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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Results of My Ongoing Prosperity Work

In an earlier blog, I described some easy low cost money spells. As the moon is new today, I'd encourage many of you who've been trying to improve their money luck to go back and review that entry and begin your work today, I certainly will!

For the moment, I want to share some results from my previous month's prosperity work. Here is a picture of the altar midway through the work.

And here is a picture near the end of the work.

As you can see in the picture above, in addition to the candle spell I propped a Prosperity Talisman up against the candle holder.

I first made this Runic Talisman back in October of 2008 and have had both fast as well as consistent results with it so long as I 'feed' it a candle per week. I hadn't planned on placing the talisman there, but it had been my habit since October to burn a green candle near the talisman each thursday (as you can see there is a green tea-light to the right of the talisman. I decided to be economical and let the spell candle also be an offering candle to the talisman as well.)

The green candle burned pretty much clean down, but a bit of the wax dripped down the talisman and a puddle formed at the bottom of the talisman.

Upon closer inspection, it resembles a frog (to me), which are symbols of money, luck, and prosperity in many cultures. I also see the letter J, but I haven't figured that one out yet (however, it might not really mean anything???)

Carolina Dean

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easy Low-Cost Money Spells

I've been hearing from many people lately who are really hurting financially in this economy. It seems that everyone is getting bailed out except for the common wo/man. The one thing that surprises me is that many of the people I am hearing from come from magickal traditions, and identify as Wiccans, Magicians, Rootworkers, etc....

As magickal practitioners, you would think that they would have been doing some ongoing prosperity work so that they would not get behind in their bills, and have enough money to pursue their interests. So with that in mind, here are some easy low-cost money drawing spells that you can perform to help bring prosperity and increase into your life.


Burn the skin of a red onion to draw luck and prosperity into your home. Lore dictates that the onion should be stolen to do you any good, but it never hurts to do this with one you've paid for.


Print out the Second Pentacle of Jupiter out on your computer. Write your name on its reverse three times, the cross and cover this with the word Prosperity. Finally, write the statement Money Come to Me, over and over around this forming a perfect circle. Blow a little powdered sugar (known to some as Drawing Powder) over the talisman, fold it towards yourself three times and keep this in your wallet or purse to draw money and peace of mind.


One common complaint that I am hearing is that "I want to do such and such, but I don't have the money." My advice to these people is while you're waiting to save money, why not train the money you DO have to go out and get more money for you. The technique of training hunting money was first introduced to me by Cat Yronwode through her website and her directions for training your money can be found here.


You Will Need:

appx. 14 Tea Lights
Cinnamon Powder Cinnamon Stick
1 dram bottle
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
10.5 X 7 inch Pyrex Dish (optional)
Sand (graveyard dirt, dirt from a successful business, or bank, or even uncooked rice)
pen & paper

Directions: Perform this working when the moon is New. Break off a few pieces of the cinnamon stick and place this in the dram bottle, add some cinnamon powder, then fill the bottle with olive oil. As you prepare the oil, pray that over the oil saying something such as "Heavenly Father, may your power work through this oil to crush the mountains that block me and set my feet on the path to prosperity, may it increase the fruit of my good work, bring about wealth and bless it. In Jesus' name. Amen"

On a piece of brown paper torn on all four sides by hand, write your own name three times, then cross and cover this with the words "Prosperity is Mine!" Anoint the four corners and center of the paper with oil, then fold the paper towards you three times, turning it clockwise between each fold and then set the paper aside for now.

Spread out the sand in the Pyrex dish so that it is approximately 1/4 of the way full and level. Place your petition paper under the Pyrex dish and arrange the 14 tea lights in the dish. Remove the tea light from it's little tin cup and carve the words prosperity around the lip of the candle. Put nine drops of the cinnamon oil in the bottom of the tin cup and replace the candle. Do this for all 14 candles.

Light the first candle and incense then focusing on your desire, pray from the heart for prosperity and increase in your life. Alternately, you can pray the 23rd Psalm. Let the candle burn out on it's own. The following night and each night thereafter as the moon grows, burn one of the tea lights and repeat your prayer; burning your last candle on the first night of the full moon (which will be about 14 days).

Note: All of the materials called for in this spell can be obtained with reasonable cost. A 50 count bag of tea lights can be purchased fairly cheap for as little as $2.50. Many people already have cinnamon in their spice rack and olive oil (or some kind of vegetable oil) in their pantry. If you don't have or don't wish to use the Pyrex dish, you can prepare one candle each night and burn it on an overturned saucer. In addition, you can use dirt from the grave of a rich man in place of the sand, or dirt from a thriving business, a bank, or even uncooked rice.


To perform this spell you will have to begin by taking a trip to a local business which is known to be successful and consistently turns a profit. This can include a bank, a grocery store, or even a franchise in a national chain of businesses. Take a dollar bill to the place that you choose and ask the cashier for 10 dimes. Now before you leave the establishment, you must leave one of the dimes behind somewhere. When I performed this spell, I walked outside and pushed the dime into the ground outside the business.

When you are ready to perform your spell, take the nine dimes and arrange them so that they form an equal armed cross. Take a piece of paper and write your name on it nine times, then cross and cover this with the affirmation Prosperity is mine and draw dollar signs in the four corners. Anoint the four corners and center of the paper with your cinnamon oil. Fold the paper towards you three times, rotating it clockwise between each fold.

Place one candle in each of the four "corners" that formed by the dimes and in the center place the petition paper. Anoint the four candles with your cinnamon oil. Take a cinnamon stick, a ginger root, and one whole nutmeg and anoint them with your oil as well then place them on top of the petition in the center of the cross of dimes.

Light the four candles and make your prayer or petition for money and prosperity. When the candles have burned out, collect the nine dimes, the petition, the Cinnamon Stick, Ginger Root and Whole Nutmeg and place this all in a green mojo bag. Anoint the bag with money drawing oil as well.


Many spiritual practitioners believe that to receive, one must give. For this reason they will often sacrifice a certain amount of their own money by donating it to a random stranger (usually someone who appears to be in dire need), or a worthy cause. This is done without any expectation of receiving anything in return, but given freely with the knowledge that you bless others, so will you be blessed yourself.


Some people have a tendency to believe that when it comes to money magick that it is a once and done thing. They will do their working, have an initial success and then believing that the money will continue coming in they don't continue their efforts. It is important to remember to continue your work even in the good times so that your money luck doesn't dry up.


These workings were designed to be fairly easy to perform with materials that can be obtained with little effort at a reasonable cost, even for the individual who is on a tight budget. When you begin to reap the rewards of your efforts you may wish to invest in a wider array of supplies, materials, and/or curios that are more traditional such as Money Drawing, Money Stay With Me, Money House Blessing, and Prosperity Spiritual Supplies , etc....which can all be purchased through the Lucky Mojo Curio Company. However, I would caution you not to rely on magick alone to bring about prosperity and increase in your life. Let your magick work in tandem with making wise choices when it concerns your money.

Carolina Dean


75 Painless Ways to Save Money

Friday, April 17, 2009

I be Graduated

As I mentioned in my a past blog, I have been continuing my education by taking Cat Yronwode's Hoodoo Correspondence Course; which I am happy to announce that I've graduated! I was so excited last night that I didn't even want to go to bed. However, it won't feel really real until I get my certificate in the mail.

Here's a rundown of some of my homework...

carolina dean
#0056 G

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dowsing: An Anciet Art

After failing to find a suitable water source, church members on Whidbey Island are turning to an ancient technology to locate the precious liquid.

Members of Bridge Christian Fellowship Community Church recently brought in the services of a “dowser” to find a suitable water vein on their North Whidbey Island property.

The dowser, Bellingham resident Neil Stamey, recently walked the 20-acre property located off Troxell Road with his two bamboo sticks, hoping to find a large enough water source for the church, which is 13,000 square feet in size and includes a kitchen and classrooms.

“I’ve been doing this for about 26 years all around the area,” Stamey said as he was walking the border of the church’s property. “It scared the hell out of me when I found out I could do it.”

He said he learned he had the skill for dowsing when he was camping near Mount Baker. He came across another camper who was trying to find water. He picked up a stick, gave it a shot and was surprised he had the skill.

“That kind of spooked me,” said Stamey, who used to be a loadmaster in the Navy and was once stationed at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. People from as far away as Georgia have asked for his dowsing services.

As he wandered through the property, he grasped two bamboo sticks, tied together in the shape of a “V” and pointing straight ahead.

When he walked over an area he said was a water source, his sticks would vibrate and then point down. He identified one source that was directly underneath the location of the planned building. Fortunately, he thinks he discovered a larger source of water in the same area and it was marked for the next drilling attempt.

“That’s the granddaddy there,” Stamey said confidently.

He used a fishing rod, with a quartz crystal on the end of it, to ascertain the depth of the water source.

According to the American Society of Dowsers Web site, there are countless theories about how the process may work. Stamey said he believes it involves the body’s electrical impulses and magnetic field.

Evidence of what could be dowsing, also known as water witching, can be found in ancient etchings from the Middle East, Africa and China. There are passages in the Bible hinting at dowsing, according to the Web site.

One of the Whidbey Island church members, architect Paul Schwulst, had previously used Stamey’s services. Stamey was able to located a water source on his Campbell Lake property that is now the household water supply. Other members of the church are also helping with the well. Dave Walton, owner of Pioneer Tree Service, helped clear a trail to allow the drillers to work.

Schwulst said that because the first, traditional attempt to find water wasn’t successful, using Stamey’s services might prove more efficient.

“We felt we had to get a better approach,” Schwulst said.

Members of Bridge Christian Fellowship Community Church started worshiping in 2003 out of a living room. Since then, the church has grown to approximately 300 people and services currently take place in a barn on Ducken Road, said Jeff D’Angelo, church administrator.

Members had been looking for a church site on North Whidbey because it draws people from Whidbey and Fidalgo islands. The proposed church is nestled in the woods and won’t be visible from the road, D’Angelo said.

After seeing Stamey’s results, he is more confident about undertaking another spendy drilling project.

“It makes us feel better about drilling again,” D’Angelo said. The church spent about $200 for Stamey’s services and drilling for the new well is planned for this week.

Currently, the project is undergoing site plan review with the county and a septic system has to be installed. Church members hope construction of the new building will take six months and it should be complete in early 2010.

Carolina Dean

Source: Whidbey News Times

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Hoodoo Altar Part 2

UPDATE 10/18/2010: The original photograph I had for this entry was lost, this is a later picture of my Hoodoo Altar which is why it will not fit the below description. However, as altars grow and change with as the practitioner grows, this photograph does not represent my altar at this time.

As you can see in the picture, my altar is crowned with a Holy Cross, upon which I have hanging a Rosary. It belonged to an old boyfriend and I could never bear to just throw it away. In front of the Holy Cross is a small shrine of the Virgin Mary I found in the thrift store and I felt that this was an appropriate place for her as I am reminded of the story of how she wept at the foot of the cross at Jesus' crucifixion. Before this is an incense holder.

To the left of the Holy Cross is a Black candle and on the right is a White Candle, reminiscence of Boaz and Jachin (the two pillars which stood at the entrance to the Temple of Solomon). Though here I have the colors reversed. The white should probably actually be on the left and the white on the right side. However, I just can't get away from the left being associated with the left-hand path and darkness, etc....

On the bottom level three vials of oils can be seen in the background. These are used to anoint candles, mojo bags, etc... Before this is an over tuned saucer which acts as the focal point of any spell or job I am doing at the time. A Phillip's head screw driver can be seen in the foreground. This is a dedicated tool used to carve words and symbols on candles, or driving holes in glass encased candles, etc...

In addition there is a brandy sniffer which holds an offering of water. In the far left on the bottom tier of the altar you can see a small, over-turned candle holder which I am using as a candle-snuffer at this time. Finally, I have framed copy of the 23rd Psalm hanging on the wall over the altar.

I am satisfied with my altar for now, although I admit it could use a little more color. I will be looking into getting some altar cloths soon (another reason to visit the thrift store); and I already have an idea about adding a dish of earth (from a specific place) to the altar to balance the dish of water. I was hoping at one point that someone would write a blog entry of basic Hoodoo Altar Construction (for dummies) so I'll have to be satisfied with whatever comments or suggestions those readers who find this entry would like to share with me.

Carolina Dean

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Purple Power Mojo Bag

Back on March 27th, the first Friday after the New Moon, I created the following mojo bag to attract 'a compatible lover who will be a husband for me.'

Items Needed:

Lavender Buds


Coriander Seeds

Cinnamon Chips

Dill Seed





Dandelion Root

Drawing Powder

Matched Lodestones

Magnetic Sand

My Wish Written on Paper

Love Me Tender Oil (see note below)

To make the mojo bag, I began by carving the words Ideal Husband on a purple candle and anointed it with Love Me Tender Oil and rolled the candle towards myself in Lavender, Coriander, and Cinnamon Powder while making my prayer request. I then lit the candle and some sandalwood incense.

Next, I mixed an equal amount (about a half-teaspoonful) of the herbs mentioned in the coarse/powdered form (save for the Dandelion Root) in my mortar and pestle and mixed it together thoroughly (again making my prayer request)

I anointed the lodestones with one drop each of Love Me Tender Oil , and fed them with Magnetic Sand. I wrote my wish on a piece of paper then crossed and covered this with my name written three times. I anointed the four corners and center of the paper with Love Me Tender Oil then blew a little bit of drawing powder over the paper. After that I wrapped the petition paper around the Dandelion Root (rolling it towards myself) I placed it in the mojo bag and added the other herbal mixture.

I blew three breathes into the bag and tied it off, then smoked it in the incense while making my prayer request and finished this with the words...'The Lord is my Shepard I shall not want, In Jesus's name Amen."

I left the mojo bag before the burning candle where it remained until the candle was spent, after which I carry it on myself by day and sleep with it near me by night. Each successive Friday I've fed the mojo bag Love Me Tender Oil and talked to it about our progress (because we really are working together) and how I think it is working for me.


Not ten minutes after finishing the ritual (but while the purple candle was still burning) I turned the television on and began scrolling through the preview guide for a good movie when the title of the movie An Ideal Husband jumped out at me! I took this as a very good sign.

When the candle was spent, there was a noticeable double ring in the drippings. It resembled two wedding rings joined together. Another good sign.

Continuing the Job

I work with the public (in customer service) and so I meet people everyday. Somewhere in the back of my mind I've always thought the the perfect man was just going to walk in off the street, we'd hit it off, he'd ask me out on a date and bing bam boo we're married. Well that hasn't happened (yet). I realize I can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, so I decided to shake up my routine the first week.

1. I took a different route home.

2. Instead of going straight home after work, I went to different places and met people.

a) I took a walk in the park and sat on a bench and watched the tides.
b) I made an effort to make eye contact with other people I passed and say good afternoon.
c) I did some window shopping, popping in the book store, thrift store, etc...
d) I made small talk in line with people at the grocery store.

Although I didn't meet anyone, I really felt like I was making a positive change in my life and preparing myself to be more personable when the right guy does show up.

The second week, I've noticed that I've been getting alot more attention from men in general. I met this really, really cute vendor yesterday who came into the store to do a quick reset and although nothing really happened between us I did kinda flirt a little and he seemed receptive.

So far I am happy with my results, as I see this as a long-term goal. I seriously don't expect to meet someone in a few days time and be married within a month or so, but I can conceive of it happening for me in time.

Carolina Dean

Note: Love Me Tender Oil is an oil I created as part of my homework for the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Correspondence Course. It is designed to draw a new love into your life for a serious relationship, or to take a casual relationship to a new level of romance and passion.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Candle Magick and the Frugal Witch

Some of you may or may not agree with me on the subject of this blog, which will describe a process by which you can take a candle that has been used for a non-magickal purpose and re-dedicate it to use in a magickal way.

I first got the idea for the method last year when shopping at my local thrift store. I came across a large box of candles in all different shapes and sizes which were on sale for the low, low price of $3.00!

Some of these candles were 'virgin', meaning that they had not been previously used at all; whereas some of the other candles has been burned for at least a few minutes as you can see in the picture below.

To re-dedicate this candle first, you would cut off the used tip.

And then carve out a new wick from the new tip that you have created.

And finally, clean the entire candle by wiping it down with a little Ammonia.

Once the candle is dry, you are then free to prepare this candle for magick in your usual way.

Carolina Dean

Monday, April 6, 2009

Witchcrafting: How to Sew a Mojo Bag

Note: I guess the title of this blog should read, How I Sew a Mojo Bag since most practitioners have their own way of doing things. Some may disagree with the dimensions I've recommended in this blog, while others may choose to make their mojo bag by folding their herbs, roots, and curios into a square of flannel gathering the four corners and tying it off. To each his own.

You will need:

Red Flannel

White Embroidery Floss



Needle and Thread

  1. To begin gather all your equipment and materials. Note: Where as mojo bags are traditionally made out of red flannel, they can be made out of a color of flannel which matches your goal (i.e. green for money, blue for protection, etc…)

  1. Cut out a rectangle of Red Flannel that is approximately 8 x 3 inches. Please note that mojo bags are not sew together from two separate pieces of cloth but rather from one piece of cloth that has been folded in half.

  1. Fold the rectangle in half. You can see in the illustration below where I have drawn lines on the cloth to indicate where you will be sewing up the sides of the mojo bag. The horizontal line at the top of the bag indicates where you will start/stop your stitches. The section of fabric above this line will be folded over and sewn in place to create the loop for the drawstring once the sides have been sewn together and the entire bag turned inside out.

  1. Pin the two halves of the cloth together. Using your scissors remove the outside corners at the top of the bag where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect.

  1. Sew up the sides as indicated by the lines above. When you are done, turn the bag inside out, and fold down the section of cloth above the horizontal lines. This section of cloth is then sewn in place to make the ‘loop’ for the drawstring. Once both sides have been sewn in place, thread a slightly larger needle with the embroidery floss and use this to feed the floss through the loops on each side.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. My batteries were dying and I was trying to get these pictures taken before they were completely out of juice. However, I believe that with these pictures and instructions will be able to sew yourself a mojo bag.

Carolina Dean


How to Tie a Mojo Hand (video)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

To Catch a Criminal

From time to time we, as witches, are often called upon to protect our community from the criminal element. A very famous example of witches coming together to protect their community involves a group of witches who preventing Hitler's forces from invading England. Other examples include the Susan B. Anthony coven cursing a serial rapist  

For the purposes of this blog post I am using the famous sketch of the unabomber

Items Needed:
Photo/Police Sketch of Criminal
Black Candle

To begin draw vertical lines with a permanent marker across the police composite so as to make it appear that the person is looking out from inside a jail cell. Flip the paper over and write the person who [whatever] and then put this paper aside for the moment.

Carve the statement the person who robbed [whatever] upon a black candle and place it in a holder. Impale the candle with nine pins cursing the name of the criminal and stating that he is doomed to be caught by the authorities with the insertion of each pin. Imagine him or her being pinned down by some unseen force which allows the authorities to capture him. When you are done, place the police composite under the candle and say I place you under this candle that you may never escape its influence!

Hold your hands a few inches over the candle and raise power from within and around yourself saying:

Time & again he's done the crime,
fled the scene and served no time;
I call upon Justice to balance the scales,
& put this lousy crook in jail!

Repeat the incantation a total of three times feeling the power grow stronger with each recitation. Finally, light the candle and let it go to work for you. When the candle goes out, leave the petition under the candle-holder where it will weigh on his consciousness. When the criminal is caught or turns himself in, burn the paper to seal the spell. 

If you so desire, you can either burn the entire candle at once or burn a section at a time over a number of days. The choice is yours. 

Carolina Dean

Saturday, April 4, 2009

No Rest for the Wiccan

I've been away for a bit concentrating on completing my assignments for the Hoodoo Correspondence Course. As a result, while studying this tradition I've totally immersed myself in it's practice, having put away my Wiccan altar and not observed any Esbats, Sabbats, or performed my regular devotions.

I am now happy to say that I have completed all of my homework, all that needs to be done is to pack it up and ship it off and wait to see if I graduate; which I'll be doing that this week. Wish me luck!

I've been keeping notes about some things I want to write about and will begin posting tomorrow. For now, I'd like to share two stories with you all, you'll find them in the links below.

In an earlier blog I mentioned the plight of Smiley, a dog who had been deemed too violent to live and had been scheduled to be put down. A couple of dog lovers interevened and filed a lawsuit to prevent Smiley's death, and while the trial ensued Smiley disappeared from the kennel. Now, it seems that Smiley has been found. Read the story here.

The Second story concerns the living history of the Women's Airforce Service Pilots, or WASPs. You may already know that during WW II there was a shortage of male pilots and the government had to depend on the country's female population to fill these positions.

However what you may not know is that

  1. Of the more than 1000 women who recieved training to become Airforce Pilots only 300 of them earned their wings.
  2. None of these brave women were ever recognized by the federal governement for their service to their country.
  3. Thirty-eight women died in the line of duty, but their own families had to provide burial services for these fallen.
  4. When the war ended and the government felt they had no more use for the WASPs, the women had to pay for their own way home.

U.S. Senator Patty Murray (WA) has co-sponsered a bill to award the Congressional Gold Medal to all 1102 pilots or their surviving family members.

Carolina Dean