family.

The most interesting character in the film, in my opinion, is Louis’ sister Mozelle. Louise and Mozelle are a study in contrasts, though they have been described as being “just like one another.” Where Louis appears to be a stable family man, Mozelle’s every relationship ends in tragedy. Where Louis is a man of science, who believes in logic and the knowledge of his medicine; Mozelle is a woman of Spirit possessed of a powerful psychic gift. Throughout the film, Mozelle receives clients in her beautiful home to whom she provides psychic consultations.

In the scene mentioned above one of Mozelle’s clients, Madame Renard, learns that she has been swindled out of her life’s savings. Madame Renard comes to Mozelle seeking hope and reassurance only for Mozelle to confirm that the money is “all gone.” In order to give Madame Renard an inkling of hope Mozelle prescribes the recipe given above.

Chamois has long been used in the making of mojo bags and is the second most prescribed material called for when making one, behind red flannel. Lodestones have been used for centuries to attract one’s desires, in this case money and power as evidenced by the inclusion of the High John Root as well (the only other curio Mozelle directs Madame Renard to actually place in the bag.)

According to Cat Yronwode in Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, “carrying a whole High John the Conqueror Root will never be long without money or a lover and that they will be extremely lucky in games of chance and highly successful in all business and financial undertakings.”

Finally, Devil’s shoe strings have been used for the purpose of protection from evil influences and malicious gossip. It also has the reputation for drawing money luck.

In addition to the ingredients, Mozelle instructs her client to anoint the bag with Holy Oil and to keep the bag next to her skin, which are traditional beliefs associated with the mojo.

Although I am surprised that Mozelle doesn’t mention anything about feeding the lodestone, smoking the mojo in incense or offering up a prayer I believe this to be a decent beginnings of a money and luck drawing mojo bag. However it would benefit from the addition of money drawing herbs such as chamomile, mint, and cinnamon; as well as money drawing curious such as buckeye and two-dollar bills.


Eve's Bayou (Trailer)
See the Scene (begins at 4:10)


Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, Cat Yronwode (Hardcover Edition)

Carolina Dean

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sex, Magick, and the City (A Short Story)

As William half-listened to his boss, Mr. Hyde drone on about the importance of the latest million dollar account he slyly attempted to check his email on his cell-phone under the table.

“Come on,” William thought “sign in already. Three and a half weeks. Its got to come in today!”

“…and in this economic downturn…” Mr. Hyde went on, “…I cannot stress the importance of Hermes Motor Corporation to this agency. Frankly, if we lose this account, we could all be out of a job tomorrow….”

William’s cell finally connected to the internet, he quickly scrolled through his email searching for a confirmation that an order he placed weeks ago with the Bonne Chance Curiosity Shoppe had been delivered.

“So in the interest of staying in business, the Senior Partners have decided to bring in a new up and comer from our West Coast office. He’ll be the project manager on the HMC account,” Mr. Hyde continued “…so without any further adieu I’d like to introduce to you Mr. Beau Adams.”

Beau stood up to a light applause. William quickly glanced at the tall, athletic man in the cliche power-suit before returning his attention to his cell phone under the table. Beau began to address the room.

“Thank you, Mr. Hyde,” Beau said “..and thank you all for such a warm welcome. I’ve heard a lot of good things about each of you and I look forward to getting to know you all as we work together…..”

As he scrolled through his emails, William was relieved to find that his package had indeed been delivered that day.

“I wouldn’t mind getting to know that fine man, if you catch my drift,” Selene leaned into William’s ear, “What are you doing under there?” she asked.

“He’s cute” William sighed as he put away his cell phone.

“That’s it, just cute?” Selene asked “Look at him, he’s got it all…tall, dark, and handsome. Are you sure you’re gay?”

“Whatever” William replied deflecting Selene’s comment.

“I know its my first day as your boss...” Beau continued “but my sources say that HMC is also considering giving its account to our biggest competitor so we’re going to have to put in some long, hard hours. That means that everyone is going to have to stay late tonight.”

“Shit” William thought to himself “Not tonight.”

“Long and hard” Selene whispered to William stretching out the words slowly.

“Now I know you’ve all already had lunch so… dinner’s on me” Beau said with a smile. “My assistant, Daniels, is passing out some background information on Hermes Motors that our research department compiled. I’d like you to study this information, let it sink in; brainstorm and we’ll all meet back here at 5 o’clock.”

As everyone filed out of the room to their respective offices, Selene and William walked side by side stealing side glances at Beau.

“I don’t see a wedding ring.” whispered Selene giddily

“Girl, you really need to get a new hobby” joked William.

Selene stopped in the hallway and put her hand on Williams arm “What’s wrong with you today, you always like sizing up the new guys?”

“Well,” William said “He’s got a nice ass, I’ll give him that….”

“Thanks,” the voice came from behind William “I try to work out every day.”

William and Selene turned around to Beau Adams standing right behind them. William’s face turned beet red.

“Hi, Selene Gomez” she says introducing herself “I’m in research.”

Beau and Selene shook hands. Selene looked Beau directly in the eyes and kept shaking Beau’s hands longer than was polite.

“You must be Sweet?” Beau asked breaking away from Selene.

“Excuse me,” William asks thinking he’s just been insulted.

“William Sweet,” Beau replies “our talented graphic artist.”

“Uh yes Mr. Adams,” William replied not making eye contact “I’m always easy to recognize. It’s the foot in my mouth that gives me away.”

“Please, call me Beau,” he interjected “The company’s had me staying at the Regency Suites since I’ve been here a few days ago.” Beau added “I haven’t had time to exercise yet. You look like you work out, know any good gyms?”

“Oh I don’t really work out. I do jog in the park a few times a week though…”

“Well, it certainly shows.” Beau replied “Maybe I’ll see you around the park.”

After ten hours, two bus transfers seven blocks, eight flights of stairs and a brief struggle with his mail box William finally made it home to his apartment. As soon as he got inside the door, he took his package over to his dining table. William took a moment to read the hand-written mailing address.

Bonne Chance Curiosity Shoppe

1043 Kioni Street

New Orleans, LA 70112

William carefully opened the package and removed the contents of the Purple Power Spell Kit one by one spreading them out on the table before him. Finally, he took out the instruction sheet and invoice. Tossing the invoice aside, he began skimming the instruction sheet.

“Purple Power Spell Kit” William read aloud “designed to attract a lover of the same sex.”

He compared the items on the table before him against the instruction sheet.

“Let’s see here” William mumbled to himself “we got a candle, some bath crystals, Purple Power Potion, some powders, dried herbs, lodestones…..everything seems to be here.”

“It says here” he read silently “that the spell should be performed on a Friday closest to the new moon.” William walked to his small kitchen where a calendar hung on his wall. He noted that today was Wednesday and the new moon had occurred only two days prior.

“Great” William exclaimed “Just a few more days!”

William left the spell kit on his dining room table and went to his bathroom where he undressed and enjoyed a long hot bath. Relaxing in the bath, William began to think about his last serious relationship. He’d met Tom at an art show three years ago. They found they had a great deal in common and had actually planned on moving in together. Then everything changed.

Tom became increasingly distant and avoided all contact with William. At first William thought Tom was stressed out about his job. Then he thought that he was being too clingy and that he should give Tom some space. Later, he began to think that Tom had met another man. It never occurred to William that his rival for Tom’s affections could be a woman. However, when push came to shove Tom finally told William that he’d been seeing a woman, who was now pregnant with his child and that they were to be married.

William had been devastated. He swore off men and completely threw himself into his work. With the exception of a handful of anonymous sexual encounters he’d stayed away from men, but only recently his loneliness had begun to weigh upon him. At 28 years old William figured he still had more tomorrows than yesterdays and slowly he’d come to realize that he couldn’t hide from the world forever. He couldn’t be alone forever.

William had always had a passing interest in magic and the supernatural. In college he’d experimented with Ouija boards and tarot cards. He’d even had a voodoo doll of his most hated teacher, Ms. Ceynar, which he’d often stuck with pins while cursing her name.

His interest in both men and magic renewed, William did some research online and found the Bonne Chance Curiosity Shoppe. Reading the Shoppe’s website of hundreds of pages of information on the Hoodoo Tradition, William found that these practices really resonated with him. He discovered that the owner of the Shoppe, Gato Blackthorne known as the wife of good luck, often personally answered phone calls, listened to customers needs and recommended products. So William had called the Shoppe a few weeks ago, and spoken with Miss Gato herself, who recommended the Purple Power Spell Kit.

After his bath, William had a quick bite to eat then brushed his teeth. He then laid out his clothes for the following day and set his alarm clock for 7 am. Lying in bed, William did his best to read the background information on Hermes Motors, however he found himself thinking about Beau instead. He imagined himself in a gym alone with Beau working out; then he thought about being alone in the sauna with a naked Beau. William found himself wondering just what kind of body was under Beau’s power-suit. Did he have a hairy chest or was he smooth as a baby’s bottom? Was he a bottom? Is he cut or uncut……..

William arose early the following morning prepared to take on his day. Arriving at his office, he poured himself a cup of coffee and began checking his email.

“Sweet,” Beau called out “I’ve been thinking about the idea you presented in our brainstorming session yesterday and I really like the direction you’re going on this….”

“Thanks, Beau.”

“We’re meeting the President of HMC next week, so I’d like you to work with the rest of the team to put together a presentation based on your idea.”

“Wow, really”

“Yeah, buddy,” Beau says as he walks away “It was your idea you deserve to take the lead on this one. Of course you and I will be working very close together to get this done.”

“Buddy?” Selene whispers coming around the corner “He likes you William, I can tell.”

“Selene, give it up” William says annoyed “He’s just being encouraging, positive reinforcement and all that.”

“Noooooooo, I think it’s more than that.” Selene offers encouragingly.

“Well, maybe. But how am I going to get together with him?”

“I don’t know” remarks Selena “magic?”

“Yeah, magic. That’s the only way I can ever get a man….”

The two shared a laugh as they returned to their respective cubicles.

“See you later for lunch ok, Sweet?”

“Sure, thing Gomez.” William replied “It’s your turn to buy.”

“Ok” William said to himself nervously. “Ten more minutes and I can start”

William picked up the directions that came with his Purple Power Spell Kit, “Begin the spell on a Friday” he read aloud “closest to the new moon and in an hour when both clock hands are rising.”

“6:23, only seven more minutes”

William walked into his bedroom instructions in hand and knelt at the nightstand he’d used to erect an altar of love. He had spent weeks searching for just the right items. He used a purple bandanna for an altar cloth and found a beautiful statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue on eBay which he really liked. Though he wasn’t raised religious he had no problem with Christianity and he liked the feelings of universal love that seem to emanate from the statue.

Flanking the Sacred Heart of Jesus were two red-candles he planned to use for extra illumination as well as atmosphere. Before the statue was a small dish on which rested a lump of charcoal for burning incense. The focal point of his altar was an over turned saucer upon which he would burn his Purple Power Candle. In addition to these few items, there were various oils, dried herbs, and charms placed on the altar in a pleasing manner that would be used during his ritual that evening, which consisted of a bath, followed by the preparation and burning of a candle and the creation of a Mojo bag.

Reading over his directions one more time, he made sure he had everything that he would need when it came time to perform the work.

“OK, Purple candle. Check. Incense. Check. Lodestones. Check. Dimes. Check. Lavender. Check. Safflower. Check. Coriander Seeds. Check. Ginger Root. Check. Cumin Seeds. Check….”

When William was satisfied that he had everything he needed to do the work, he looked over his shoulder at the alarm clock on his other nightstand.

“6:28. I wonder if I can go ahead and start the bathwater?”

William considered this for a moment, but then decided to wait until exactly 6:30 to begin. William decided that he’d done everything correctly to prepare for the ritual so in his final two minutes before beginning he lowered the lid on his toilet and sat patiently for the appointed hour.

After a few deep, relaxing breathes he checked his watch.

“6:30” he said excitedly, “Time for workings of good!”

William began drawing the bath. As the warm water filled his bathtub he focuses his mind on his goal. Just as the directions on his spell kit indicated, he emptied the contents of the Purple Power Sachet Powders into the tub.

“Ok, what’s next” he asks himself “Oh yeah the oil. Nine drops…”

Rechecking his directions, William put nine drops of Purple Power Potion into his bath and quickly returned the remainder of the bottle to his love altar to be used later.

“Now the candles” he says to himself

William grabs two tea-lights he stashed in his medicine cabinet for just this purpose. He places the tea lights on the edge of his tub about 2 feet apart and lights them. Finally, he shuts off the water and undresses himself.

“Ahhhhhh” William says sighing as he relaxes into the warm bath water.

William then takes a small, white porcelain bowl he bought specifically for this purpose and scoops up some bathwater in it. He then raises the bowl over his head with both hands.

“May my goal be as clear as this water, oh Lord, and may my intention be as pure” he begins his prayer. “Wash me oh Lord and I will be clean. Cleanse me and I will be whiter than snow”

He then tips the bowl pouring the water over his head, face, and down his body. He repeats this action several times continuing his prayer.

“As the water runs down and away from me, may all evil and negativity be washed away. As the water runs down and away from me, may all blockages be torn asunder. As the water runs down and away from me, may the road open before me. May my feet be put on the path to the love I seek, oh Lord, place strong signs in my path to guide me. Bring about this love, I pray dear Lord, and bless it. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Though he hadn’t really planned on what to say before-hand, William was quite proud of his extemporaneous prayer. He places the bowl aside and sits still in the warm water for a few minutes. He closes his eyes and visualizes himself in the arms of his perfect lover. As he visualizes his desire, he takes several deep breaths and assures himself again that this is truly what he wants.

When he is ready, he rises and turns to the wall on the other side of his bathtub. William steps backward out of his bathtub between the lit candles on the tub’s edge.

“Lord I have asked for love in Jesus’ name. I am ready for the love that I know is waiting for me. I ask that you bring about this love and bless it. Amen”

William opens the drain in his tub and watches for a moment as the mistakes of his past go down the drain. Before all the water is gone, he takes his porcelain bowl and scoops up some of the water for the next part of the spell.

“Almost forgot…” he mumbles to himself.

William then dresses in a pair of clean sweat pants and a hoodie. He takes the bowl to his kitchen where he transfers the water to a disposable coffee container and puts on the lid. He then throws on a pair of sneakers and walks to the elevator and out his building.

“Let’s see now” he says to himself walking to the nearest crossroads. “The main streets run North to South and the cross-streets run East to West.

William stands at the crossroads getting his bearings.

“So if I face down West 37th Street my back will be to the East” he mumbles turning to face the West.

William quickly looks behind him to make sure that no one is there.

“Wouldn’t want to throw this on anyone passing by” he thinks to himself taking the lid off the coffee cup.

“Ok here goes” he mumbles to himself throwing the water over his left shoulder towards the East. “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen”

William then turns to the right and makes his way back towards his apartment tossing the coffee cup in a nearby trash can on his way.

Inside his apartment again William kicks off his sneakers as he makes his way to his bedroom. Inside his bedroom he takes off his hoodie and kneels bare-chested at his altar. He begins by lighting the red-candles for illumination. He then lights the charcoal and sprinkles the Purple Power Incense over it filling the room with a light, pleasant aroma.

Taking out a pen and a small square of paper which he had previously torn on all four sides by hand, William considered his desire and began writing the words My Lover nine times in a row on the paper. He then turns the paper clockwise one quarter and wrote his own name nine times in a row as well. Finally, he writes the words come to me in a circle around the names being careful not to lift his pen from the paper.

When he was done, he anointed the four corners and center of the paper with Purple Power Oil. William then folded the paper towards himself saying “come to me, my love”. Turning the paper one quarter clockwise he folds the paper towards himself again saying “come to me my love” Finally, he repeats his action and words one more time and sets the petition under the over turned saucer.

“Now to prepare the candle” he think to himself “I’m gonna need to mix the herbs.”

William pulls out a small bread board on top of which rests a stone mortar and pestle from under this altar. He recalls how he found the mortar and pestle at the Chinese market near his workplace and was pleased at having found such a good one at a reasonable price.

William takes the various dried herbs that came with his spell kit and adds a bit of each one to his mortar, saving the remainder for his mojo bag.

“Lavender….Safflower….Ginger….Coriander Seeds….” he says as he places each one in his mortar.

When he has all the dried herbs in his mortar, he places his pestle in the mortar and grinds the herbs to a coarse powder moving his pestle clockwise. As he grinds the herbs he visualizes himself in the arms of his perfect lover.

When he is satisfied that the herbs are coarse enough for his purposes he adds three drops of Purple Power Potion to the herbs and mixes them up again with his finger.

“Mmmmm” he moans enjoying the aroma of the mixed herbs.

He then spreads the dried herbs out on the bread board and sets it aside. William takes up the purple candle and using a sewing needle slowly scratches his name on the candle.

“W-I-L-L-I-A-M-S-W-E-E-T” he whispers to himself spelling his own name.

He then carves a keyword best describing his goal on the opposite side of the candle.


William places the candle aside for a moment and pours some of the Purple Power Potion into his palm. He then rubs his palms together spreading the oil all over his hands. He takes up the candle and holding it horizontally before him he grasps it with both palms and twists his palms around the candle several times slathering it completely with the oil.

William then pulls the herb covered bread board closer to him and rolls the purple candle through the herbs towards himself.

“Come to me, my lover!” He exclaims rolling the candle towards himself several times until it is covered in the powdered herbs.

William sets the candle in a holder and places this on top of the over turned saucer. He then wipes the palms of his hands all over his bare chest anointing himself with the last of the oil and herbs that were on his hands.

“This flame is the light of my soul” William announces lighting the candle “breaking through the darkness of loneliness and depression! It burns with the power of my desire, drawing forth my lover to me. He will see this light like a sailor seeking the light house in a storm and it will draw him to me. He shall be drawn to me like a fly to dung, like a moth to flame, like a bee to honey. In Jesus’ name. Amen!”

William spends a few moments reflecting on what he has just said as he concentrates on the flame of the candle which now burns bright and bold.

He then gathers the items that he will need to create his Purple Power Mojo Bag. He takes the little four by three inch purple bag that came in his spell kit from under the altar and places the remaining dried herbs in it, setting the bag aside.

He then places a dime from his own year of birth to the left of the candle and places a Queen Elizabeth Root on top of the dime. To the right of the candle he places a leap-year dime (since he had no particular person in mind for his spell) and on top of this he places a high john root. Before each root he places a lodestone which came as a matched pair with his spell kit.

“Feed the me” William mumbles anointing the Queen Elizabeth Root with Purple Power Potion “..and feed the he,” anointing the High John Root.

William places the Purple Power Potion back on the altar and takes out some magnetic sand. He takes a few pinches of sand from the pouch and sprinkles the lodestone before the Queen Elizabeth Root.

“Feed the Me.”

He then sprinkles some magnetic sand on the lodestone before the High John Root.

“Feed the He.”

He brings the two lodestones together before the candle and notices how they seem to interlock like a puzzle piece.

“And together they are one. In Jesus’ name.” he announces anointing the joined lodestones with Purple Power Potion.

“Come to me, my Love” he commands sweetly placing the coins and roots in his Mojo bag. He then anoints the bag with a drop of Purple Power Potion and holds it in the smoke from the incense repeating his mantra at each point.

Finally he sits quietly before the burning candle with the Mojo bag in his hands as he dreams of his future life together with his new lover.

When the candle is spent, William removes his petition from under the saucer and places it in the Mojo bag along with the matched lodestones.

“The candle is spent. The work is done.” he announces tying the Mojo bag shut tightly “My lover will now come to me in the name of Jesus. Amen!”

William extinguished the candles he used for illumination and turned on his bedroom lights to better see how his candle burned.

“Well,” he explains to himself “it burned down pretty clean without a lot of excess wax. That’s a good sign?”

“Hmmm, what does that look like?” he questions himself inspecting the small puddle of wax closely “Does that look like a heart? And right next to it, that looks like the letter A!”

William understood the heart as a universe symbol for love, but the A was a mystery to him.

“A?” he wonders aloud “A? Adams? Beau Adams?”

William tucks the Mojo bag in his sweat pants at his waist and goes about the business of cleaning up after his ritual. First he gathers up the unused herbs that remain on his bread board and places them in the potted African Violet which stands in the corner by his front door. William places the saucer with the spent candle on top of the bread board and carries them to the kitchen to be washed and cleaned later. He then gathers up all the remaining spell materials and puts them away in a little shoe box in his closet.

“Its done, now all I have to do is feed it with oil every Friday” William remarks to himself tucking the Mojo bag under his pillow inside the pillow case before retiring for the night.

Monday morning, William was sure to remove the Mojo bag from under his pillow and tuck it in his pocket before heading out for the day. As he made his journey from his downtown apartment to his uptown office, William paid closer attention to everything that was going on around him.

“Three days for a sign” he thinks to himself “Its been two already….Anything could be a sign…something I hear in passing, a billboard, a flyer…I’m sure to see something today either way?”

Arriving at his office, he grabs his morning coffee from the break room and makes his way to his cubicle.

Walking past a window, William notices a new billboard which has been put up in the square. It shows a man and a woman, in business attire, both appear to be in their 20’s and walking around the same corner from opposite directions. The caption read Could Love Be Just around the Corner? in bold red letters.

“Another dating site.” William mumbles “for yuppies, no less”

Rounding the corner to his cubicle, William almost runs into Daniel, his boss’ assistant.

“Oh hi, William” Daniel remarks “I was just looking for you.”

“Really?” William replies “What do you need?”

“Mr. Adams wants to see you in his office before the team meeting this morning?”

“Oh ok, just let me take my briefcase to my cubicle and I’ll be right there.”

“Here, I’ll take care of that.” says Daniel taking the briefcase “He wants to see you ASAP.”

“Oh my God” William thinks to himself as me makes his way to Beau’s office “What could this be about?”

William slows his pace to give himself more time to think.

“Its the spell” he thinks to himself excitedly “It has to be. Its drawing him to me!”

When he arrives at Beau’s office William finds the door open and Beau is on the phone. William knocks on the door lightly to show that he is there. Beau motions for William to take a seat while he finishes his call.

“Sweet” Beau greets William “How are you this morning?”

“Uh fine. You wanted to see me?”

“Yes. Its about our team meeting this Friday. We’re going to have a representative from HMC sit in on the meeting.”

“Really? Who?”

“The CEO.”


“Relax, Sweet. I told you this because I don’t want you to be nervous. I still want you to take the lead on presenting your idea. And even though it’s your idea you have the support of me and the entire team behind you.”

“Yeah but what if he hates the idea.”

“Don’t’ worry, it’s a great idea. We wouldn’t be presenting it if we didn’t believe in it.”


“OK” Beau says with a wink “Now go get ready and I’ll see you later.”

“So what was that all about this morning” Selene asks William


“I saw that guy Daniel talking to you and then taking your briefcase.”

“Oh, you haven’t heard?”

“No, what?”

“The CEO of Hermes Motors is going to be sitting in on the meeting Friday.”

“Oh my God!”

“Yeah, I have to present my idea to him”

“Ok everyone” Daniel announces Friday morning entering the conference room “Mr. Adams is on his way down the hall now with Ronald Frump, the CEO of Hermes Motors. He wants to keep this relaxed and casual but on point”

The door to the conference room opens and Beau enters the room followed by Mr. Frump.

“Everyone I’d like you to meet Mr. Frump, the CEO of Hermes Motors.” Beau announces.”

“Good Morning” everyone says in unison.

“Mr. Frump” Beau says introducing his team “This is my team. William Sweet. Selene Gomez. Ken Todd. and Catherine Evans.”

“Ok” Mr. Frump remarks gruffly “Now that we got the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get down to business.”

“Of course.” Beau replies as the two men take a seat.

“Now time is money” Mr. Frump remarks “and at the rate that the auto industry is hemorrhaging assets none of us can afford to waste time. So before we can go forward I want to hear about this idea that you’re all so keen about.”

“Certainly” replies Beau “Mr. Sweet, will you take the floor please?”

William stands and begins his presentation before a large screen. As he begins an image of several older men dressed in business attire sit around a large table smoking what appear to be expensive cigars.

“Well frankly, Mr. Frump.” he begins “The public perception of the auto industry is roughly on par with big government, a faceless corporation wasteful with its resources and money.”

“Mmmm hmmm” Mr. Frump grumbles.

Another image appears on the screen, this time of President Obama holding several large bags with money spilling out of them.”

“With the bail out that the government has handed out to the auto-industry” William continues “the public has grown resentful of big industry. Research shows that an overwhelming percent of the population was against the bail out. They felt that the money should have been earmarked towards other programs to help the average guy on the street.”

“And how do you propose the shift their perception?” Mr. Frump asks.

Another image appears on the screen of the same group of men from before working as a team to build a house. In the foreground a large sign which reads Habitat for Humanity can be seen.

“We propose to put a friendly face on the auto industry.” William replies “We want to show the public what they are getting for their money.”

Mr. Frump sits quietly.

“We wish to design a campaign which shows the positive effects of your company on the average worker. According to our research, Hermes Motors has an excellent track record for hiring and promoting women and minorities at all levels of your company.”

The image on the screen disappears and is replaced by a graph.

Mr. Frump registers no emotion or interest.

“HMC holds the record for having the first ever female African American CFO in a Fortune 500 Company. We want to show how the company provides opportunities for its workers. We imagine a campaign which juxtaposes an average worker’s story against that of your CFO and other successful people in your company. In addition, we want to show how HMC gives back to the community with various scholarships, corporate sponsorships for the arts, and relief aid to Third World Countries…”

A succession of images flash across the screen as William continues his pitch.

Mr. Frump remains quiet.

“Just last year when a 7.2 earthquake devastated Japan, HMC used its own ships to transport aid workers, food, water, blankets, and medicine to Japan at its own expense, but the media never picked up on it and the pubic was totally unaware. Until now, these aspects of HMC have been going on quietly in the background. In short, our campaign will show that Hermes Motors has added to the substance of our lives. “

William finished his presentation he takes his seat while everyone sits quietly.

“Thank you Mr. Sweet” Beau replies as he looks to Mr. Frump for any indication of how he felt about the idea.

“Excellent” Mr. Frump remarks after a long pause. “Adams, I think we’re in business.”

Beau shakes Mr. Frumps hand and as they rise from their seats and make their way to their door.

“My head of advertising will be in touch’ Mr. Frump remarks

Later the evening William is working in his cubicle when he is approached by Beau.

“Sweet” Beau remarks “Some of us are going down to Gentry’s for a few drinks to celebrate. Why don’t you join us?”

“Uh, thanks” William replies, “but I can’t. I uh…I have to feed my Mojo.”

“Your what?”

“M- Mojo, my cat.”

“Oh you have a cat!” Beau asks “What kind is it?”

“Its just a tabby.”

“I’m a dog person, myself.” offers Beau taking a photograph out of his wallet. “This is Doc, my basset hound.”

“Oh he’s cute” says William


“Well you know what they say about dogs and their owners looking alike….” William says blushing.

“So is he coming or what?” Selene asks breaking the mood.

“No, not this time” replies Beau walking away.

“What’s wrong with you?” Selene asks William “This is your chance”

“I know, I know. I’m just not a bar person.” William replies “Besides, I have something I really have to do.”

In the darkness of his bedroom, William lights a red candle on his love altar and places his purple Mojo bag before it.

“One, Two Three” he says counting the drops of Purple Power Potion he lets fall on the Mojo bag, “As I feed you, so will you feed me. Draw my lover to me and make us one!”

William spends some time sitting before his altar meditating on his desire to draw a lover to himself. Though he believes that Beau Adams is the one for him, he attempts to keep an open mind about the person the universe has in store for him. Still, his thoughts continue to drift back to Beau.

Checking the time William picks up his cell phone and dials Selene’s number.

“Hi Selene” William says leaving a message “its me. I was just wondering how things went tonight. Call me this weekend when you get a chance and I’ll see you on Monday.”

“Hey girl” William says excitedly meeting Selene at the elevator “You never called me, how did things go this weekend?”

“What do you mean?” Selene asks defensively.

“At Gentry’s, how did things go Friday night?”

“Oh that.”

“Tell me? Did Beau ask about me?

“About that” Selene remarks “I know I encouraged you, but I think you shouldn’t get your hopes up too high about Beau.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Honey, I just don’t want to see you get hurt, ok.”

“Believe me” William says patting the Mojo bag in his pocket “I’m not going to get hurt. I really feel like it’s going to happen between us.”

At that the elevator door opens on their floor and Selene exits hurriedly “I’ll talk to you later, William. I have some phone calls I really need to return.”

“I’ll talk to you later.” William calls out as Selene walks away.

William walks to his cubicle where he finds a small box tied with a red ribbon.

“A small token of thanks’ William reads the card “for all your hard work. Beau”

William opens the box to find a small framed art print of a man sitting at a desk surrounded by three walls and which reads Cubicle Sweet Cubicle

“Wow” William thinks to himself “I should go by and thank him for the gift.”

William walks to Beau’s office to thank him and as he nears the door which has been left partially open he spies Selene and Beau kissing passionately. Shocked and angry William stands frozen at the door watching his best friend kiss the man he thought would be his own.

“Stop! We can’t do this anymore Beau.” Selene says pulling away from him “I told you Saturday morning after we slept together. William’s going to be upset; I think he has a little crush on you.”

“Sweet? He’s your friend, he’ll understand. Besides he knows I’m not gay right? I mean where would he get an idea like that?”

William’s paralysis is broken as he storms away from Beau’s office making his way to the elevator.

“What’s wrong with me?” he thinks to himself “How could I have been so stupid to think that a guy like that would want someone like me?”

William had no idea where he was going, only that he had to get away from there. He found himself in the lobby of his office building and decides to walk outside.

As he walks out the front door, William takes the Mojo bag out of his pocket and squeezes it in anger.

“Stupid thing!” William remarks as he angrily tosses the Mojo to the ground passing a group of smokers outside his building.

William makes his way from his office building as he continues to put himself down in his thoughts. He was so lost in his own thoughts that his ears barely registered someone calling his name behind him.

“William” the voice said “Hey William!”

“Hey” the voice calls out as William feels a tap on his shoulder.

“What!” William shouts turning around.

“Hey, take it easy dude”

“Oh Daniel” William says recognizing Beau’s assistant, “I thought you might be a mugger or something …”

“That’s ok man,” Daniel replies “I was taking a smoke before going in for the day. I think you dropped this.”

“Oh that, thanks” William says looking down to see that Daniel is offering him his discarded Mojo bag.

“What is it, anyway?” Daniel asks as William stuffs the Mojo back in his pocket.

“Oh, just something I thought I wanted” William replies noncommittally.

“Oh” Daniel says unsure of William’s answer.

“Listen, William” Daniel begins “I’m kinda glad that we ran into each other like this. I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”



“What is it Daniel?

“Well, I was wondering if maybe you’d like to go get a cup of coffee or see a movie sometime?”

“Really?” asks William surprised

“Yeah” replies Daniel with a smile.

“Sure” William says as the two men turn back toward their office building walking together, “Let me give you my number.”

“It’ll be easier if we just trade phones and put the numbers in ourselves” Daniel suggests.

The two men trade phones and enter their respective numbers into them and then return the phones to their owners.

“Hey” William asks puzzled as he looks through his phone directory “Where’s your number, I don’t see it in here?”

“Try looking under A for Alan.”

“Alan? When Beau first introduced you, he called you Daniel?”

“No, he said Daniels” Alan remarks “Haven’t you noticed that he tends to call people by their last names.”

“A for Alan” William says laughing to himself as he recalls the letter A appearing in the remains of the candle wax next to a tiny heart.

The End