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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lavender Love Spell

Suggested Correspondences

Moon Phase: New or Waxing

Moon In: Taurus

Day: Friday

Planetary Hour: Venus

To perform this spell you will need the following:

A Lavender Pillar Candle

Lavender Buds

Powdered Ginger


Drawing Powder

Lavender Fragrance Oil

Vanilla Extract

Cinnamon Stick

Pen and Paper


To begin, prepare your oil by placing nine Lavender Buds and 3 drops of Vanilla Extract and one piece of cinnamon stick in the Lavender Fragrance Oil. Next, prepare your name paper by writing the name of the person you wish to attract on paper three times. If you have no specific person in mind, then simply substitute “My Boyfriend” or “My Lover”. Turn the paper 90 degrees and write your name also three times crossing and covering the other name as you go.

Anoint the four corners and center of the paper with your oil, sprinkle some drawing powder over the names then fold the paper towards yourself three times rotating the paper once clockwise between each fold. Place the name paper under an overturned saucer.

Bore six holes in the top of the Lavender Pillar Candle. Place one Lavender Bud in each hole and anoint each hole with one drop of Lavender oil. Sprinkle the powdered ginger, safflower and drawing powder over the top of the candle.

Finally, pray over the candle for your desire for a boyfriend or lover. When you are done, place the candle on top of the overturned saucer and light the candle.

Note: This spell includes elements of both Wicca as well as Hoodoo.

Carolina Dean

Friday, February 27, 2009

Spellcrafting: Using Spells Written By Others

Tonight, I performed a spell which I intended to share with my readers but in explaining some of my herb choices, etc... it occured to me that someone new to the craft (and even some intermediate practitioners) may not have yet come to a vital realization in the craft.

The realization I speak of is actually quite simple, but it may also be one that is so obvious that many people may not have yet realized. The warning I wish to give you all concerns using the spells written by others.

It is very important when you find a spell that someone else has written that you do your own research into the choices that person has made before attempting to cast the spell yourself. This is done in order to understand why the person made that choice and to determine if that choice is appropriate for you.

For example, the spell I was going to share with you tonight (which I will post tomorrow) is a love spell to attract a boyfriend (no one in particular). Some of the choices I used in this spell include Lavender and Safflower. Now if I simply list my ingredients and don't explain why I chose those correspondences another person my decide to use the same spell but get more than they bargained for.

As a gay man, the love spells I write/create/perform will be intended to attract men, specifically gay men. Therefore I choose herbs that are reputed to do just that. Although Lavender can be used in any type of love spell, lore dictates that it is especially effective in attracting men. If you are a straight woman, or a gay man this will pose no problem for you. However, if you are a lesbian, or a straight man, then you may wish to use some other herb.

Safflower is another love type herb that is rarely used alone, but favored by gay men to attract a dominant lover (usually along with Sampson Snake Root). Again, if your desire is not to attract a male lover, you may wish to use a different herb.

As you can see someone who finds a spell online and takes it at face value without proper consideration may find themselves getting way more than they bargain for, or may simply find that although the spell was successful for it's creator, it failed for them.

Carolina Dean

Monday, February 23, 2009

Workbook of Shadows: Concieving & Achieving

As I announced on my own website today, I've begun adding a section at the bottom of each chapter in my online Book of Shadows entitled Your Workbook of Shadows. Here, you'll find exercises and activities that you can do to assist you in beginning your own Book of Shadows and help you turn your knowledge into experience. Going through my own journals writing these exercises, I came across the technique below and decided to share it with my readers here on covenspace.

  1. Think of a goal that you would like to achieve. Write the goal in your journal. For example, you might write My goal is to be prosperous.

  1. Find a symbol, such as an astrological sign, a planetary sign, a rune, a number, etc...which represents your goal and draw that symbol below your written goal. For example you might choose the symbol for Taurus (wealth), Jupiter (expansion), Feoh (money), or even the dollar sign ($)

  1. Below the symbol write three positive statements concerning your goal. Such statements may include:

  • I am receiving all good things.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • All my needs are met and more.

  1. Repeat one of your positive statements throughout the day while visualizing your chosen symbol. Continue this practice until your goal is achieved then choose a new goal.

  1. Put the paper with your goal, symbol, and statement in a conspicuous place where you will often see it, such as your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, your vision board, etc…

  1. Do not rely on this method alone to achieve your goal. Determine at least three things you can do in addition to this technique that will assist you in achieving your goal. Choose at least one of these actions and do them. Such actions can include:

  • Create and adhere to a budget.
  • Cutting back on un-necessary spending.
  • Take a second job.

  1. Record your progress in your journal.

Carolina Dean

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Candle Binding Spell


(A Coven of Three)

Binding: A spell cast with the intention of preventing harm or disaster, or to stop someone from performing a particular act such as a murder or rape, or something as inoffensive as spreading gossip.

Items Needed:

Black Candle



9 Pins


The ritual begins with the first person cutting the head off the candle. The second person then digs the wick out of the foot. Finally, the third individual scratches the name of the individual to be bound on the candle so that the letters appear backwards.

Next, the three witches take turns inserting a pin one at a time in the candle as they state their intention.

• 1st Witch: (N) I bind you by thought that you may not think ill of me.

• 2nd Witch: (N) I bind you by word that you may not speak ill against me.

• 3rd Witch: (N) I bind you by deed that you may not act against me.

As this is done the candle is passed counter-clockwise among the witches. The process is repeated two more times, so that by the time you are finished there are nine pins in the candle.

The candle is then placed in a holder, on top of a mirror. Next, one at a time, each witch holds their hands a few inches over the candle and says

• 1st Witch: (N) I bind you by thought

• 2nd Witch: (N) I bind you by word

• 3rd Witch: (N) I bind you by deed

Finally, the witches join hands and say in unison "(N), we bind you forever!" After which the candle is then lit and allowed to burn out on its own.

Carolina Dean

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Casting Candle Spells with Tea Lights

Most of us are familiar with the basic techniques of candle magick, which entails choosing a color which matches our goal, marking the candle with words or symbols indicative of our wishes, anointing the candle with oil, employing herbs, charging the candle and finally releasing its energies.

When casting candle spells, most of us have been taught to use tapers, household candles, and/ or glass encased candles. In my experience, most people use votive candles as offerings to deities, the ancestors, or other Higher Powered energies; the burning of votive candles can also accompany prayer as well. However, very little has been said or written about casting spells using votive candles or tea lights.

Some of the reasons people fail to utilize tea lights in candle spells may include:

  1. They believe that the odd familiar size and shape of the candle is counter-productive to casting spells in the same manner that they are accustomed to.
  2. They may believe that because tea lights are small and do not burn as long as larger candles that they lack a certain degree of power.
  3. The thought may have not occurred to them.

I began casting spells with tea lights some time ago when I was low on supplies but found a bag of 50 tea lights in my magickal cabinet that I had previously bought. With a little practice and experimentation I was able to translate my own methods of Candle Magick to use with Tea Lights. Below are some steps to help you along.

First of all, most tea lights come in white which is fine as white candles can be utilized for any purpose. Second gather together any herbs, oils, personal concerns, etc… that you would use for any other candle spell.

Next, remove the tea light from the little tin cup that it comes in, and using a pin or needle carve your wish around the rim candle. I usually try to space out the letters so they go all the way around the candle and meet on the other side. Next, put a very tiny bit of your chosen herb(s) inside the bottom of the tin cup and add one to three drops of oil. Place the tea light back in the tin cup. Place some of your chosen oil on the tip of your finger. You will then place your finger on the top of the candle and run it around the wick three times. If you are drawing something towards yourself, move your finger clockwise; if you are moving something away from yourself, move your finger counter clockwise.

Finally, charge your candle by placing your hands a few inches over it and visualizing yourself inside a circle of light. Drawing energy from all around you, channel this energy into the candle while reciting an incantation. Repeat your incantation a total of three times, feeling the power grow stronger and stronger with each recital.

Finally, light the candle and let the magick do its work.

Carolina Dean

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Magickal Apron

Many of us (by us I mean the over 30 crowd) have fond memories of our own mothers schlepping about the house in a well-worn apron. I remember a time when a woman would put her apron on in the morning and leave it on all day while cooking, cleaning, and doing various household chores.

Mama's apron was magickal. The pockets always held treasures like candy, shiny coins, or toys she'd taken away and forgotten. There was always a handkerchief or a tissue in there for cleaning our faces or wiping our noses. It seemed that everything she, and we, needed could be found in that apron.

Today, it seems that wearing an apron is no longer in fashion. Occasionally, you'll see men wearing them while barbecuing in the back yard; but rarely will you see the average homemaker going about his or her chores in one of these garments.

Some time ago it occurred to me that as a Kitchen Witch, it would be quite appropriate to make use of a ritual apron rather than a ritual robe. In addition, the straps that one ties around their waste to secure the apron can also double as one's magickal cord.

Such an apron can be decorated in many different ways. They can be embroidered with sigils and other magickal designs, the waist straps can be decorated with colorful buttons, or bells. In addition, the pockets that can often be found near the waist can double as a sort of medicine bundle, holding one's mojo bags or medicine bags; a small lighter for lighting candles, amulets and various charms, etc...You can even pin broaches or other special pins to your apron. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Right now, I have a black, half-apron that I use as my ritual apron; but I recently mentioned by idea to a good friend (who can sew) and she's working on creating something more in line with my vision. When it's done, I'll be sure to share some pictures with you.

Carolina Dean

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Imbolc (Poem)

February 2nd

Today as all witch’s know,

mother’s milk begins to flow;

lambs and calves are newly born,

fewer and further between come storms.

Birds begin to build their nest,

sunlight begins to feed the grass;

and the land is prepared to receive,

the coming planting season’s seeds.

Today we honor the Horn Lord’s bride

who casts the winter’s cold aside;

we lay her image in a bed,

offering her cheese and bread.

As the bitter winter cold

begins to release its strong-hold;

on the window sills candles burn,

in anticipation of the Spring’s return.

Through each room in the home,

a plough of earth is allowed to roam;

& a pinch of this we keep,

to remind us we sow that which we reap

Carolina Dean

January 2003