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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Results of My Ongoing Prosperity Work

In an earlier blog, I described some easy low cost money spells. As the moon is new today, I'd encourage many of you who've been trying to improve their money luck to go back and review that entry and begin your work today, I certainly will!

For the moment, I want to share some results from my previous month's prosperity work. Here is a picture of the altar midway through the work.

And here is a picture near the end of the work.

As you can see in the picture above, in addition to the candle spell I propped a Prosperity Talisman up against the candle holder.

I first made this Runic Talisman back in October of 2008 and have had both fast as well as consistent results with it so long as I 'feed' it a candle per week. I hadn't planned on placing the talisman there, but it had been my habit since October to burn a green candle near the talisman each thursday (as you can see there is a green tea-light to the right of the talisman. I decided to be economical and let the spell candle also be an offering candle to the talisman as well.)

The green candle burned pretty much clean down, but a bit of the wax dripped down the talisman and a puddle formed at the bottom of the talisman.

Upon closer inspection, it resembles a frog (to me), which are symbols of money, luck, and prosperity in many cultures. I also see the letter J, but I haven't figured that one out yet (however, it might not really mean anything???)

Carolina Dean

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Avalon76 said...

Maybe you'll be sending some prosperity my way? ;)

Jen ^_^