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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Minor Blessings

Most magickal people are familiar with the concept of blessing people, places, and things. As witches we often bless ourselves on a regular basis either before Esbats/Sabbats, as part of cleansing rituals (auras, chakras, healing rites), and after periods of extreme stress and/or upheaval in our lives such as after a period of illness, after the end of a relationship, etc... These self-blessings are often cathartic and fall under the category of removing negative energy.

Witches often bless their homes to be a place of solace and security for themselves. These blessings are often performed to rid the home of negative energy (dis -ncarnate spirits, negative thought-forms, etc..) and confer protection against physical, mental, and spiritual intruders.

Finally, witches often bless objects such as their working tools, amulets, talismans, the food and drink we consume, etc.... These objects are often blessed to bring their energy in harmony with ourselves and our goals. As human beings living in a physical world, there are many, many objects that we come into contact with every day that help us perform various functions and which would benefit from a form of blessing. Below are a few examples:

Prescription Glasses: Many of us, myself included, simply cannot properly function in our world without our glasses. They enable us to clearly see the world in which we live. However, when properly blessed (with intention) our glasses can enable us to see things that once escaped our attention such as lost objects, missing people; or abstract things such as the future, a person's true motivations, etc....

Medicine: Medicine, like food, is a form or sustenance. We put these substances into our bodies to bring a release from pain and dis-ease. Medicine is often made from natural substances such as herbs, and therefore was once a living being. Before ingesting these substances it would not be uncalled for to thank the spirit of the plant that was sacrificed in order to bring about a healthier quality of life for ourselves. Perhaps when honored, our medicine would work faster for us and be even more effective. Vitamins fall under this category as well.

Credit/Debit Cards/Personal Checks: Credit/Debit cards have all but replaced coins and paper currency in the modern world. As such they have become powerful symbols of wealth and prosperity. When ritually blessed they can draw in prosperity and magnify our wealth. In this blog, I've shared a ritual to bless a new debit card, but I also smoke it in incense once a month as well. Personal checks, the precursor to debit cards, can also be ritually blessed for the purpose of drawing in wealth and prosperity. Though I rarely use my checkbook anymore, I still keep a special prosperity talisman tucked behind the check register and I often smoke certain checks in incense smoke to ensure the money will come back to me.

Work Tools: The tools with which we make our living are powerful instruments of prosperity, self-esteem, and satisfaction in our lives. There are many people who hate their jobs, but for those of us who enjoy our work and what we do, what better way to ensure we're doing our best work than to bless the tools with which we work. A carpenter may bless his hammer; a plumber his monkey wrench; a chef her cutting knives, pots, pans, etc.. an artist his or her brushes, paper, etc..

Hobby Tools: Perhaps you are a writer, maybe you sew, draw, sculpt, work with wood. Whatever you do as a hobby there is sure to be some form of tool that is associated with that hobby. Why not bless that tool to nurture your own creativity and help you produce the best results you are capable of.

Personal Vehicles: For many of us our cars are our second home. We spend a great deal of time in our personal vehicles. You wouldn't think about not blessing your house, then why wouldn't you bless you car?

Cell Phones: For some cell phones are a nuisance, still others couldn't live without them. Once a status symbol for yuppies, I think it's safe to say that cell phones have become a part of daily life (whether you want to or not). Why not bless your cell phone to improve and/or enhance the areas of communication and knowledge in your own life. In my personal experience I've created sigils which I've forwarded to my cell phone and used as my wall paper. Each time I open my cell phone to make a call, send an email, or text message I see that magickal symbol and am reminded of my goal. The symbol can be charged to bring about your goal and since many people carry their cell phones on them often, you cell phone has now become a talisman!

Grooming Tools: We (hopefully) use many tools every day to maintain our health and enhance our beauty such as razors, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, women (and some men) wear make-up. In addition, we often utilize tools such as shaving cream, perfume/cologne, shampoo, hairspray, etc...Just like medicine and vitamins, some of these products contain herbs and chemicals which have their origin in living organism. It would not be inappropriate to show our appreciation to the plant or animal that gave of itself (often unwillingly) to enhance our own lives.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of mundane objects that can be used in magickal ways. When you use your imagination, you'll find that the world you live in is always speaking to you on some level and sometimes the objects we take for granted are just waiting for us to make the most use of them in every dimension.

Carolina Dean

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