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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sex Magick

What is Sex Magick?

Just like candle magick utilizes candles to cast spells, and cord magick uses cords, ribbon, or yarn, and herb magick entails the use of herbs, roots, and leaves; sex magick utilizes the medium of sex to effect change.

Sex shares many similarities with magickal practices. Both have been described as mysterious, they each involve ritual, and both have the power to sway people, influence their decision, and actions in a matter. For this reason, advertisers have long been aware of the power of sex to draw trade and business. However, witches have known for countless ages the true power of the human orgasm.

An essential part of casting spells is the buildup and release of energy. Traditionally, there are eight ways to raise energy. They are:

1. Meditation or concentration

2. Chants, spell, poetry, or invocations

3. Trance or projection of the astral body.

4. Incense, drugs, or alcohol.

5. Rhythm such as drumming or dancing.

6. Biofeedback, or blood control

7. Flagellation, light scourging.

8. The Great Rite (ecstatic sexual energy)

As you can see sexual congress (which involves the buildup and release of tension) lends itself well to the practice of magick.

Techniques of Sex Magick

Sex Magick can be performed with or without a sexual partner. It can be performed by women or men; it can be performed by heterosexual couples or homosexual couples. In addition, it may or may not involve the use of other forms of magick such as candles, Mojo bags, Cords, Runes, Crystals, Amulets, and Talismans.

To perform sex magick you must first decide on a goal. If you are performing sex magick with a partner, it is very important that you each have a clear idea of your goal and can agree on a mental image which you both will concentrate on while performing the ritual.

Once you have defined your goal, you must decide if you are going to utilize any other form of magick along with the medium of sex magick. Below I will give various examples of how sex magick can be performed to bring about change in accordance with your will.

EXAMPLE ONE: A heterosexual couple wishes to conceive a child. They have decided that in addition to following their doctor’s instructions they would like to use magick to help bring about their goal of conceiving a child. In addition, they believe that sex magick is quite an appropriate form of magick considering their goal.

Together, the couple creates a sigil (magic symbol) of their goal. To do this they write down a statement of their intent being brief and to the point. They look at their statement and eliminate all the letters which repeat more than once. The couple then takes the remaining letters and using their creativity combine the letters creating a symbol of their goal. The symbol is then drawn on a piece of paper.

The couple decides on an appropriate time. Rather than choose a time based on the Moon Phase and Magickal Day, they may decide to choose a time when the female is most fertile.

Beforehand, the couple bathe together in order to cleanse themselves and get in the proper mood for the work at hand. In addition, they may light several candles in their bedroom and play romantic music so that their child is conceived in love. The sigil is placed somewhere where it will be visible to both parties. For esthetic reasons, the sigil may be taped to a wall at eye level while the couple makes love "doggie-style" so that the sigil will be in both parties line of sight. The couple begin their love-making while visualizing their sigil and focus on their goal.

When both parties achieve an orgasm, they will turn their attention to the symbol and "push" the energy that they have released into the sigil in order to charge it. The sigil would then be anointed with both parties sexual fluids and kept in a safe place until their goal is met.

EXAMPLE TWO: A male homosexual couple wishes to attract a large sum of money in order to go on a Hawaiian vacation. They decide to use sex magick in conjunction with cord magick.

The couple decides to perform the ritual on a Thursday (prosperity) in the hour of Jupiter, during a Waxing Moon. At the pre-determined time the two lovers begin foreplay and when the penetrative partner is erect, he lies on his back. The receptive partner straddles his lover's waist and receives his lover. The receptive partner riding his lover, takes a length of cord and ties a knot in it while chanting a spell or making a statement of intent and visualizing his goal. He then gives the cord to his lover, who does the same.

The couple alternate tying knots in the cord until there are nine knots in the cord. When both parties achieve orgasm (and it would be preferable if they could time it so that the last knot is tied just as orgasm is achieved) the cord is anointed with their sexual fluids. The couple places the cord in a special box in a safe place. From time to time they add other items to the box, such as pictures of Hawaii, brochures for hotels, etc....

EXAMPLE THREE: A woman wishes to attract a boyfriend and has decided to use sex magick in conjunction with candle magick to do so.

To begin, she chooses a pink candle (love and romance) and certain dried herbs. She then determines the correct time to cast her spell. At the appointed hour, she takes a sensual bath, lights scented candles, and plays music to set the mood. After her bath, she removes the candle from her nearby workspace and lies on her bed. She arouses herself with her hands and fingers, and then using the candle like a dildo she masturbates while visualizing her goal as if it has already manifested.

When she achieves an orgasm, she takes the candle, which should be covered in her sexual fluids, to her workspace. She then rolls the candle (towards herself) in a mixture of the herbs she has chosen. Finally, she set the candle in a holder and lights it with a match. She repeats an incantation or her statement of intent in a positive manner three times and then leaves the candle to burn.

Note: In the case of a man, he would masturbate as usual and after achieving an orgasm would anoint the candle with his semen in the same manner that he would if he were using an oil. If need be, he may anoint the candle with a mixture of this semen and the lubricant he used to facilitate masturbation.

Carolina Dean

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