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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Purple Power Mojo Bag

Back on March 27th, the first Friday after the New Moon, I created the following mojo bag to attract 'a compatible lover who will be a husband for me.'

Items Needed:

Lavender Buds


Coriander Seeds

Cinnamon Chips

Dill Seed





Dandelion Root

Drawing Powder

Matched Lodestones

Magnetic Sand

My Wish Written on Paper

Love Me Tender Oil (see note below)

To make the mojo bag, I began by carving the words Ideal Husband on a purple candle and anointed it with Love Me Tender Oil and rolled the candle towards myself in Lavender, Coriander, and Cinnamon Powder while making my prayer request. I then lit the candle and some sandalwood incense.

Next, I mixed an equal amount (about a half-teaspoonful) of the herbs mentioned in the coarse/powdered form (save for the Dandelion Root) in my mortar and pestle and mixed it together thoroughly (again making my prayer request)

I anointed the lodestones with one drop each of Love Me Tender Oil , and fed them with Magnetic Sand. I wrote my wish on a piece of paper then crossed and covered this with my name written three times. I anointed the four corners and center of the paper with Love Me Tender Oil then blew a little bit of drawing powder over the paper. After that I wrapped the petition paper around the Dandelion Root (rolling it towards myself) I placed it in the mojo bag and added the other herbal mixture.

I blew three breathes into the bag and tied it off, then smoked it in the incense while making my prayer request and finished this with the words...'The Lord is my Shepard I shall not want, In Jesus's name Amen."

I left the mojo bag before the burning candle where it remained until the candle was spent, after which I carry it on myself by day and sleep with it near me by night. Each successive Friday I've fed the mojo bag Love Me Tender Oil and talked to it about our progress (because we really are working together) and how I think it is working for me.


Not ten minutes after finishing the ritual (but while the purple candle was still burning) I turned the television on and began scrolling through the preview guide for a good movie when the title of the movie An Ideal Husband jumped out at me! I took this as a very good sign.

When the candle was spent, there was a noticeable double ring in the drippings. It resembled two wedding rings joined together. Another good sign.

Continuing the Job

I work with the public (in customer service) and so I meet people everyday. Somewhere in the back of my mind I've always thought the the perfect man was just going to walk in off the street, we'd hit it off, he'd ask me out on a date and bing bam boo we're married. Well that hasn't happened (yet). I realize I can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, so I decided to shake up my routine the first week.

1. I took a different route home.

2. Instead of going straight home after work, I went to different places and met people.

a) I took a walk in the park and sat on a bench and watched the tides.
b) I made an effort to make eye contact with other people I passed and say good afternoon.
c) I did some window shopping, popping in the book store, thrift store, etc...
d) I made small talk in line with people at the grocery store.

Although I didn't meet anyone, I really felt like I was making a positive change in my life and preparing myself to be more personable when the right guy does show up.

The second week, I've noticed that I've been getting alot more attention from men in general. I met this really, really cute vendor yesterday who came into the store to do a quick reset and although nothing really happened between us I did kinda flirt a little and he seemed receptive.

So far I am happy with my results, as I see this as a long-term goal. I seriously don't expect to meet someone in a few days time and be married within a month or so, but I can conceive of it happening for me in time.

Carolina Dean

Note: Love Me Tender Oil is an oil I created as part of my homework for the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Correspondence Course. It is designed to draw a new love into your life for a serious relationship, or to take a casual relationship to a new level of romance and passion.

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