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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Candle Binding Spell


(A Coven of Three)

Binding: A spell cast with the intention of preventing harm or disaster, or to stop someone from performing a particular act such as a murder or rape, or something as inoffensive as spreading gossip.

Items Needed:

Black Candle



9 Pins


The ritual begins with the first person cutting the head off the candle. The second person then digs the wick out of the foot. Finally, the third individual scratches the name of the individual to be bound on the candle so that the letters appear backwards.

Next, the three witches take turns inserting a pin one at a time in the candle as they state their intention.

• 1st Witch: (N) I bind you by thought that you may not think ill of me.

• 2nd Witch: (N) I bind you by word that you may not speak ill against me.

• 3rd Witch: (N) I bind you by deed that you may not act against me.

As this is done the candle is passed counter-clockwise among the witches. The process is repeated two more times, so that by the time you are finished there are nine pins in the candle.

The candle is then placed in a holder, on top of a mirror. Next, one at a time, each witch holds their hands a few inches over the candle and says

• 1st Witch: (N) I bind you by thought

• 2nd Witch: (N) I bind you by word

• 3rd Witch: (N) I bind you by deed

Finally, the witches join hands and say in unison "(N), we bind you forever!" After which the candle is then lit and allowed to burn out on its own.

Carolina Dean

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