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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Hoodoo Altar

Whenever I am studying a tradition, I tend to totally immerse myself in that tradition in order to understand it better. It's also a great learning experience. Since, I am attempting to complete the Hoodoo Course I mentioned in my previous blog, I set up a Hoodoo Altar for myself. 

Much like in Wicca, altars are a very personal thing and no two altars will look exactly alike. Some hoodoo altars are permanent, while others last only as long as a working is being performed. In addition, a Hoodoo practitioner may have several altars dedicated to different forms of working.

Carolina Dean


Sharly said...

I just finished my first book on Hoodoo. And I intend to learn more and put thi to practice. I am happy to see that I am not the only white person learning a traditionally African art. Haha.

Carolina Dean said...


No you are certainly not the only white person learning these practices. There is evidence that suggest that Dr. Buzzard, perhaps one of the most famous root-workers of all, was white himself.

cat yronwode, of is a woman of jewish/italian descent who is credited with keeping traditional hoodoo alive as a practice in the modern ers.

If you were to join you'd see that there are many non-African students and practitioners.

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Hope this information helps you in your studies.