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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Speak of the Devil

Last night I was entertaining a Wiccan friend and was explaining to her how I was completeing a correspondence course in Hoodoo and therefore I'm totally immersing myself in that tradition for the time being. I was showing her my Hoodoo altar and explaining various symbolism and we began talking about ethics and I explained that in Hoodoo, there is no moral law against doing any type of negative working. For this reason, a good number of specific-person love spells, curses, hexes, and what-not can be found in the tradition.

My Wiccan friend reinterated that Wiccan's don't believe in black magick and the Devil. However, I pointed out that some traditions, such as Stregheria, practice cursing when they feel that it is justified.

I also pointed out that as Wiccans, we have been told that all Gods are one God. I find it hard to understand that Wiccans can believe that the Greek Gods, the Celtic Gods, the Hindu Gods, the Chinese Gods, and all the other gods can exists alongside one another and yet cannot believe that the Christian God doesn't exists.

I also pointed out that we as Wiccans have been taught the power of belief. We must believe in magick for it to work, we must believe in ourselves, etc... We have been taught that if enough people believe in a thing, that their collective belief can manifest that thing. They why with the millions of people on this planet who believe in the devil, then why can't we admit that he actually exists on some level--even if it's just a manifestation of the beliefs of a great number of people.

Just something to think about....

Carolian Dean

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