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Friday, February 27, 2009

Spellcrafting: Using Spells Written By Others

Tonight, I performed a spell which I intended to share with my readers but in explaining some of my herb choices, etc... it occured to me that someone new to the craft (and even some intermediate practitioners) may not have yet come to a vital realization in the craft.

The realization I speak of is actually quite simple, but it may also be one that is so obvious that many people may not have yet realized. The warning I wish to give you all concerns using the spells written by others.

It is very important when you find a spell that someone else has written that you do your own research into the choices that person has made before attempting to cast the spell yourself. This is done in order to understand why the person made that choice and to determine if that choice is appropriate for you.

For example, the spell I was going to share with you tonight (which I will post tomorrow) is a love spell to attract a boyfriend (no one in particular). Some of the choices I used in this spell include Lavender and Safflower. Now if I simply list my ingredients and don't explain why I chose those correspondences another person my decide to use the same spell but get more than they bargained for.

As a gay man, the love spells I write/create/perform will be intended to attract men, specifically gay men. Therefore I choose herbs that are reputed to do just that. Although Lavender can be used in any type of love spell, lore dictates that it is especially effective in attracting men. If you are a straight woman, or a gay man this will pose no problem for you. However, if you are a lesbian, or a straight man, then you may wish to use some other herb.

Safflower is another love type herb that is rarely used alone, but favored by gay men to attract a dominant lover (usually along with Sampson Snake Root). Again, if your desire is not to attract a male lover, you may wish to use a different herb.

As you can see someone who finds a spell online and takes it at face value without proper consideration may find themselves getting way more than they bargain for, or may simply find that although the spell was successful for it's creator, it failed for them.

Carolina Dean

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Dr. E. said...

It's funny, ain't it? We take for granted the spells that we do and when we share then with others we have to "translate" them into straight options for those who aren't like us. hehehe. I try to include options for "attracting a man" versus "attracting a woman... and leave it up to the individual to choose for him or herself for that very reason.

Oh, and I liked your lavender candle spell. :-)