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Sunday, April 5, 2009

To Catch a Criminal

From time to time we, as witches, are often called upon to protect our community from the criminal element. A very famous example of witches coming together to protect their community involves a group of witches who preventing Hitler's forces from invading England. Other examples include the Susan B. Anthony coven cursing a serial rapist  

For the purposes of this blog post I am using the famous sketch of the unabomber

Items Needed:
Photo/Police Sketch of Criminal
Black Candle

To begin draw vertical lines with a permanent marker across the police composite so as to make it appear that the person is looking out from inside a jail cell. Flip the paper over and write the person who [whatever] and then put this paper aside for the moment.

Carve the statement the person who robbed [whatever] upon a black candle and place it in a holder. Impale the candle with nine pins cursing the name of the criminal and stating that he is doomed to be caught by the authorities with the insertion of each pin. Imagine him or her being pinned down by some unseen force which allows the authorities to capture him. When you are done, place the police composite under the candle and say I place you under this candle that you may never escape its influence!

Hold your hands a few inches over the candle and raise power from within and around yourself saying:

Time & again he's done the crime,
fled the scene and served no time;
I call upon Justice to balance the scales,
& put this lousy crook in jail!

Repeat the incantation a total of three times feeling the power grow stronger with each recitation. Finally, light the candle and let it go to work for you. When the candle goes out, leave the petition under the candle-holder where it will weigh on his consciousness. When the criminal is caught or turns himself in, burn the paper to seal the spell. 

If you so desire, you can either burn the entire candle at once or burn a section at a time over a number of days. The choice is yours. 

Carolina Dean

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