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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Hoodoo Altar Part 2

UPDATE 10/18/2010: The original photograph I had for this entry was lost, this is a later picture of my Hoodoo Altar which is why it will not fit the below description. However, as altars grow and change with as the practitioner grows, this photograph does not represent my altar at this time.

As you can see in the picture, my altar is crowned with a Holy Cross, upon which I have hanging a Rosary. It belonged to an old boyfriend and I could never bear to just throw it away. In front of the Holy Cross is a small shrine of the Virgin Mary I found in the thrift store and I felt that this was an appropriate place for her as I am reminded of the story of how she wept at the foot of the cross at Jesus' crucifixion. Before this is an incense holder.

To the left of the Holy Cross is a Black candle and on the right is a White Candle, reminiscence of Boaz and Jachin (the two pillars which stood at the entrance to the Temple of Solomon). Though here I have the colors reversed. The white should probably actually be on the left and the white on the right side. However, I just can't get away from the left being associated with the left-hand path and darkness, etc....

On the bottom level three vials of oils can be seen in the background. These are used to anoint candles, mojo bags, etc... Before this is an over tuned saucer which acts as the focal point of any spell or job I am doing at the time. A Phillip's head screw driver can be seen in the foreground. This is a dedicated tool used to carve words and symbols on candles, or driving holes in glass encased candles, etc...

In addition there is a brandy sniffer which holds an offering of water. In the far left on the bottom tier of the altar you can see a small, over-turned candle holder which I am using as a candle-snuffer at this time. Finally, I have framed copy of the 23rd Psalm hanging on the wall over the altar.

I am satisfied with my altar for now, although I admit it could use a little more color. I will be looking into getting some altar cloths soon (another reason to visit the thrift store); and I already have an idea about adding a dish of earth (from a specific place) to the altar to balance the dish of water. I was hoping at one point that someone would write a blog entry of basic Hoodoo Altar Construction (for dummies) so I'll have to be satisfied with whatever comments or suggestions those readers who find this entry would like to share with me.

Carolina Dean


Anonymous said...

:( Images are not showing up for me in any of your blogs.

Carolina Dean said...

At one point I had a lot of images stored at photobucket but that account was hacked and deleted. When that occured, some images in my blog were lost.

Images are showing up in the newer part. But if you want to leave a comment on any blog entries where an image is missing as you go along that would give me a record of where there are missing images and I can start to replace them.